Football for thought for fans who want Wenger out

First of all I would like to say why I am writing this article, I am writing this article because of some of the appalling ones I have read with mediocre views, and I feel that there needed to be a decent knowledgeable article, and I know the Arsene Wenger subject is hot among fans.
First of all I would like to point out that he is arguably our best ever manager, the only other comparable manager is George Graham. He has made the club what it Is today and is second to none at finding raw relatively unknowns and making them into world beaters. These are players such as Viera, Henry, and recently departed Adebayor. OK there is much debate over Adebayors ability but I personally feel that his motivation went last season and his heart was not with Arsenal, however that is another debate. Arsenal has encountered several honours with Arsene as manager these being 3 premier leagues 4 FA Cups and 4 Community Shields and many more finals such as the Champions league.
However there is an argument that Arsene’s ability to maintain the success he built has been slipping due to the fact we have not won anything in 4 years, his fascination with bringing in young raw talent and not building the squad with experienced players and acquiring a defensive midfielder.
Arsene has not been able to get silverware to the club for 4 years which is a long time for many Arsenal fans but first you have to ask yourself without Arsene’s help and knowledge would we be able to even contend and get into the Champions League or FA Cup Semi Final or would we even be eligible to play in the champions league, it is after all down to Wenger that we have achieved so much, and it is not Wenger’s fault that we have endured significant injuries such as Rosicky and Eduardo’s, as well as arguably our best players leaving each season, it has to be difficult making a competitive team when your star performers leave.
Perhaps even more frustrating for Arsenal fans is the fact that they feel we need a decent defensive midfielder, which Wenger tends to not address or put up the cash, for example many people feel we should of offered Eboue and money for Melo of Fiorentina, but Wenger didn’t and subsequently Melo joined Juventus, But consider this is Eboue goes he has been becoming a more first team regular in recent seasons, not only does this mean integrating Melo to the team, also finding another player to replace Eboue, who again has split opinions among Arsenal fans.
Arsene comes under the most criticism from professional Pundits, because of his fascination of buying young players that are not the finished article yet that are cheap. This is where Arsenal do most of their transfer dealings unbeknown to most Arsenal fans as they are done on the down low and most are between the ages of 15-19. The drawbacks to this ideal are that they are not the finished article and can not normally compete in the first team normally for years, leaving Arsenal fans feeling downbeat to the transfer dealings and that the squad has not really been strengthened.
The advantages of this however are that Arsenal always have players coming through the ranks and making progress and giving them match practice helps there development, Arsene helps ready these youngsters by trialling them in the Carling Cup, where he plays generally reserve and youth talents, and generally we get far usually between the quarter final and final stages. This helps give them confidence and match practice at a high level so if there are any injuries in the first team the youngsters can put in a convincing display.
Arsene Wenger goes by the philosophy that the club should only work within its means, and this is exactly what he is doing, he is buying players for the future therefore guaranteeing arsenal have a batch of talented players coming through, and they do not need to pay the earth for them, which again arguably we may not have the funds to do.
So think about it, has Arsene really let us down these four past years when it has been he who has given us these hopes due to the brilliant work he has done before hand? After all before him would we be expected to win a trophy every year?  And with the defensive midfielder is it his fault that Flamini left, just when Arsenal fans thought that they had found there saviour? And could any other manager be able to keep up with the competition when every year an important player leaves? I think not and with our arguably small transfer budget compared to the rest of the top 4 can you really think of anyone else who would of done as good a job as him with the limited money he has?
Wenger has made a side capable of competing and giving us hope on a budget and has stuck around when other managers may have left, he is making a future for Arsenal for the eventual time that he leaves the club, while not breaking the bank compiling a squad capable of challenging. I feel before people call for Arsenes signature they should I feel recap what he has done for the club, the things he has had to deal with and the future he is building for the club, as well as the commitment he has shown when the going has been tough and had “bigger” clubs wanting him, and loyalty is a dying concept now a days.

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