Da Silva Has All The Hallmarks Of A "Fox in the Box"

We all woke up to one of those mornings with stormy headaches, anxious and planning to check out with our Docs. just in case our blood pressure is getting out of range, reason Le Proffesseur had shown no indication of buying a Henry replacement, i bet with the likes of Hot spurs buying incredibly and taunting us for the fourth place as if that is our ambition (incredible how low spur ambition can be), It was a mixture of relieve, anxiety and confusion when we logged on and got the news streaming of one Eduardo Da Silva signing for a Arsenal albeit in a true Wenger style.
It just happened like a stilth bomber droping its stuff un noticed. My first instinct was excitement, it was immediately followed by the question “who is this Eduado”?, because i could hardly remember that name in football history. Reading on i was inspired by the faith in Le Proffesseur’s judgement to dig up some available staff on Eduado. The writting left me with no doubt he has been the missing link in Arsenal. I believe he is a deceitfully small player, but very strong on the ball with excellent ball protection skills that leave the opponent with only two choices, to let him go and foul him. Either way the advantage is for Arsenal. Besides his ability to pop up where he is not expected will be an invaluable asset to the team who created the most chances last season, took some good shot but lacked a player of the calibre of Pires to take advantage of rebounds.
Eduardo’s predatory insticts and excellent positioning runs will be an invaluable attribute for the team. I am actually inclined to think that, the Eduardo-Adebayo partnership will be more productive than the Ade, RVP partnership. Ade is not a natural goal scorer but runs rings around defenders and knocks down aerial balls very well, watching the game against Man City i actually blieved inpite of lacking match fitness, he did excellenetly well in knocking down aerial balls into space, unfortunately Rvp and the rest of the team did not seem to read this part of the game very well. The instincts of Eduardo alongside Ade could have served us well in that game. Another important attribute that makes this a more promising partnership is that fact that both players are willing to drift wide and draw defenders which would create a lot of goal scoring opportunities for attacking midfielders like Fabregas, Hleb and Rosisky. Watching reviews of the “inviscible run” Arsenal was impossible to handle becasue every player was a goal scorer, the opportunities created when Henry and Bekamp or Kanu drifted wide and the midfielders moving into open space always left defenders spread thin; that made it impossible for teams to defend against Arsenal.
What we lacked most last season was the ability from strickers with exception of Ade to drift into wide poasition and create space for midfielders to attack. In Eduardo and Ade we can be guaranteed these attributes in the team. Rvp is a good finisher but appears not to enjoy close combat and taking on defenders outside the box. I also feel Rvp is not a yet a 90mins. player he looses concentration as the match wears on and gets easily distracted by defenders who try to provoke him, but i think we shall see more impact from him this season provided he is not given 90min. especially in hard tackling games. In Eduardo i believe teams must begin to be very afraid of Arsenal, goals coming from midfield and the ability of the strickers to drift wide means teams can no longer try to lock out particular arsenal players as a strategy to frustrate us. We may not have depth in numbers but we have depth in goal scoring. What do you guys think??

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