Despite the knockers, We still have much to play for!

Opinion on our team continues to swing like a pendulum, only coming to rest at the furthest extremes and least stable spots. Whilst we head through a period where it looks like we will have to readjust our ambitions in the short term, I would ask everyone to remain calm put things in their proper perspective. Whatever else, as a club we should insulate ourselves from the haters and doom-mongers.
The simple fact now is that any domestic ambitions to win the league must be shelved, at least for a while. If we make it to the new year within 5 or 6 points of the leaders then we are in striking distance. Remember, no team will fancy playing us, and all the 3 above us can take points off one another. That said, our focus now should be on cementing 4th spot and finding some consistency. Even if this remains the limit of our ambitions this year in the league, our season is far from finished.
We have a favourable draw to get through to the semi-finals of the kiddie cup and need only fear united and possibly the scum, I hate to say that, but their first team against our kids is no sure thing. Beyond that there is the FA cup, which we may well have a great chance in, on our day we can beat anyone and the other big sides might prioritise competitions. Then of course there is Europe, where we look very good. The style of play, technique over physicality, and the oppositions willingness to attack all suit our style. The quest to end our silverware drought is far from over and we could still make history.
Anyone who tells you competing for a season in the cups alone is a disgrace wasn’t a fan before Wenger came. The appropriate response to that position is a gentle pat on the head and a reminder when Jamie Redknapp or Ray Wilkins is next on Sky.
It seems that the press are reluctant to find a middle ground, sensationalism sells papers; hence our crisis a few weeks ago. Armchair pundits, TV talking heads, and Spurs fans will rarely give us the time of day even when we are winning. So what of my fellow Gooners, the only people I really care about out of that lot and I guess the only people reading this now?
The first step is obviously to take with a pinch of salt what outside pundits have to say. After that be wary of all those pseudo-Gooners for who being ‘right’ matters more than the team. These are the people who have tied themselves to some position, generally born out in pre-season that they are desperate to have recognised as being a good prediction, or the right diagnosis for our team. They will generally tell you it is for the love of the club that they hate the players, want the manager sacked, and derive satisfaction from our loses.
Be careful with that though, allegiances such as ours are easily self applied. A good test to see if you are dealing with a closet spurs fan is to see if they are about when things are going well. My advice would be to just forget anyone who only turns up after we lose spouting pompous rhetoric about what the club should do and how he had spotted it all along. These people have an agenda that is all their own and is not connected to love of the club in any way. We shouldn’t let them feel justified in running down the club or degrading individuals just because we lost a game, we should have more heart than that.
For those who ever had any, keep the faith; there is a lot of football to go. We are only a quarter of the way through the league and still in all 3 cups. We obviously need to improve, but we can, and we should give the boys our full support to aid this cause.

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