FTK Blog: When Arsene Wenger leaves who do you want as his replacement?

Only a short blog today because I am still hurting. Not a lot to laugh about and everything to ponder upon. It is moments like this when we must take a deep breath in and recall the great victories of Arsenal. Moments that live in the memory and can lift the spirits. “That” Thierry Henry goal against the Scum at Highbury is particularly pleasing. Also the last minute headed goal by Thierry against Man U in the first season at the Emirates! Absolute quality!

For me, I am so happy to have had the privilege to witness so many such Arsenal events. I must confess that for almost every moment of elation there have also been times of immense despair. Arsene Wenger has brought so much to Arsenal Football Club, and it is an utter disgrace that one so called Arsenal fan blog has started an e-petition for his removal. What I will say that under Arsene Wenger I cannot recall the club ever having been so divided. So is this Arsene’s fault? or selfish impatient fans? This must be the subject of another blog I’m afraid. In the meantime…

 lets’s play fantasy manager shall we?

So…  Imagine the headlines at the end of yet another trophyless season… 
Sky Sports News:    Breaking News: “Arsene Wenger has resigned as manager of Arsenal Football Club. Arsene Wenger who arrived as a virtual unknown to the North London Club has decided to call it a day and tendered his resignation effective immediately, this followed angry scenes and scuffles between opposing factions of Arsenal fans outside the Emirates Stadium earlier this week” 
The Times: “Gooners across the world were devastated upon receiving the news of its greatest ever manager resigning today within hours of yet another insulting demonstration by fans outside The Emirates Stadium.” 

BBC 24 News: “The Football world is in shock today as news reached us that Arsene Wenger has resigned from Arsenal Football Club. Tributes for the North London Club’s greatest ever manager are pouring into the Emirates Stadium, Some distressed Arsenal fans visibly shocked are seen here watching the cheering group of anti Arsene Wenger fans celebrating the success of their season long campaign to unseat the Frenchman.”

 So who would you want to takeover from Arsene Wenger?

The criteria…

1.  Must be able to develop a team that can play attractive football whilst regularly finishing in the top four of the Premier League.
2. The candidate must also be able to manage a transfer budget of around 25 million per season, mainly financed by registration sales.
3. The Candidate must be able to obtain the respect of our young stars such as Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott.
 4. The Candidate must has a proven pedigree and know what it takes to win league titles and even the Champions League. 

The Shortlist?

Let me give you the names of managers that I have heard some Gooners suggesting as suitable replacements for Arsene Wenger… 

Pep Guardiola of Barcelona

Jose Mourhino of Inter Milan

Sven Goran Eriksson

Guus Hiddink

Marco van Basten/Dennis Bergkamp

You know what… I was feeling down began I started this blog, now I feel even worse…

I would very much like to hear from the “Wenger out brigade” who exactly they have in mind to replace our greatest ever manager. Someone who does not need one hundred million to buy new players I hope. It is only fair that these flat earthers reveal their hand, so that we can have faith in their judgement. For at the moment I am arguing that there is no natural replacement for Arsene Wenger as we speak who is not already at the helm of a top club. So to the “WoB’s” I say again. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.
So please let the rest of the Gooner World know your choice and please be prepared to defend your reasoning… 

I don’t have a choice as I want Arsene Wenger to stay here for another five years to win the Champions League twice and the Premier League three times….lol 

Finally just when chance deals you a poor hand in the poker game that is life, then it is only a matter of time before the balance is redressed. How stupid must some anti-Arsenal commentators feel now that the clash of the Titans on Sunday will not now result in an eleven point deficit if we lose to Chelsea.  A young Gooner that I know is running around telling his mates that if Arsenal win on Sunday, then we will be level because he has heard that this game is a six pointer. Oh dear… Well Pete, just for you let me explain.

Yes, Hull drew with Chelsea leaving the South Londoners only 6 points ahead of Arsenal. A victory would leave us only 3 points behind where as a loss would leave us 9 points adrift. The difference between 9 and 3 is 6 hence the phrase that this match is a six pointer.
Keep it Arsene and Arsenal Gooners…! 

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  1. I would like to see Gilles Grimandi as a replacement. He was part of the successful Arsenal era under Arsene and has been scouting for us for a few years now.

    He is French, so would be able to communicate with the players.

    And most importantly, Gilles played football the right way, so our footballing ethos would be continued.

  2. TJ14,

    Very funny, stop joking and tell us who you would really like…?

  3. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 12:51 |

    This is what many Gooners fail to understand…

    Under Arsene Wenger, we have developed on of the most sophisticated scouting networks which enables us to bring in quality young talent.

    I do not know if Gilles has his coaching badges, so i cannot comment.

  4. I’m not one of the ‘Wenger Out’ brigade but I’ve always said that IF he ever were to leave then Frank Rijkaard would be a good replacement. He was great at Barcelona and they played some great football when he was in charge, I can’t see Guardiola leaving Barca but if he does I think he would find Arsenal an attractive option but how much do we actually know about his coaching skills? He inherited an already fantaastic team that was already touted as the best in the world. Sven being on your list is a joke! Van Basten/Bergkamp I would love but not enough experience there I think especially in club football coaching, Bergkamp would be great on the training pitch though. Hiddink will only go to one English club and that’s the chavs and Mourhino… as good as he is can remove his rib cage and suck his chipolata and hopefully choke on it before he ever gets near the door at The Grove.
    So to conclude, Frank rijkaard is the man for me!

  5. John in Norfolk | 04/02/2010 at 12:55 |


    Your nightmare scenario will do little to dissuade Wenger’s critics among the fans.

    Unfortunately most are so fixated on the lack of trophies over the last five seasons that they are unable to recognise the strong position that Wenger’s frugality has produced.

    Had we bought an Adebayor replacement in the summer would it really have made that much difference?, there is no guarantee that h would have stayed injury free.

    There are few coaches in the world who would not jump at the chance of working for Arsenal, there are even fewer who would be up to the job. I can’t think of any who could even equal Wenger let alone surpass him.

  6. 🙂

    dennis bergkamp

    he is our former player, loves the club and would be a lot benifial

    but the problem is …
    he is not proven

  7. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 12:59 |

    Ok Monty…

    A question, Wasn’t Rijkaard a little suspect under pressure? I recall his substitutions to be mindless at worse, at best knee jerk. But he is of the Barcelona mould and is he responsible for the manner in which they play today? I think not.
    But good shout anyway.

  8. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:01 |

    Well said J.I.N,

    Which is why I get so angry about the abuse that Wenger has to tolerate. If there is a better alternative to Wenger and all his faults, I’d like to hear of him.

    most of the candidates would come with a shopping list of players that would destroy our self sufficiency in one week…

  9. Either Guus Hiddink or Roy Hodgson. Hodgson always punches above his weight and can organise a team to make it stronger than the sum of its parts. Has a good eye for a cheap bu quality import as well.
    I would be happy to see wenger leave, because he doesn’t pay enough attention to the defence and if you cant defend you wont win trophies. Clearly the Vieira years were wonderful but since then he has made too many poor decisions, and its time for him to move on.

