FTK Blog: To win this title, we must pull together

Yesterday’s victory over Bolton was hard fought and well deserved. Before I get into this blog, let me get one thing straight. Don’t expect this squad to fire on all cylinders from the kick off. They are under immense pressure to deliver and if they are going to achieve what we want, and that is the winning of the Premier league title, then we will have periods of ugly football. We didn’t start to play our game until the last five minutes of the first half. The two goals conceded were defensive errors. Clichy failed to clear the ball and presented an up and under ball that Vermaelen was unable to control, the Bolton finish was sublime and their goal was worthy of their desire in the face of Arsenal’s lethargic display. Yet what we know of this squad is that we must not panic, they have come of age and will fight until the end.
The penalty conceded by Denilson just about summed up his contribution all night. I will not say more about his performance, it is what I expected and I remain unpopular on this site in my assessment of the player. Being two nil down, it meant that if we were going to be top of the league, then four goals had to be scored. Eduardo continued his erratic form, and much of this is about confidence and timing. His attempts on goal were feeble. Yet let us put these negatives aside. Why? Well we will get enough criticism over the coming weeks and months because we live in an anti-Arsenal world. This is now the time for unity in the Gooner camp. Especially at the games. We can win the title but only if , and I include myself in this, we pull together the fans, supporting the players. Who ever Wenger selects to do the job will have my unqualified backing.
Take Owen Coyle and his attack on Gallas and his derogatory comments about Arsenal sportsmanship. He wants to see Gallas get a red card for his mistimed tackle. From my view point, this was not a malicious attempt to injure the player. It was a 50:50 ball. The Bolton player dived in a desire to win the ball, which he did to his credit. Gallas went over the top the commentators screamed, well his studs were showing only as he intended to put downward pressure on the ball, which then was no longer there, instead he contacted the ankle of Mark Davies. Gallas was guilty only of mistiming a tackle, which looks worse in slow motion. At best a yellow card. The resulting goal after the referee waved play on was legitimate and Bolton can have no complaints for their pathetic defending. This goal by Fabregas was absolute quality and Fabregas has shown that he doesn’t need to scream at players to get the best from them, he leads by example.
The attack on Arsenal by Owen Coyle was pretty rich coming from a team that had an agenda to apply spoiling tactics. Bolton did not play the pretty football associated with Owen Coyle’s usual doctrine. Instead they used ugly off the ball niggling fouls and every underhand tactic to try and put off our players. Here at Arsenal we are not afraid of aggression, but when Alan Wiley refused to show several yellow cards for the persistent fouling by this Bolton team, I regard Owen Coyle’s protests as hypocritical. As for Jack Wilshere going on loan to this outfit? Forget it. I hope this doesn’t happen. We now have Aston Villa, Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea that stand between us and a realistic attempt at winning the Premier League. If Arsene Wenger chooses not to bring someone in then so be it. I expect us to beat Aston Villa and Liverpool, and I will settle for a draw with Man Utd, but we must try to beat Chelsea to ensure that the title will start coming towards the Emirates.
We need players who know how to play together, which is which the likes of Fran Merida, and even Jay Emmanuel Thomas have a role to play in helping us realise our goal. Forward to victory through harmony, because now more than ever before we as Gooners must give this team our loud support. Please don’t moan at matches, don’t sigh, don’t boo. Support your team and they will deliver in May, what many of us thought was only achievable with an influx of four new players. But the genius that is Arsene Wenger has proved  that he can lift our young squad in big games and Wenger continues to prove that with him, and because of his guidance Arsenal football club will prevail against all of the unfair and biased factors that prevent fair play. Come on you Gunners! Make us proud!

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