Could Arsenal afford to lose RVP this summer?

Let me start of by stating that I sincerely hope that Robin van Persie decides to put pen to paper and commits his long-term future to Arsenal Football Club.

He’s been a fantastic player throughout his career, giving us some breathtaking moments – and despite having spent a considerable amount of time on the treatment table – last season showed us, if he can stay fit for an entire league campaign, he’s easily one of the best strikers in the world.

No Arsenal fan wants to see him leave this (or next) summer, there’s no doubt about that. However, if a decision was made and an appropriate offer were to come in; if he were to leave the club this summer, would it really be the end of the world for Arsenal?

The supposed deal would land Arsenal £25m – apparently. And for a player of van Persie’s quality, the figure seems measly to say the least. But the cruel fact is, it’s the most you’re going to get for a player who’s approaching 30-years-old and has just 1 year left to run on his current contract.

No one should doubt van Persie’s quality. Without question, he had a superb season last year and looking at Euro 2012, if he can continue his good form and stay fit in Poland and Ukraine, Holland could be on the verge of glory.

Even the most fickle gooner would struggle to say we’d have still finished 3rd if we didn’t have Robin van Persie in our side last year. Looking ahead though, if the Dutchman – who scored an impressive 30 Premier League goals last season – were to go this summer, and although I couldn’t guarantee it, I believe we’d be able to cope well.

Arsene Wenger tends to have the gift when it comes to selling players at the right time. The boss sold – among others – Kolo Toure, Emmanuel Adebayor, Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira at the right time in my opinion. When the right offer comes in, unless it’s for a truly world-class player who’s still at his peak, you must think with your head rather than your heart.

Players move on. Good players move on. Great players move in. And especially in the modern game, where loyalty can only be compared to finding a needle in a haystack, you can’t expect any of your players – especially the good ones – to stay at your club until the day they retire.

Back to RVP: if a good offer were to drop in, we could then re-invest that money back into the side. £25m could get you Lucas Podolski and Thomas Vermaelen. Obviously, it’s not as simple as that but £25m is a lot of money for Arsenal – even though it may not seem like it to some other teams.

The other, probably most significant thing, is whether he could stay fit for another season. For him to remain injury-free for another 12 months would be an achievement on its own, but if you’re a betting man, you wouldn’t expect to see van Persie avoid injury for the entire of next season – again. Euro 2012 will only make things harder, too.

Like most things in football, it’s very tough to predict things like this. You never know, van Persie could sign a contract extension tomorrow and this article would become redundant.

I haven’t accepted that van Persie is leaving. Of course, like every other Arsenal fan, I am still hoping he decides to sign a new contract at the club.

However, given our recent record with our captains leaving us for bigger clubs and better offers, I don’t believe anyone can blame me for preparing for life without RVP.

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  1. Robin Van Persie is a class act but as I have said many times before on here, a machine that is continually breaking down can be the best in any industrial sector but there comes a point when man hours and downtime has to be factored in, now Van Persie has been working tremendously well this last season but given his track record I would suggest anything over £25 million is absolute take their arm off money !
    The risk factor when age and track record is taken into account needs to be at the forefront of every Arsenal fans mind, would I sign Johnny Wilkinson ? would I F*ck no matter how good he is !..would I sell him for the right price ? you bet your left testicle I would ! 

  2. RVP is injuryprone, but it certainly aids to his injuryrecord, that arsenal have had no alternatives to him in years.   He has played when he should have been rested.   Time and time again has he been thrown into matches before he is 100%.   Its been a gamble after a gamble.   If we were to have som options to him, and ha could get a break once in a while, he will probably be alright. 

    He is a proven topscorer in the league, and that alone makes him worth 25 millions, as we know that players that stand out in england goes for double their actual valuation in england.  He has really stood out, and he alone has shot our team to europe.   We would have been in 8th place without him.   If we were to fork out 20 millions on another top striker, then he would ask for the same as RVP is asking for.  Wages will be the same, the only difference is that we would have an unproven striker.

  3. we wouldn’t spend the money we would get for him so the answer is no we cannot afford to lose him.

  4. I want my 5 mins of my life back, what a terrible blog this was! You did not analyse his stats, discuss possible replacements in detail, analysis of the formation change (if any), speculate of what Wenger’s plan would be if he were to sell the player to formulate any sort of conclusion!?

    So what is the answer to your question “Can Arsenal Afford to Lose RVP?”
    Go suck an egg you loser time wasting junk of a blogger! You are fucking terrible! 

  5. Its a fact that we never spend the money we get from the sales. The board is just concerned about money makin:-(

  6. I want to know what you boys deep down think of sczezsny ? I don’t deny he has made some fantastic saves this last season but I fear you were desperate to see someone almost anyone in the sticks apart from almunia and flapianski , yes he is young but we are talking Arsenal FC here and they should not be carrying passengers , his performance against Greece was a little reminder that he is not really the quality Arsenal should have in goal, Seaman was always going to be impossible to replace but as a rival fan that gave me some confidence that all is not well all the while he is around. All keepers make errors but the best ones limit it to a couple a season, he looks a risk taker with his feet passing out from the back and I’m not convinced, not saying we have better not saying that at all I’m judging AFC past and present and the level you should be at to play for them, I’m not convinced he is the answer

    • Ps …when I said seaman I meant him as the last rock of a keeper you had, Lehman was good but too erratic.

      • Are you confusing the readers on here with people that give a shit ?

        • Won’t respond to you anymore anyway, you will soon get bored, things were great on here until you turned up. You are pathetic

          • arsenalbob | 09/06/2012 at 11:02 |

            spud sites must be so dull. What the fuck are you doing commenting on an arsenal site, you’ll be coming to watch us play next.

    •  fuck off bigsy, I see car dealer has only been given a years contract.

      • Same old idiot as ever, presumably the same people that gave a shit about arshavin being played out of position by wenger and proved him wrong last night, talk football or fuck off you idiot you really are a waste of space, and embarrassing to be honest your knowledge on football must be dreadful you never comment on it..

        • Here’s a comment: Arsenal are the 3rd most successful team in England and finished the 2012 season above you lot. Spuds are less successful than half the teams in last years EPL. Now I’ve mentioned football, fuck off and stay fucked off europa boy.

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