  10. I came on once and laugh at the implications of a previous article you wrote, so i think it only right that I came here and give you a massive round of applause for this one.

    The imaginary headlines you wrote were hilarious, but perhaps omniously too close to real life since I have come near to squaring up to some opposing-gooners recently.

    In all honesty, none of those managers listed inspire me with much confidence. Sure they may have won trophies, but Arsene has built something here that is worth more than some trophies. We’re nearing a position of becoming a dynasty. Our dedication to youth, our financial well-being, none listed have displayed anything near to the vision Wenger has.

    Perhaps the life after Arsene will, like the man and many of our recent legends, simply come to us unknown

  11. I would Go for someone who is not in the list namely Laurent Blanc who has a proven record similar record to Wenger desoite being new to managment and i would make sure Wenger stay in technical capacity to run Youth development which should be separated from Main physically. Plus i would get david dein type figure to help out, It something Wenger has lacked last few years and it been disaster as he has to face the spineless board all alone. And you know all these saving money is their idea.

  12. 🙁 i dont like to think about the day arsene decides to retire,when he leaves i feel the club he has established as oneof the best in europe,were in the champs league for the last 13 years!!!!!!only manure and real madrid have also done this,the players he bought the goals they scored so many memories,most of my arsenal supporting career wenger has been der,i remember graham and rioch,but when i think of arsenal i think of wenger,the man who replaces him should come from within the club,sombody who knows the ARSENAL WAY,maybe steve bould,who knows ,whenever that day comes it will be a sad day for everybody who loves arsenal,none more so than the great man himself

  13. he was under player pressure wasnt he if i recall? didnt he have a falling out with Eto’o or was it Ronaldihno? which eventually led to him being sacked. as we all know at spanish clubs the player is bigger than the club. i thought Rijkaard was forced out of Barca. and looking at the team of today many of the players there are Rijkaards players, pep may have upped it but he certainly set the foundations. he ticks all the boxes i think, certainly fits the criteria outlined by yourself and is a realistic choice. i think he is without a club at the moment, big pals with Dennis also. and lets not forget it was Frank Rijkaard who unearthered Lionel Messi and gave him his chance so saying he has an eye for talent is an understatement!

  14. Chris the gunner | 04/02/2010 at 13:18 |

    All you guys need to read an article by Myles Palmer on ANR it identifies where we are at this point in time, and although like you i think Wenger has been one of the most incredible Managers in Arsenal history, things have changed and I am sad to say but Arsene is pursuing another agenda from all the fans, please read the article is called ” Is Wenger a recidivist”? Myles Palmer wrote ” The Professor”

  15. Brings a bloody tear to my eye it does. 😥

  16. van basten and db10

  17. Thing is no one knows what goes on behind the scenes.

    Maybe a new manager will come in and find he actually has a 100 million to build a new team, or maybe he will find that he has 20 million.

    I dont want Wenger gone, but I would like him to wake up and smell the coffee, because he has blind faith in some talented individuals that may never reach their potential.

    So hypothetically speaking, I would like Wenger to coach the youth team, and either Sam Allerdyce or Mark Hughes 😮 That way we can go back to being a boring long ball team, get some strong english players to kick lumps out of the opposition and just be generally awful.

    As a dark horse, i would throw Slavin Bilic in to the mix

  18. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:21 |

    DB10 would get the players to play the kind of football that Arsene Wenger has instilled in the youth…

  19. let me tell you something about Myles Palmer… his site isnt called Myles talks shit for nothing.
    Myles Palmer is a spurs fan is disguise and all he ever talks about is the death of Arsenal football club.

  20. It comes as no surprise whatsoever that after more or less 40 minutes, the Wenger Out brigade has come up with precisely diddly squat. I can only assume that this is because of the realistic parameters you put round the argument ensuring the tabloid reading, lobotomised, frustrated Championship Manager types are not able to indulge in their usual pastime of making unsupportable assertions followed by remedies which appear to have been largely inspired by the Top Tips section of Viz magazine.
    Keep up the good work.

  21. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:22 |

    Ahem Gazzap…

    Where are Fulham in the Premiership exactly?

    As for Guus Hiddink, he is a superb tactitian, but where are his Russian team at the World Cup?

    See the problem????

  22. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:24 |

    Well said Gadget,
    But I would have faith in the unknown ONLY if Arsene Wenger was part of the process…

    The division between Gooners is quite distressing, and quite unnecessary!

  23. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:25 |

    That is the best suggestion that I have heard to date, but isn’t he in line for Old Trafford???

  24. Two words. PERRY GROVES

  25. Hiddink would be my number one choice. I also like Roy Hodgson. Brilliant tactician, knows how to handle a small budget, always gets the best out of what he has and Fulham are ranked as the 4th highest passing team in the Premier League.

  26. There is no way I want Wenger to leave. The abuse that he is getting from some so called gooners is both unfair and mindless. The people dishing it out are at best childish brats who have no appreciation for what he has achieved.

    However, if Wenger did go I have a suggestion – which I know is going to raise a lot of laughter 🙂

    I think if he went we should go with Steve McClaren. Just put aside the England stuff (and brolly) for a minute.

    – he was head coach at Utd when they won the treble.

    – he has experience of European Cup finals with both Utd and Boro

    – he led Middlesborough to to their first trophy on a shoestring.

    – In his first season at FC Twente he finished second in the league and reached a cup final. This year they top the Dutch league – and he has had to sell his best players in the summer.

  27. The f***ing idiots who want Wenger out will not realise how good they have had it under Wenger untill he has gone!! I really pity the tossers and i,m embarassed that we have such nobs ‘following’ the Arsenal!!

  28. There isn’t an obvious replacement for me, however I hope he does reflect on some negative aspects of the team and correct them accordingly, although I don’t hold out for any wholesale changes for the remainder of the season and for that reason alone I am prepared to go with the flow.

    I think you are correct in stating it is more of a matter of certain players letting him down but as much as I would probably fall into the AKB “section” at the end of the day it is his job to remedy this at whatever consequences to that player’s state of mind.

  29. i would go for laurent blanc or maybe slaven billic

  30. Me, becuase I am the only person I trust as much as Arsene to put the club first.

    Thats what we have and I wouldn’t swap for anything or anyone.

  31. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:26 |

    Spoken like a true Gooner Irish,

    It does my head in to hear of people wanting to sack Arsene Wenger.

    Have they no memories of the bad old days?

    It has been an honour to witness the success of Arsene Wenger.

    All I would say is

    “The INVINCIBLES” 26, 12, 0!

  32. Perry is a legend!
    Always manage to have a pint with him when I see him on away days, he was on the Fulham boat cruise I saw him last and was hammered like the rest of us before we even got to Putney Bridge and then we all pilied into the nearest pub, his missus is a stunner to! I was talkign to him about getting on the telly as a pundit and he goes, exact words “fuck that, I’m too much of a Gooner to be unbiased and I’d swear too fucking much” hahaha 😆 legend!

  33. i sick of all this bollox about wenger out.

    He the man and he hastransformed us from a club the size of the spuds to one of the biggest clubs in world. We used to dream of competing with clubs like Real Madrid, Milan’s, Barc etc and now we are playing and beating them in the highest domestic competion.

