FTK Blog: I hate the Spurs too but I wish them well at Old Trafford…

The blog by Eldo71 today caused a variety of emotions from gooners. Eldo was clear, he hates the scum so much that he wanted Chelsea to win today. Well the scum beat the 10 men of Chelsea 2-1 and have left us, The Arsenal with still a mathematical possibility of winning the league. Should the scum beat Man Utd next Saturday and we beat Wigan this Sunday, then we will be 2 points behind Man Utd, and 3 points behind Chelsea. Surely as a Gooner we must hope that Spurs beat Man Utd, and you can imagine the headlines, because if we beat Man City, after  a possible Spurs win at Old Trafford then Spurs will possibly secure fourth spot and Champions League football leaving us with a chance of leap frogging Chelsea and Man Utd if Chelsea draw or lose to Liverpool on the last day of the season. Spurs could help us win the title, a case of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.
I hate Manchester United the most, then Spurs and then Chelsea in that order OK? Manchester United are arrogant, cheating, and they have deprived us of so much glory, it has become personal. So attack me if you wish, but THEY are the real enemy, not some over hyped, trumped up pathetic pub team based at Shite Hart Lane. When they go and build their copycat stadium, they will realise the financial pressures that we have had to deal with. Manchester United take the piss with the FA Cup, they have advantages through intimidating the FA and the referees. In short, Manchester United should be our arch nemesis, given the fights that we have had with them over the decades on and off the field.
So my priority is clear… I want Arsenal to win the league, and if it means that we help Spurs get Champions League football next year in the process, you know what, I’ll take that. This hatred of the scum is being over played, because I hate Man Utd more than I hate the scum. In fact often I pity and laugh at the deluded spurs supporters when they celebrate a win over Arsenal as the game of their season.  I actually believe this hatred obsession with all things Spurs is giving them more credit than they deserve. Let them be pumped up and go to Old Trafford and secure the result for us which might just give us the title. They will never finish above The Arsenal so why make them more important than they really are? North London rivals yes, but on this occasion against my nemesis the arrogant Manchester United I wish them well at Old Trafford.

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