Corporate ticket touts at the Emirates do good business.
I have had the privilege and I do believe it is just that, of having a Season Ticket at our new home for the past 2 years.  A long and painful 10-year wait on the waiting list, from the Highbury Days finally came to an end when I got the email from Arsenal saying that my wait was over and I was to be able to choose my seat at the Grove.  When picking my seat, as I was a solo purchaser, the options of where to sit were rather limited, as they often wish to keep pairs of tickets together for fans who are on the waiting list together.  So I can only assume that my seat was available due to one of the following:  A death, or a disgruntled fan who had enough (more on this later), or a pre-credit crunch victim.  Anyhow, one man’s loss is another man’s gain.
So I chose my seat in the South Stand Upper, next to the seats available to Silver members, so that I could get my boy a ticket when possible and he could sit near me.  To keep the story brief, my first season was spent sitting next to away fans in ALL the big matches.  I was surrounded by Manc’s, Scouser’s and even Milan fans when we played them.  And the Milan fans even had Milan shirts on with Kaka on the back!! I couldn’t believe that I had spent £1500 to be in with the ‘home fans’ and I ended up being in what felt like an extension of the away end.
This ruined many a game for me and when I found out how they were getting their tickets, I realised that this was never going to change.  Most of the fans I spoke to said they were given the tickets by some of the corporate sponsors, whom I am not sure I can name.
But it dawned on me that the club, even though publicly condemning ticket touts, would not dream of confronting the corporates as this is a large revenue stream that they need and would be happy to turn a blind eye to.
So at the end of the season, I wrote a letter to the club, noting my dissatisfaction and was offered a move to the North Upper, where I had 95% season ticket holders around me.  I thought this would make the whole experience much better and on the whole it did, except now I have the Boo Boys.
I just don’t understand the mentality of the fans who boo and would be interested to hear on here what they feel it achieves.  It obviously is not good for the player and the team, so not sure what purpose it serves.  And if you really get that brassed off at the games, is it worth spending £1500 to be depressed?  I lost count of the number of times people wanted a sub on, after 20 minutes, or so and so should never wear the shirt again etc etc.
I know it is everyones right to express themselves in whichever way they see fit, but I just question how much it actually benefits the team you are supposed to love and be passionate about.  Surely for 90 minutes a week you can encourage your team.  You have the rest of the week to vent your spleen on blogs etc. And there seems like a good place to end.
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