    Fucking plastic cunts, go and support a plastic team like Chelsea.

    People forget we have spent less than teams like Sunderland, Wigan, Spuds, Liverpool etc and still Wenger keeps us in the top 4 competing for trophies.

    We have al

  34. Chris the Gunner,
    Are you Myles Palmer? Or his Mum? when not indulging in masturbatory contemplations of his own dull life, he writes the most appalling, partial drivel about Arsenal, backed up, if that term can be used, by hints that he in some way has connections to the inner workings of the club. I haven’t got the time nor the inclination but were one to perform an analysis of how often he is accurate in his puerile outpourings, I supsect the answer would be in the low single digits in terms of percentages. I wouldn’t trust him to sit the right way on a toilet, as a wise man once wrote.

  35. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:40 |

    Well said ClockendRider

    Myles Palmer is a hypocrite…

  36. khoune-goonerfan | 04/02/2010 at 13:40 |

    I know who could replace the existing wenger, is the new sty wenger who can see his weakness squad ,not just beleive in his advantage .if he will know the enemy and his own he then can take the right game the play with and win.
    now just almunia sometime has the easy loss goal that is not for the team who can win the title and also arsenal need the more strong striker to finish the goals from the big four teams.

  37. Replacing the manager is not the way out, especially when ‘the manager’ is Arsene Wenger. I admit that there have been some bad seasons behind us but given the success he has brought to the club we owe him the respect that other clubs have failed to give to their managers. Time and time again he has managed to bring the best out of his players and he will do so again, i believe it.

    I only wish that, no matter how we end this season, we manage to keep the back bone of our team intact for the next season, meaning van Persie, Fabregas, Vermaelen. I really believe that those player have a very, very bright future ahead of them. Losing either one of them, in my opinion, will be a big blow to the structure and mentality of our team, not to mention losing the manager. I don’t even want to think about the consequences of that change.

    In Arsène we trust.

  38. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:40 |

    My head says no …

    My heart says yes! 😆

  39. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:42 |

    [quote name=Frichie79] I would like Wenger to coach the youth team, and either Sam Allerdyce or Mark Hughes 😮 That way we can go back to being a boring long ball team, get some strong english players to kick lumps out of the opposition and just be generally awful.

    As a dark horse, i would throw Slavin Bilic in to the mix[/quote]
    Then Frichie you can kiss goodbye to regular Champions League footie then.

    Sam Allardyce??? Are you taking the pi**??? :-*

  40. Haha, Hypocrite is putting it nicely!
    Myles Palmer is complete waste of Interweb space… whoever gave that spurs fan a computer must have cashed in a lot of milk tokens!

  41. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:43 |

    Well said Monty… 🙂

  42. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:45 |

    You know what Clockendrider, this blog has confirmed my worst fears.

    the architects of the “Wenger Out Campaign” are bankrupt of any decent replacement for our great manager.

    Methinks that they must protest too much!

  43. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:45 |





  44. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:47 |

    Perry is also an aquaintance of mine (if having his mobile phone number is proof of that…lol)

    I rate his opnions, but doubt if he could deliver what Arsene has doen in between pints….lol 😀

  45. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:48 |


    What is it with you James????

    Hiddink couldn’t get a talented Russian team to the World Cup FFS.

    I hope that he comes back and makes a mess of Chelsea….lol

  46. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:50 |

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    No wait, you have a point….

    I think

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    no funny accents at the Emirates please!

  47. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:50 |

    I have to agree with you pal,

    You have said what I couldn’t…

  48. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:51 |

    Arsene will pull out a result on Sunday Berg10


  49. yeah he did make some good points that day and we had a good chat….
    can you imagine soccer saturday the arsenal special with Perry Groves, Paul Merson, Tony Adams and Andy Linighan aka The Tuesday club!
    id pay to watch that… suppose it’d be on sky so i already do pay! 😆

  50. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:52 |

    I’ve heard Slaven Billic often, as he works well with youth,

    but when the chips are down would he deliver? I don’t know mate.

  51. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:53 |

    Take it you have your badges then….lol

  52. I don’t think so cause Old tratford need someone in similar mould like Fergie and that is either Moyes or another scottish coach.

  53. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 13:54 |

    Sorry Janie but I have to react to events in the Goonersphere.

    Arsenal Action’s e-petition is a FUC***G disgrace!!! 😡

    Nuff said

  54. I’d say Laurent Blanc…not the prettiest football style in the world, but he’s certainly getting result after result. Plus, he believes in youth as well..as a garnish, he could bring Chamakh and Gourcuff for the ride..Gotta love it!

  55. What is your definition of dynasty?

  56. Totally agree with ClockendRider. Myles Palmer is so far up his own …. that I will never open ANR again. And speaking of Agendas, Myles appears to have more than anyone.

  57. J.I.N I read what you have to say on this blog most days & you always talk a lot of sence. I think you may be old school like me. Im a 42 year man my self. Suported the mighty Arse since I was 8,when my Dad first took me to Highbury. First of all I dont want Arsene to go. I think the person that started a on line pertition might just be a bitt pissed like the rest of us on the lack of pride our team showed against Man U. I think they may well regret it now, or I hope they do. Now being Devels advocar (Dutch drink). If Arsene was to retire I would like to see Roy Hodgson have a go I think he is in the Bobby Robson mold,been around the world coachin, picking up different idears. Look what he has achived at Fulham. Imagin what he can do with the talent we have plus more money.
    Anyways just a thaught

  58. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:03 |

    We have yet to see how Arsene Wenger’s transfer policy would change in the light of more money being available.
    Wenger has been in the hunt for many decent players, but has been constrained by the financial limits at the club.

    So I agree with you…

  59. Myles Palmer was probably the first name on that bullshit petition to get Wenger sacked.
    The petition is a disgrace and an insult to a great manager and Myles Palmer is a disgrace to every real Arsenal fan everywhere.
    And if you think that he talks sense then Chirs the gunner i’m afraid you have crossed over to the dark side and we must disown you!!
    Dont let Myles Palmer’s crap corrupt your mind my friend. just remember…..

    the spuds are devious, they will play tricks on your mind but always believe that they will forever be in our shadow and Arsenal led by Mr Wenger is the light at the end of the tunnel!

  60. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:04 |

    If only that were the case, but if there is another trophyless season, I worry about the divisions and the loss of Fabregas.

    lets hope that our worst fears are not realised and people are senssible and give the man the respect he deserves…

  61. Ya sure, we can replace Wenger. Why not? No one is irreplaceable! Being the Manager at Arsenal is a lucrative job. We will find a good replacement surely. Wenger needs to be summoned by the board but since he gives them financial stability every year, they will never utter a word, unless Kroenke takes over!

  62. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:05 |

    As I said, He is already spoken for at Old Trafford shurely???

  63. Miles is not Gooner but such an idiot that he seem to repeat same line all over everyday, Recently he was left with eggs on his face..lool He use to have someone on inside to feed him on likely transfer target or imminnet signings, But he was wrong footed. His criticism is simply to much, Wenger to me has gone completely senile and the Job has become pain for him, Why it cause the players he has now are not the real things. He need at least four more players for the team to balance out, To much youth who are given fat contracts despite winining nothing is not a good idea at all. Walcott recently bought his girlfriend a ferari c’mon how can player like that be hungry to win anything? It impossible.

