FTK Blog: Sign Shay Given and our troubles will be over!

Are you Tottenham in disguise? The refrain that rings out when the Gunners play a team that is pathetic and gives up a lead without trying, and then tries to suggest that they will win every trophy in site. Tottenham fans are jubilant and even the retards coming onto this site appear to be doing what they can to make Gooners feel much worse. Well, actually the petty jibes and insults and gloating has made me feel better. Why? Because as bad as we are at the moment, we are still better than Tottenham’s best. Imagine that? You have got to be very very bad to match the best that comes out of Shite Hart lane. Poor deluded fools. We are clearly therefore not Tottenham in disguise, but what we lack is the old Arsenal team.

I have long since said that our lack of pace in the buildup has been part of the problem. We make lovely passing patterns in midfield. We pass sideways, and play off a player and down the channels and switch flanks, but all the while whilst playing this pretty possession football, the opposition have retreated and regrouped. The defensive formations now played against us utilise the quick counter attack because of tendency to push our centre backs into high forward positions. This leaves the likes of “Drive by” Denilson as cover. I have already in earlier blogs referred to Denilson’s use of the Brazilian blinkers. A Brazilian Burro style tunnel vision that prevents him seeing the player running from his blindside. The player cruises or “drives by” with impunity. No wonder he felt compelled to apologise to the fans on Arsenal TV Online after the Braga game.

Defensively we remain naïve. The failure to keep Braga’s Martinez on his weaker right foot was not Denilson’s fault. We lack vital leadership from our Keeper. We lack height in central defence. We lack the desire to put right the deficit when a goal is scored against us. Up front we lack the desire to finish with ruthless efficiency choosing instead to pass to the player to the side, ignoring the empty net. The pace of our passes is pedestrian. We take two touches instead of one and our vulnerability to set pieces seems to be our persisting Achilles heel. What I can say is that despite this total and utter mess, we are still in it. Not that we deserve to be mind, but who cares. Only two points off the top of the Premier league, One point from qualifying for the group stages of the Champions league and four weeks away from the crunch fixtures against Chelsea and Manchester United.

Wenger must make a concerted effort to sign Shay Given in the January transfer window. Every successful Arsenal team has had a powerful voice from the goal line. Seaman and Lehmann after him castigated the centre backs if they made blunders. Their presence added steel to the back four. Their resilience under fire added confidence to the defence. Shay Given is a man without regular pay and a fat salary at Eastlands, but he thrives on being number one. Shay Given can be inspirational and has the experience to motivate others when the going gets tough. Most importantly, he has played at the highest level and knows what pressure really means. This is the decisive transfer that is needed to turn our season around. With Given in goal, we could win not only the Premier league, but the Champions League too, because we are not so far away from the best in Europe. It is all about confidence, so FTK says, sign Shay Given and our troubles will be over.


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