Fabregas is going nowhere, and Can you make sense of these share dealings?

The Fabregas story… stranger than fiction?
NOTW Clown on Samaritan Helpline: “I need help, I am thinking of doing something really awful!”
Samaritan Counsellor: “Please tell me more, we are here to help…”
NOTW wally: “Well… my wife’s got a headache, and the goat has gone to the vet’s with a sexually transmitted disease so who the hell can I shaft tonight?”
Samaritan Counsellor:  “Mmmm, so this need then? Have you tried yellow pages?”
NOTW fool:  “No, all I get is an engaged tone, I wouldn’t mind but I have repetitive strain syndrome, my wrists are killing me…. Surely you can tell me what to do?”
Samaritan: “What’s your job?”
NOTW dickhead:  “I am sports writer, I used to write about Chelsea, but now I do Arsenal articles, and there is never anything going on there…”
Samaritan:  “You said that you were at risk of doing something really awful what was that?”
NOTW moron:  “I feel like confessing, I feel like telling the world, that our paper is 99.9% made up, and the rest isn’t real! I feel like confessing to all Gooners, that every Arsenal story carried by our paper over the last 12 months has been commissioned by someone from Old Trafford. How can I live with myself?”
Samaritan:  “I see… Have you thought of suicide?”
NOTW:  “No… but then again maybe, who knows?”
Samaritan:  “I can’t help you…”
NOTW:  “Why not? Please please… you are my only hope?”
Samaritan:  “I support the Arsenal… goodbye” (click)
NOTW weirdo… “Now I am going to get even! Tomorrow… I can see the headlines tomorrow “Cesc Fabregas on way out!”

A Gunners insider told us: “Fabregas has changed since he came back from the European Championships. It’s as if he thinks he’s made it because Spain won. “It was the same with Thierry Henry in his last season – but at least Henry had won everything and had a right to swagger around. People are scared to confront Fabregas in case they upset him and he decides to walk in the summer.
“But as far as most of the players are concerned, he’s going anyway and there is a real arrogance to him now.” There is a growing belief amongst Arsenal players and officials that his swagger is threatening the dressing room harmony. The Arsenal source said: “Fabregas is almost a law unto himself. He walks around like he owns the place and that’s put more than a few noses out of joint.
“A lot of the players think he’ll be off in the summer to Barcelona – or maybe even Real Madrid – and that he’s just swaggering around until he goes. “The problem is, he gets away with it. There were a lot of people at the club who were surprised when he was allowed to go back to Spain for several weeks to do his injury rehabilitation because it’s normally a strict policy that rehab is overseen by Arsenal medical staff.”

So there you have it…
The above article could in fact have been written by a deranged jilted NOTW worker with a grudge against a member of the Samaritans who just happened to support the Arsenal! Of course the Samaritans do excellent work, and there is no way that these dedicated professionals would act like I have suggested.
But… have you got any other explanation for this steaming pile of horse excrement? Cos I haven’t.
Fabregas is going nowhere, and just to reinforce the point, FABREGAS IS ARSENAL CAPTAIN.
So chill and don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers. Almost every Arsenal Captain in recent times apart from Willie Gallas has been sought after by the top European teams.
Nuff said!
The other news item worthy of comment is the Kroenke share purchase. I am sorry but I do not share the optimism of Vic Crescit that there will be no takeover in the short term.  I think that there are now three distinct possibilities.
1. Kroenke is lining up for a Glazer style takeover, which would mean less risk to his assets and giving the club stratospheric levels of debt
2. A deal to pay dividends on shareholdings is under consideration and if passed by the Board this could be a good way to make money, but this could be viewed as insider trading and quite illegal.
3. Kroenke is departing from his record of owning franchises outright, and has decided to buy enough shares to make any attempt by Usmanov very difficult indeed.
Much as though I would love it to be the third explanation which is also the most altruistic one. Somehow I cannot see it happening. Business men are in business to make money. Stan Kroenke has already said on record that he wishes to protect his Arsenal investments. His investment in the Broadband rights, and this shareholding now makes him an extremely powerful person in the club. Why spend all of that money after probably incurring personal losses in the credit crunch? For the love of Arsenal Football Club?… Sorry but I don’t think so.
But as I said in my blog    “Is it only a matter of time before we are taken over” last September

My Revenge On Ben Foster

“We have two Billionaires at Arsenal, Alisher Usmanov is a fat Russian Billionaire who stated aim is that he wants to make money out of us, and then there is Stanley Kroenke, a silent American Billionaire married to the Billionaire Heiress of Walmart who will be on the Arsenal Board soon and who has already made money out of us. Stan Kroenke’s 50% ownership of  Arsenal Broadband, the holding of shares in Arsenal PLC by KSE in Denver is the sign of a long commitment with Sport in general and Arsenal in particular. But I predict that even he will succumb to the desire of owning our club outright, with all the perils that would ensue. So my message to Stanley Kroenke, is tread carefully, we value your partnership, not your ownership.”

So how should Gooners react? On one hand the fat Usmanov devil and on the other the deep blue eyes of Stanley Kroenke! Who would I prefer if push came to shove? The person that can guarantee the removal of our debt or at least lowering it. This could be down to whoever has the deepest pockets, and that person must not be called Usmanov…
There is of course another possible scenario, which might serve all our needs if we are definitely in the early stages of some kind of takeover. Lady Nina’s shares of just under 16% might seem attractive to an Arab.  I said in my blog  Lady Nina wars

There is scope for any of the Royal families of the UAE to enter the market. The getting one over on your relatives in terms of public relations, and the fact that people feel that there are clubs in the Premier League that can enhance the global presence of a company through media and marketing opportunities, we cannot rule out the prospect of an outsider emerging who has not previously been talked about in the press. The very nature of the way that business is conducted in the UAE means that any purchase or attempt to buy a highly sought after prize like the Arsenal, must be free of scandal or bad publicity.

So I feel that the Arab investor need to have a club with no scandal attached  which rules out West Ham United with the Tevez affair, Newcastle United because of the vociferous fans who need to have Kevin Keegan or Shearer as manager, and possibly Portsmouth with the transfer police enquiry still hanging over it’s head. Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal seem the most likely targets, providing Abromovich is seriously back into supporting Chelsea.
Of those mentioned, Arsenal is the best well run. Could these recent shares movements be a shrewd business hunch that the summer holds more than a few transfers? Only time will tell and Lady Nina holds the key. With 15.9 % of Arsenal shares burning a hole in her Gucci handbag, unless dividends arrive, this is the next big deal.
I only hope to goodness that I am wrong, for the sake of all Gooners and this great Club.

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