    What wenger should do is to set up trust fund for these pampered kids and then pay them normal wages until they win something then release part of fund in stages. I am afraid giving them even £5000 a week is to much for 16 years old kids. Buy class players in key positions Defences should have world class defenders with understudies, Goalkeeper and Defensive midfielder, Also they should have at least 5 world class strikers we have one in eduardo who need time to come back in form, But Nick and vela are not up to scratch. so two more are needed.

  64. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:07 |

    Clock End Mick

    I hear you frustration, but Fulham’s style of play does not fill me with enthusiasm.

    Plus he gave away Smalling to Man U and Fergiescum who he seems to be in awe of.

    Not a great recommendation for me…

  65. Bloomsbury Gooner | 04/02/2010 at 14:08 |

    Hopefully Wenger is a Cylon (anyne who’s watched Battlestar Gallatica know’s where I’m coming from) and we can just replace him with another copy.

  66. I want either Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola But I think Mourinho suited best for the job

  67. You are still at it. Blinded and steamrolling anyone who disagrees with you. If Wenger leave there will still be Arsenal. We are the Arsenal – grow up.

  68. Dennis Berkamp doesnt fly, so you can scrap him off the list.

    The fact is nobody is capable of achieving the consistency of Wenger.

    Arsenal are a top 8 club punching above their weight for the last 13 years solely because of Wenger.

  69. Whoever the fuck people say you’ll go “he’s not as good as Wenger” what’s the point if you’ve already made your mind up. You are undone with your own words – Wenger came from nowhere and did an amazing job. It’s not the fans who pick the manager – did you know about Wenger?

    You don’t debate you rubbish and mock anyone who disagrees with you.

    Sad little boy

  70. Arsene has kept the faith with the young players and they owe him alot, a good performance on sunday would be nice, its the players who should go not wenger his already said this is the season for them,we are goin to see some fresh faces in the summer and it wont be a new manangers .Arsene knows shame some fans dont

  71. Did you know Wenger would deliver ? No You aren’t knowledgable enough about the game so you resort to – when the chips are down would he deliver.

    Weak you are the worst blogger out there apart from Miles Palmer

  72. I reckon so too.

  73. Erm how much more money do you want? He is OBLIGED to spend a certain portion of funds on the squad but instead of binning Denilson, Almunia et al he rewards mediocre players with fat contracts 60K a week to Theo what has he won? I won’t mention Fabianski et al Yes he made errors over Edu and Flamini but signing up dross long term is insane.

  74. Guus Hiddink, Roy Hodgson or Blanc will be good choices, Arsene Wenger is not bigger than the club, since he’s treating the club like his toy, time will show him where he belongs. Am 1 of those who want him out if he doesn’t change his project youth and sticking with flops like Almunia and Denilson !

  75. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:28 |

    Carry on W.O.B member

    I can mock the WOB’s because they have come up with only the names put forward by tabloid journalists!!!

    Has there been a single recommendation of real quality?

    Someone who has already won titles or the Champions league???

    Call me a little boy, but after all the abuse that we Wenger supporters take, if you can only come up with this as a response, then what a waste of ink…

  76. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:30 |

    Absolutely no-one is bigger than Arsenal Football Club.

    All I ask is that Wenger is given the respect to go when HE decides and not to be sacked…

  77. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:30 |

    I do, and I agree…. 😀

  78. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:32 |

    Can Mourhino manage without big name signings?

    he certainly has the pedigree.

    What worries me is the lack of beautiful football.

    Anyone watching the Milan derby recently will have been struck by the negative tactics of Inter.

    I would hate Arsenal to go back to that kind of play.

    So I would take Mourhino reluctantly

  79. Not over the hill | 04/02/2010 at 14:32 |

    To replace Mr Wenger the applicant must be able to show a minimum of 15 years in European competitions with some success with relevant economic expertise, scouting background and network, a working knowledge of at least three European (?) languages and of course proficient in at least French, Spanish and Italian, won at least 5 – 7 Naional titles, Wellsh, Irish and Scottish not accepted as a relevant criteria. This I believe we clear the decks of all current names mmentioned. The David Dein type, think United States and sells to an Usbek. No class therefore we require a Warren Buffet type! NOW does this job application (short version) get rid of the “Private Frasers” and their Lynch mob?

  80. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:33 |

    Well said…

    Airplanes and DB10…lol

    I forgot

  81. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:34 |

    Now that is a good shout, as Steve has done well with the youth team!!!

    Gooner through and through!

    Yep! but would the Board see this as a high profile replacement to maintain the value of their shares? mmmmmm

  82. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:34 |

    Well said Ros!!! 😆

  83. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:37 |

    You are entitled to your point of view.

    I have already commented upon Hiddink and Hodgson.

    Laurent Blanc is due to manage the France national team before moving onto Old Trafford i believe.

    that aside he would be a good contender!

  84. Clearly we need a manager who knows how to spend the transfer kitty – it’s blindingly obvious that this is Wenger’s problem. Our new manager MUST recognise that the only way to target the title is to buy players. Clearly Wenger doesn’t and this solely is the cause of our woes.

    Wenger out. Rafa Benitez in.


    WENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(WE LOVE YOU)

  86. WOW FTK you have realy disturbed a hornets nest with this blog 😆 I havent seen this much action since Pammy jumpt Tommy on the boat 😳 I am glad we can also smile as well as cry at Arsenal

  87. I hear Pep Guardiola is keen on the role as he only sees Barca as another year. He would fit in quite nicely and play the kind of football and get the respect he deserves.

    I personally would not mind a Van Basten/Bergkamp team with Bould in the set up. I would also go for Laurent Blanc and Vieira line up. I know he played for United but he has been doing well in France.

    I would go for Hodgson if an English coach and have Bould as his number two and Keown in there.

  88. JESUS!!
    think i have been away for too long! has there seriously been a petition made for Le prof to get the sack?? are these guys fucking crazy?? yes Wenger has not delved into the market when he should have and yes we have lost a few games through no drive and desire, but seriously the sack?? come off it.
    as for the next manager role, i sifted through the bullshit here and dont think one person has mentioned Roberto Martinez!! obvioulsy not right now, but in a few years defo, he plays the right way, knows the english game now after a few years at cardiff and lower league teams, he has a respect of the players there, supposedly…anyway thats my two pennies worth

    and to all you false reds out there who signed or are going to sign, why dont you just fuck off and support man ure, chav ski you fakes!!!

  89. No Manager is indispensible. If wenger or the board’s definition of success is playing trophyless “attractive” football and aiming for number 4 evry season – then they must both be fired. In any case any manager coing to Arsenal can achived such lowly targets . The problem is that Wenger has been given such an elevated status at Arsenal much to the detriment of the club. He goes against common sense just to try to prove a point . He has forgotten that fans are also very important stakeholders and shopuld be listened to. Arsenal should not be treated as a development academy whihc we have turned into.believe you andy decent manager can come and match what Wenger is doing if not better him. Mourinho, Blanc, Deschamps, Parreira, Hiddink,Oneal; are just some of the managers who can and make us finish number 4 and play aimless passing to death game.

