Fans make Arsenal biggest club in London

Let’s move swiftly on from the disastrous last few seconds at the Stadium of Light in a style a bit like Pol Pot’s mad idea of starting at Year Zero (but without the genocide, obviously).
A cursory glance at this morning’s rags brings us this gem from Martin Samuel in the Mail, a section of which I have great joy in cutting and pasting here: ‘Arsenal moved from Highbury, where the capacity at closure was 38,419, to a new stadium at Ashburton Grove holding 60,355, and filled it instantly.
Yet Arsenal have long been established as the biggest club in London and at the time of leaving Highbury had a 20,000-strong waiting list for season tickets, closed for some time. This, in part, prompted their move. The board knew that, in essence, Arsenal were a club with a following of 60,000; it was just that 22,000 of them couldn’t fit inside the stadium.’
Hmm, this Rafael van der Vaart chap is starting to get up my hooter. Quotes attributed to the Duitch dimwit this morning prove he has a sense of humour anyway. Ahead of their Cup final tomorrow night, he said: ‘I know Robin and he told me when we were together in the national team what a big game it is. But there was no banter over who is the bigger club. Spurs are the bigger club!’

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