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Could Arsene Wenger lift his coveted Champions League Trophy with Real Madrid instead of Arsenal football club? Leading Spanish Blogger Guillem Balague has allowed me to reproduce an excerpt from his blog which comes from very dependable sources. the Full blog can be read here

“According to sources in France, Jorge Valdano – the man to whom Florentino Perez has delegated the responsibility for negotiating with the next coach of Madrid – held at least two meetings in Paris last Tuesday: one in relation to Franck Ribery, the other with Arsene Wenger`s agent, the Armenian Serge K.
An alternative source claims that Wenger has spoken personally with Florentino Perez last week, possibly by telephone: with further conversations set to take place in the next couple of days. Following these initial conversations, Florentino Perez has come to the conclusion that Arsene Wenger is ready to join Real Madrid.
Wenger, speaking yesterday on the French television programme Telefoot, broadcast by the French channel TF1 with whom the Arsenal coach works as a pundit, said: “With Florentino Pérez in charge, the project he has put forward would be interesting for any coach.”
The timing of these comments is no accident. The British press had earlier that same day been speculating that there was discontent over the scarcity of Wenger`s transfer budget: with a net total of €15 million suggested. That figure could increase with the sale of Adebayor, but remains more appropriate for a mid-table outfit – and insufficient for a club demanding a title challenge. Wenger was promised last season that he would have greater spending power at his disposal, but this money has not been seen.
For years, Arsene Wenger has been promised a level of funding that has never materialised, and at last Friday`s press conference – three days after the agent`s meeting with Valdano and the day after he was openly criticised by a group of shareholders for a fourth consecutive fourth placed finish –  a frustrated Wenger said: “You sit here, you are in the last four in Europe, and every day you feel you have killed someone. It is unbelievable. If you do not take a distance with it, you think: `What kind of world do we live in?` We lose against Man United who have 10 times more resources, it`s not a shame.”
Furthermore, the high profile dispute between major shareholders Alisher Usmanov and Stan Kroenke is destabilising a club that has always been a haven of tranquility in the football world. It has frequently been reported that Wenger`s current contract runs out in 2011, but the remainder of that contract takes the form of a rolling deal, with clauses enabling him to opt out sooner: “I always go to the end of my contract…. usually.” said Wenger on TF1.
Florentino`s inner circle knows that there has never been a better time to make their move. They believe that Arsenal will come to regret their handling of Wenger and that the London club`s possible offer of an increased transfer budget and a new contract will be too little too late. Even though he has turned them down twice in the past, Wenger has never hid his admiration for Real Madrid: “I grew up believing that it is the greatest club in the world,” he told AS three years ago. Florentino Perez will step up his efforts to sign Wenger from today, now that the Premier league has been decided.”

So there we have it, and to make matters worse, Perez seems likely to be elected with ease if the Guardian’s account is anything like the truth.
Why we must we take these threats from Arsene Wenger seriously? Well imagine having to read articles like this or have to put up with the sniping of Myles Palmer, or having to take the disrespectful attitudes of the shareholders.
Arsenalinsider has unashamedly carried the beacon for the ARSENE KNOWS blogs, for which it has attracted much hostility.
I argue that Arsene Wenger is so crucial to the development and success of the next generation of Arsenal players, that to lose him would be a catastrophe of immeasurable proportions.
Now is the time for those who support Arsene Wenger to let him know that we are NOT ashamed to have our voices heard.
Sign our Online Petition which we will send to Arsenal football Club. We must let Arsene Wenger know how much he is really appreciated and that he should ignore the negative minority of fans.
Dear Mr Arsene Wenger,

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“We the undersigned would like to make it known that in our view, the vast SILENT majority of Arsenal fans support you wholeheartedly and wish to see you remain as manager of Arsenal football club. We are utterly horrified and shocked at the hostility and disrespect shown towards you lately. We ask you to ignore these elements within the club and it’s support base and continue to complete your vision for a successful Arsenal football club. In our view, your record is without equal in the annals of our history and we urge the Arsenal Board to make every effort possible to allow you to continue in your position.”

Lets get this petition running and get the message to Arsene Wenger!
Fabregas the King.

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