  90. If Wenger goes you can kiss Fab goodbye – there are a number of Arsenal players, including talented youngsters, who are only here because of Arsene.

  91. Hey Mister short sighted

    what happens if Wenger has to leave anyway?

    If you think football started and ended with Wenger then you are indeed a moron

  92. Ericio. Are you for real. I see money burns a hole in your pocket,a fool & his money are easly parted. Benetez behave 😡

  93. the theory that good footballers can get a team to play great football as a manager is absolute crap, fergie crap footballer wenger crap footballer mourinho crap footballer pep guardiola just an aggressive denilson, now look gianfranco zola? ruud gullit? glen hoddle? kevin keegan? crao footballer make the best managers FACT, so i wouldnt install dennis bergkamp or an untested player just because he scored a few goal of the months and could spot a pass

  94. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:51 |

    great reply!!!

    pity it will be lost on the WoB’s

  95. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:52 |

    Liverpool’s tinkerman?

    I thought about that, but surely he doesn’t handle pressure well?

  96. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:53 |

    can Titi manage a group of players better than he did when he was captain???

    Don’t know, but good shout mate!


  98. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:54 |

    And that video was x-rated…. 😀

    Too true and well said Mick!

  99. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:54 |

    Pep Guardiola has shown that he can win big games and deal with big egos…

    Yep I’ll go with that!

  100. we need a manager who has experience of winning the champions league, thats the cv we should be aiming at,your truly not a big club or a legendary club without your name on that trophy

  101. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:56 |

    Roberto Martinez is a very good manager!!!

    you get the prize for the most passionate reply…. which even includes a nomination

    Round of applause

  102. “his substitutions to be mindless at worse, at best knee jerk” — c’mon FTK, you can say the same damned thing about many of Arsene’s substitutions!

    “is of the Barcelona mould and is he responsible for the manner in which they play today? I think not.”

    Did you even watch Barca during his tenure? When his team won the league and the CL playing great football??? When Eto’o and Ronaldinho were at their best??? Hello???

  103. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:58 |

    You are entitled to your opinion,
    but do not be surprised that i do not agree with you… 🙂

  104. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 14:59 |

    [quote name=Franchise]if you think football started and ended with Wenger then you are indeed a moron[/quote]
    Ok Franchise….

    I own up!

    I am a moron!

  105. honestly i do not know who can replace wenger. i just want to enlighten my fellow gooners of my points below:

    1) at any one time, a team can only field 11 players. a marginal different between 2 players makes a big different. remember when wenger refused to pay what was demanded for c. ronaldo in 2003 even though ronaldo had openly said henry was his idol & he would really want to join us? he ended up joining mu & as they say, the rest is history. we ended up buying reyes the next season. reyes was almost just as good as ronaldo then but he just lacked that little something and it makes a big difference. my point is, it is better to get a player who is worth 30 mil than trying 3 players of 10 mil each over 3 seasons & not winning anything. in the end, it costs you the same, or maybe even higher if you take wages into account. 2 mediocre players for 60k per week each or a ronaldo at 120k per week? i know who i want

    2) our wage bill is one of the highest in the league and our squad one of the smallest. this means we are over paying a squad of under achievers. imagine if we consolidate the wage of denilson, diaby, eduardo, eboue, bendtner, traore, almunia etc & some an ever increasing number of ‘potential kids’, we can really affort to pay for say 2 world class players who can really make a different in a game. the accummulated wages of these players for the 5 trophyless years could really afford us to pay over the top like 26 mil for torre

  106. “As for Guus Hiddink, he is a superb tactitian, but where are his Russian team at the World Cup?”

    So what??? Many excellent managers have failed to qualify for the wc, ffs! Hiddink has a proven record of working with never-performing teams in int’l competitions and making them perform very well in the big tournaments, making them go the furthest they’ve ever been in those tournaments. Hiddink’s Russia was a joy to watch. Arshavin loved him. In a very short time, Hiddink stopped Chelsea’s slide down the table and brought them very close to a league title and got them the FA cup.

    And Hiddink’s Chelsea not only got their first win on our new home ground, they thrashed us!

  107. Andus,Gooner4eva | 04/02/2010 at 15:04 |

    😡 I’m just sick of the same results. I believe in youth, yet youth can only grow when there is experienced players around them. We will as we do every season lose our big players because players want to win! Fans want to see there team win. As for Arsene, I don’t know an Arsenal without Arsene, I don’t want to know an Arsenal without Arsene, but we need to start asking has he out lived his time. I will puke if I see another lack luster performance. I understand both sides of our fans. I would give Arsene 2 seasons max. Fergie gets the results, loses players yet he gets results? Why?

  108. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 15:05 |

    i have to say that your comment gives me much food for thought… well done!

  109. thank you..lol
    i dont normally reply but i seriously cannot take these inbreds anymore, makes me ashamed to call myself a gooner!. some of the idiotic replys from ppl that either dont know how our beloved team is run, or cannot comprehend the ins and outs of what Arsenal F.C actually means!!
    maybe some of them should read:
    ARSENAL: the making of a modern SUPERCLUB by Alex Flynn

    the title says it all…maybe after reading some eye opening facts they will soon shut their disloyal mouths!

  110. No do go on, what is it that Dein will actually do?

  111. Who do ypou hear this from? Is this insider info or just regurgitated twaddle from some red top rag/halfwit blog? FF keep it sane.

  112. “I hope that he comes back and makes a mess of Chelsea….lol”



    FA CUP, CLOSE TO A LEAGUE TITLE, THRASHED US AT THE GROVE (their first win at our new home ground), ALL IN THE SPACE OF A FEW MONTHS???

    Hiddink took minnows like S. Korea and Australia and made them go shine at the world cup, ffs!

  113. “when the chips are down would he deliver?”

    So does Arsene deliver every time the chips are down???

    Honestly, your excuses against these managers ring clearly of double standards.

  114. Unfortunately , when Voltaire wrote “I disagree with what you say but I defend to the death your right to say it”, he hadn’t counted on the advent of the internet giving quite so many people without the capacity to construct an argument the opportunity to put forth their ideas. Perhaps his aphorism should be changted to read “I defend to the death your right to say something as long it it isn’t ill considered, half witted twaddle”. Fair enough?

  115. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 15:13 |

    Dein is a busted flush… 😮

  116. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 15:14 |

    So Guardiola then?? 😛 hehehehe

  117. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 15:16 |

    I have said precisely that in many blogs mate…

    I called for David Villa,

    I said that there are some players in this squad who are over paid… I stand by that.

    Arsene Wenger’s fault is that he believes in a non elistist wage structure.

    Egalitarian NONSENSE!

    Pay the best the highest, and say to the also rans, when you improve you will get a piece of the action!!!

  118. Quite. I can’t understand why all these people keep bringing him up like some Messiah figure. Is it because the F&O PR machine pumps his name out periodically, notbaly when we have just lost annd there are many people who will just latch on without thinking? Dispiriting.

