Could Arsenal be the mystery club for the New Sheikh?

It has been announced that Sheikh Ahmed bin Saqr Al Qasimi chairman of the Ras al Khaimah Department of Customs and Seaports, has purchased 60 per cent of an English Premier League football team. Whilst the speculation points to Portsmouth being the club in question, Mr Sulaiman Al Fahim was at pains to deny that his deal was being supplemented by Sheikh Al Qasimi.
That leaves the usual suspects such as Arsenal, Liverpool and West Ham, the Premiership Clubs which are considered prime assets. Other Clubs include Birmingham City, Everton, even Tottenham Hotspur are looking to supplement the coffers.
But the figure of 60% is intriguing. Which means the Arab Sheikh would be entering into a partnership. This arrangement would suit the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham. The number of shares up for grabs at Arsenal would not be 60% however. The Usmanov holdings and that of Lady Nina only amount to 41 percent (25 + 16%).
The only way to get to nearer 60% would be if the Sheikh were to acquire Danny Fiszman’s remaining stake of 16%. Only Stanley Kroenke continues to buy up shares according to  Plus Markets. This model would suit Arsenal as having multi-ownership would enable those owners to supplement  the monies available for transfer using a rights issue with all parties agreeing.
Sheikh Al Fahim denies Qasimi link…
So logically it seems unlikely that Arsenal is the mystery club which will be revealed in a few days time. Part of me thinks what a shame, as this would prevent the club being taken over outright for the time being, another part of me thinks, thank goodness for that. Why? Because there are some benefits to not having the label of moneybags attached to the club. Take our current alleged transfer targets. Instead of £17 million or so, we could if linked to an Arab Sheikh find the price doubling over night as Agents and selling clubs jump on the gravy train.
David Villa is a prime example. Last season Valencia couldn’t give him away for £20 million. Now they are asking £45 million. It seems that the more you have, the more you are likely to lose. The knock on effect within the squad has to be considered too. The lower earning players would need supplementing, especially as Arsene Wenger has his egalitarian wage structure still in place. So breathe more easily and be thankful that we haven’t got the label of having loads of money, because then it makes our own transfer targets that much more likely to succeed.
Fabregas the King

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