Fabregas breaks his silence and finally our hearts…

So Cesc Fabregas is focusing on the World Cup only and leaving his future in the hands of Arsene Wenger. This confirms what we have all dreaded. Fabregas will leave Arsenal for Barcelona, price to be agreed and as soon as Arsene has found a replacement.
Not the case you argue?
Well Fabregas could have said…

“I met with Arsene Wenger and he made me aware that I am very vital to the success of Arsenal and that the new transfer targets would make winning the Premiership a lot easier”

He didn’t, but he might have said this…

“Arsene Wenger has told me that I am not for sale under any circumstances and that I will play out my contract as Arsenal Captain.”


Nope, not that either, what about this?

“Arsenal Football Club have made it clear that they want me to stay and be part of a winning team, they have given me their vision for the future and I am very excited by this.”

Not a hope in hell, in fact he said the following:

“I talked with Arsene. It was probably the greatest conversation I have had with someone in my life.

“I respect him so much.

“I don’t want to say too much about this.

“He told me to concentrate on my football, he told me to concentrate on the World Cup, he told me to leave it in his hands and he will deal with whatever happens in my future.

“And that’s what I’m doing, just concentrating on football. It’s not up to me anymore.

“It’s just now about Arsenal and whoever it has to be, and that’s it. I don’t want to say anything else.

“I just want to be focused for the World Cup because it’s the most important thing. The rest, the future, I’m not interested in the future.”

Cheers Fabs, pity you didn’t respect the thousands of supporters who paid your wages over the years that you made your reputation at Arsenal. Perhaps you should have revealed the truth about the situation at Arsenal, about the lack of desire to invest heavily in the future. Arsenal remain a club financially secure, but the cost is that everyone thinks that they can beat us now and no decent big name star would even look at us. Behold the mighty fallen…
I wish you luck for the future and I know that you will be surrounded by the kind of talent at Barcelona that Arsenal fans can only dream of. Barcelona have shown that they have ambition. Will Arsene Wenger win the Premier League next season without Fabregas? He obviously thinks so, so lets wait and see who he has lined up as a replacement.
Whilst I hold my breath to see which sub 20 million pound transfer is going to be hailed as the successor to Fabregas, I wonder what I should change my name to?
Rocky the King is my favourite, but I have had many suggestions perhaps you have a good one too, but I think that I might just keep FTK and not expand the Fabregas, for I cannot blame him for leaving after not having been surrounded by equally talented players at a time when he could have delivered trophies to our club. I still cherish the first time that I met the young Spaniard at Highbury and still have his autographed replica shirt. He will be always be an Arsenal legend for me!

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