  119. To hell with your write up.Remember “no man is an island”.That SOB wenger is damn good at managing perception and he is always in denial.He is a good manager but not a good coach period.In the off season he had the opportunity to replace Adebayor with the fellow Chamack but he refused.He thinks he knows it all and i have had enough of him tossing and gambling with our emotion and until he start listening to the fans, Arsenal will never win a title because the so call youth policy is a failure. He is a voyouer, always meddling into other clubs affair.Give me Rijkaards

  120. And still, after 2 1/2 hours, very few named that, within reasonable parameters as set, might have a chance of equalling Wenger’s success. We are third in the league. Not 6th. Or 10th. Or 14th. 3rd. Give me strength……..

  121. who is this retarded chavski wanna be>??

    quoting an old insult from mourinho…


  122. as for ricky from holland…errm no thank you, i would rather have my eyes poked out with hot pokers!

    yes wenger should have bought in the summer and winter breaks..nothing we can do now, just have to get behind OUR team and hope nicky can give us the much needed “target man” we’ve been missing since van the man got injured

  123. oh villa would be a gift from heaven me thinks

  124. 😆 replacement of wenger 😆 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

  125. i think wenger will hire somone and prpare him for the future…..that’s the arsene’s way….

  126. goonnneeeerrrrr | 04/02/2010 at 15:45 |

    Before we parted ways with GG, did we know of AW? The question on most lips was “Arsene Who?”. So it’s very possible that someone of even greater greatness than AW is somewhere out there waiting (or fate’s keeping him) till the opportunity turns up. We need not worry about who will take over from AW cos eventually, it’s gonna happen. And we could be in for better times that even AW couldn’t give us.

  127. Its got to be Myles Palmer after reading his blogs over the last year you realize this man knows everything there is to know about football and that Arsene would have left us in very good hands. Just think we would probably clean up all the trophies in the first year, but alas we’ll probably end up with some idiot like Hingis Ferguson, or even Berkamp

  128. Franchise, it’s how morons like yourself ever got to call themselves Arsenal fans that constantly baffles me.

  129. Anyone who calls for Mourinho to manage Arsenal needs his head examined. No manager is more detestable, more contemptible than Mourinho. I want someone who has at least a modicum of ethics.

    FTK, your snide dismissals of Rijkaard and Hiddink ring of double standards and are flatly ludicrous. It’s like you haven’t even watched what these two managers have achieved. I’ve already responded to your comments about them in detail in my replies in this thread.

    How anyone can say with a straight face that he hopes Hiddink returns to Chelsea to “ruin” them after watching what he did with them last season beggars belief. We were THRASHED by Hiddink’s Chelsea AT HOME, their first win at the Grove. They won the FA cup after half a season where they started climbing down the table.

    And Rijkaard only won the CL, that’s all! With great football and players like Eto’o and Ronaldinho in their prime, that’s all! He just unearthed Messi, that’s all!

    I agree, it’s ridiculous to start any petitions — but we’re not the only fans to do this. During Ferguson’s recent 3-season drought (which wasn’t entirely a drought, they won the CC in 06, using that win to build momentum), there were similar petitions for Ferguson’s head on Utd blogs. Ferguson was routinely trashed as a has-been, his best days were behind him, yadayadayada in the papers and blogs.

    I’m not calling for AW’s head because I don’t think there’s a viable replacement, not right now anyway. That said, depending on how this season ends, I do think the time is coming soon where serious questions need to be asked.

    Yes, I know all about his great work with the academy, the scouting system, all he’s done for the club. None of that answers the issue of how this youth project turns out. [continued]

  130. :-* No, DB’s problem is that he doesn’t fly! He’ll never be anything but a deputy to the manager. A replacement for Pat Rice, yes. But the day Pat retires will be a very very sad one….

  131. John in Norfolk | 04/02/2010 at 16:05 |

    Clock end Mick,

    Thanks for the nice comment, I’m even more old school than you. First match at Highbury 1950. Still counting 🙄

  132. If we’re playing fantasy manager, it would have to be DB10, and he’d come in and do a Guardiola. We’d win everything, world peace would ensue, and Arsenal would reduce ticket prices to an affordable level as a gift to the fans.

    In reality, we’d probably have to go for a current ‘big’ manager who the players will respect. I don’t think we’ll get a relatively unknown manager like we did when Wenger arrived. That was a one in a million gamble that paid of superbly. The club has changed, and we can’t risk that now. We’d have to go for someone with a good record behind them and I can’t think of anyone I’d want other than Mourinho, to be honest.

  133. i agree, mourinho for arsenal would be a travesty (not sure if thats correct spelling but u know what i mean) and an insult to and what Arsene Wenger has done for our team, all these nutters and i say that politely, need to realise there is noone out there bar a few managers with minor experience, who could command the respect of the changing room, ppl forget arsene has made this team, brought all these players for someone, anyone to come in and think they could get the lads to just fall in line is mistaken….

    anyway i still say Martniez for arsenal in a few years!!!!!


    AW said that since we couldn’t compete financially with Utd and Chelsea, and we had to spend all our resources in building the new stadium, he would build a new team from scratch because we didn’t have a lot of money for transfers — a team with young players growing and developing together. He said we’d have to be patient for some seasons before the project bore fruit.

    Now too many gooners are not patient enuf, I’m more than willing to wait even longer to see this project bear fruit.

    IF, that is, I see progress.

    I don’t. I see for 3 seasons now this team making the same damned mistakes over and over again, esp. against the top 2 teams (but not only them). I see no progress in this team learning defense, finding the edge to seriously challenge Utd and Chelsea. I see every season this team collapsing the minute they meet opponents that don’t allow them the freedom of the park — tough, intelligent, tactically disciplined and physically imposing opponents who have absolutely NO trouble whatsoever in countering our inflexible, predictable playing style.

    I see players NOT developing any spine, any aggressiveness, wilting repeatedly against opponents who show no fear.

    I see a team full of technical quality but with no credible training in defense, in toughness, aggressiveness, simple basics like corners, closing down opponents. I see NO progress in building a team that collectively and consistently WORKS HARD AND OFFERS NO SPACE WHEN OPPONENTS ATTACK. I see a team that REPEATEDLY is humiliated by strong opponents who don’t even fear coming to our home ground anymore.

    Now all of that is the manager’s fault. And if there is no progress on any of that, then YES, something has to be done. Because we’ve proven we’re better than the teams below us–and that’s all.

  135. mourinho??? and lose everything Arsene has worked for in one fowl swoop!?!? come on man jose would kill our team, he’ll get bored in two years and fuck off to Brazil!!!

  136. “Because we’ve proven we’re better than the teams below us–and that’s all.” — That’s it, we can’t seem to get beyond that point.

    And I don’t see any credible sign that AW is building a team that will get beyond that point. I’d love to be proven wrong on Sunday, I really hope I am.

  137. To expand further, if no progress is made on the issues I mentioned, then this team will win no trophies and we will lose our best players to teams that will give them trophies.

    And I have to ask everyone here:


    Some of you talk as if Arsenal never existed before Wenger arrived and will suddenly disappear when he leaves.

  138. A reason I could think of if Wenger would ever leave Arsenal, was (A) either to take up the post of Head Coach for the French national soccer team. (after WC2010 ?!?) (B) to be promoted to a different post (technical advisor/ director? part of the board? work in administration) in Arsenal.

    In that scenario, my shortlist read:

    1) Fabio Capello (current England coach):
    He won the domestic title with every club he coached throughout his career (Roma, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Juventus – though later stripped becoz of scandal) Coached an equivalent “Invincibles” Rossoneri (of van Basten, Baresi, Maldini, Gullit and Rijkaard) also to an unbeaten season in Serie A.

    2) Eric Gerets (current Al-Halil coach, based Saudi Arabia) – decent success in Belgium (Lierse, Club Brugge), Netherlands (PSV), Germany (Kaiserslautern, Wolfsburg), France (Marseille, Ligue Manager of Year 2009) and Turkey (Galatasary)

    3) Didier Deschamps (current Marseille coach) He could come as understudies/assistant coach to Wenger until ready to lead as manager.

  139. i supported arsenal way before Arsene arrived and will do so till i die, although not sure many of the “commentors” on here would say the same
    all i know is that Arsenal was here for over 100 years and will be a MAJOR force in the next few years when certain clubs go into administration due to finance regulations set by fifa and uefa…its only a matter of time till that occurs and frankly the game will and would be better for it!!!

    although i am pissed at the moment due to lack of trophies!!!

  140. John in Norfolk | 04/02/2010 at 16:26 |

    Requirements for a new Arsenal Manager:-

    1) Must not have a red nose.
    2) Must have all his own hair and teeth.
    3) Must not be in trouble with the tax man.
    4) Must own a long grey overcoat.
    5) Must know that special knot for his scarf.
    6) Must not have orange skin.
    7) Must not be known as “Big fat Sam”.
    8) Must know not to visit massage parlours in Portsmouth.
    9) Must not say “I’d love it, really love it”.
    10) Most of all must have skin twice as thick as a rhinoceros.

    Hey! here’s a suggestion what about hahaha, that little Scotch geezer, you know the one who has to have subtitles for his interviews, hahaha, that’s right! Gordon hahaha Strachan 😀 😆 hahaha.

  141. FTK yep guardiola lol you guessed it, but i dont call for wengers head

  142. Slaven Bilic.

  143. A donkey,same stubbornness.

  144. Hi one question tho, who will out live who? AFC or arsene wenger? before you label me a Wenger out brigade – member , am as loyal as they come a gooner for life but am also a realist – AFC will go on and at some point a new person will have to be got, we shouldnt be resting on our lorals or the past. Great achievements AW has done but he needs to get back to grove and deliver, how many of u will still be in your respective jobs not delivering your known potential? if we are just a top 4 side cos of cash then dat needs to be spelt out and accepted my the fans. i cant blame some gooners wanting more recently at least it shows they still have the hunger and will for success that cant be a bad thing – bring back the glory days i say and the fans will get behind AW indeed the best arsenal manager till date

  145. if wenger leaves arsenal it will be because A) he walks out due to unsuccessful times. B) because we win the champions league this year. C)it will be when he is 75 because he brang success back ……training up the next manager is a bad idea because he will either inherit losing genes, or he will spend the next ten years as an asistant, might as well give the job to pat rice

  146. Mourinho’s Portuguese, not Brazilian.

  147. Good points well made.

  148. Best wind up post I’ve seen on here….

    Oh wait its not a wind up?

  149. I dont want AW to leave the club but seriously he deserve the kind of insult he his getting from some supporters! Everyone has been saying what the problem with the team is, how come AW failed to correct this? I think his personal ambition has become his biggest undoing. He should simply let go of his project of wining the EPL with youngsters! Truely he has done for the club what no other could do,YES, But who says a new wiz coach cannot emmanate from nowhere like AW did? There is truely no one that is indispenceable, so fellow Gunners, be real.

    Arsenal for LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  150. albanian gooner | 04/02/2010 at 16:59 |

    :lolThe criteria…

    1. Must be able to develop a team that can play attractive football whilst regularly finishing in the top four of the Premier League.
    2. The candidate must also be able to manage a transfer budget of around 25 million per season, mainly financed by registration sales.
    3. The Candidate must be able to obtain the respect of our young stars such as Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott.
    4. The Candidate must has a proven pedigree and know what it takes to win league titles and even the Champions League.
    : hahahhahhaha are kiding me! Mourinho???? mate Mourinho and a beautiful game are fare fare away from each other….
    Arsen Wenger should stay. One day he will leave thats for sure and when this happen then Hidding or Bergamp will do the job.

  151. I thought we all knew who was gonna be taking over from Arsene…… Steve Bould. Trust me it’s done and dusted! Hopefully not for another 5 years at least tho eh! I was well gutted with our defeat on Sunday but I would be gutted for far longer should AW leave the club. I would probably cry for a whole year! But yeah it’s Stephen Bould… the big defender!

  152. I think we will all die when Arsene chucks it in & Arsene Football Company will fold and become as insignificant as it was when the Frenchman took over at falling at the seems Highbury with its 5,000 home fans & took us out of the shadows and into the light that led us to our first ever pieces of silverware when he inherited that awful defence from George Graham, the former manager of Millwall (or was it Barcelona or AC Milan?)

  153. If the boards only aim is to save money why are they paying wenger so much? he’s one of the highest earning managers in the world.

    I would say pelligrini to replace arsene when he retires (because he’s not going to get sacked) and with madrids record with managers he could be looking for a job soon. he had vilarreal, a tiny club playing in the cl and finishing 2nd in the league ahead of madrid without a huge budget.

  154. Well said sir

    We’ve got a mix as many WSDS on here as WOBs (Wengers shit don’t stink vs Wenger out brigade)

    I support Arsenal Football Club,all I give a fuck about is what is best for the club not what is best for Arsene Wenger.

    The clubs most greatest manager & the day he goes will be a sad day.

    But one thing is for certain,go he will.

  155. Wenger cannot leave we will get scientists to make him a cyborg so his philosophy will live on through out time

  156. why not employ a slightly bigger name as a defensive coach/ assistant manager such as roy hodgson. all his teams are well organised and disciplined something that we are not. wenger would still be in charge overall and i know he likes to have complete control but maybe he could do with another experienced coach giving him some advice especially in defensive areas. also i would like to see gazidis taking a more active role in player transfers but of course i don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.


  158. pep gaurdiola

  159. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:03 |

    Feisty pete!

    Glad that you acknowledge that he is a good manager! 🙂

  160. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:04 |

    See what we are up against ClockendRider?

    These WoBs are firing blanks!

  161. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:05 |

    Well said my friend!

  162. The problem is AW has surrounded himself with all YES man. I m sure he has got a God like status within the club. But the majority of the fans will be satisfied if he appoints a modern thinking tactical coach as No 2 to give him alternative view points and bounce ideas off. This is what Fergies has always done in his long managerial career.

    Right now it seems he has got too much on his plate and as such affecting his crucial decisions making.

  163. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:14 |

    Oh dear really?

    Why can’t Wenger stay until 2020

  164. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:18 |

    dream on mate…. :zzz

  165. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:19 |


    run that by me again???


  166. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:20 |

    I dismissed them only in favour of the incumbent, and also if Hiddink is so good, how come Russian will be watching the World Cup on their TVs???

  167. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:21 |

    Martinez is a good shout! 🙂

  168. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:21 |

    Well said Matt!

  169. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:22 |

    The Special one whose teams are characterised by GAMESMANSHIP and DRAB FOOTBALL.

    Mourhino should make sleeping pills because his teams put me to sleep…

  170. I’d want Guardiola, no-one else (ok, maybe Jose)could hold a candle IMO. He’s won literally everything available in spain and his team plays unbelievable football. On top of that, he can gel with a young team, remaining authoritative but still understanding the pressures put on footballers.

  171. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:24 |

    When we beat CHELSEA on Sunday as I predict we will…

    Come back and eat Humble pie Harper!!!

    Lots of it….lol 😀

  172. If only that Russian meerkat had put away 2 of the 3 chances he had in the first 20 minutes, Mancs the over rated and over achieving one man teams, would have capitulated and we would be singing a different tune about Arsene right now.
    Just hope on Sunday we come out all guns blazing and put away our chances.

  173. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:25 |

    Arsenal til I die mate!


  174. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:25 |


  175. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:27 |



    You cracked me up with that one…. 😀

  176. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:28 |

    Promise not to… 😉

  177. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:28 |

    Well I don’t know…. 😐

  178. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:29 |


    EE AAAW!


  179. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:30 |

    [quote name=Ade Larry]bring back the glory days i say and the fans will get behind AW indeed the best arsenal manager till date[/quote]
    You are Wenger Loyalist mate! 😆

  180. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:31 |


    Thats FUNNY! 8)

  181. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:32 |

    Well said Ehibaba!

  182. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:32 |

    I agree!!!

  183. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:35 |

    Steve Bould…Steve Bould …

    Stevie, Stevie Bould…

    He’s got no hair but we don’t care

    Stevie Stevie Bould!!!

  184. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:36 |

    You’re takin the PIS* yeah?

  185. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:36 |


  186. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:37 |

    Good Thought DB10!

  187. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:38 |


    Is he manager of Olympiakos by any chance???

  188. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:39 |

    I think that Pep has the vote!!! 😀

  189. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:39 |


  190. Fabregas_The_King | 04/02/2010 at 18:46 |

    I accept that all of the faults you outline can be laid at the feet of



    But believe me… the man has a ruthless streak in him

    When he is crossed there is no way back

    Ask Jens Lehmann and Willie Gallas!

  191. With all these comments. Todays blog looks like the Right question at the Right time

  192. I hope this isnt The Times Thay Are A Changing as the great Bob once sang

  193. Well said.

    I cant stand the Fantasy Football crew. Get new players in Jan. Who?

    Change the manager. Who?

    Rumor has it Pep Guardiola is being lined up for Man U eventually and I personally think he was quite fortunate with his success. ( I reckon I could make the top 4 with the Barca Team)

    So get real all you doubters. We have a big club. Good financial situation. Great players (though I do agree they let themselves down at times)and we are still in for the PL and Champs so I don’t see the problem when we lose to ManU!!!!!! it was not wiggan or some shit team. It was one of, if not the best team in the world. So get real folks life aint as bad as you think?







  195. so we are now taking managers who are in the bottom half of the league to replace the Boss.

    Hiddink belongs to Roman A so no chance.

    while we are at it lets go for Harry R and Avram Grant. Why not throw in Garry megson and Phill Brown as assistant managers too.I hear Mark Hueghes is also good to go. LOL

    We have the best. Be happy. Cant win all the time.

  196. Great post. Cant add a thing more.

  197. owen coyle ?

  198. Fabregas_The_King

    i want the sod out. anyone that spends the money to improve the squad and gets rid of idiots like the spanish waiter and brizilian bucket boy.

  199. but couldnt do it with russia ???
    helooooo ????
    close to a league title is just not good enough for the arsenal im afraid harp ! or all would be happy with wenger , who cares about the fa cup cardiff and milwall can make it to the final of this comp now days! long gone are the days of this being a serious comp.

  200. me also !!!

  201. glenn not very good at football anymore helder .
    mediocre players like fabregas , arshavin , rvp , eduardo , nasri , the verm , gibbs sagna yes i see your point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. you are a mug , like a toy u say keeping us in the top 4 , building us a new stadium why pick out 2 players you think he got wrong , try listing the amount of players he gets right ! if that list is shorter then i am the mug !

  203. amen to that

  204. just 1 point i would like you to consider harper ,you keep going on about how chelsea thrashed us at home , is this not because chelsea are set up to play arsenal away. infact over the last couple of seasons playing the big 4 sides away is alot easier than playing them at home , the onus is on the home side which leaves them open to the counter in a nut shell .

  205. see song
    see diaby ( a huge miss against man u and villa imo )
    see fabregas
    see the verm
    thats progress!!
    we were cought out against man u by individual error.
    and to win the league we only have to beat all the teams that are worse than us !!!!!

  206. class post ftk loved it !!!!!

  207. 😆 😆 😆
    IF Wenger decides to go, I want a coaching staff a ala the American Football Model 😛 : HEAD COACH: Guus Hiddink Offensive Coordinator: Dennis Bergkamp Defensive Coordinator: Tony Adams/Martin Keown

  208. FTK, that Russia argument is incredibly stupid.

    Domenech got France to a world cup final, FTK, how did THAT happen??? I already answered that incredibly minor point: a lot of very good managers have failed to get to the world cup! Russia was in a group with Germany and Portugal, ffs! So you’re saying that every manager that got to the world cup is world class and better than Hiddink? REALLY???

    By your logic, Maradona is a world class manager because he got Argentina to the world cup. It’s an incredibly, myopic ridiculous argument on your part.

    As I said, Hiddink took minnows like S. Korea and Australia the farthest they’ve ever been in the world cup. Hiddink got Russia to the Euros too and they were one of the brightest sparks of that tournament. In a few months, Hiddink took a floundering Chelsea and took them to 2nd place, close behind Utd, won the FA cup and gave Chelsea their first win at the Grove — in convincing fashion, it wasn’t a close victory at all.

    I can’t believe that you ignore all that just because of the myopic nitpick that Hiddink failed to get Russia to the world cup. How many poor managers have gotten their teams to the world cup, ffs!

    Ericksson got England to the world cup, does that make him world class???

  209. I hope the football gods are listening! :sigh:

  210. shivi, now that made me laugh!! 😆

  211. Manager of Arsenal is a plum post. There are many potential candidates, suggesting ther aren’t sounds a little jaundised and desparate. Non?

  212. I could accept (in no particular order):

    del Bosque

    Would consider Bilic, Blanc and Deschamps. My only caveat re the two Frenchmen is their overemphasis on defensive football but I think they’ve shown they can be flexible with that approach when appropriate.

    Bould, Bergkamp — good shouts, tho Bergy doesn’t fly.

    But this is only when/if Arsene chooses to leave after having won the CL with us and at least one more league title. 🙂

  213. Oh, and the guy who took Wolfsburg to the German title last season, Magath is his name I think. They played fantastic, entertaining football. He left for another club so Wolfsburg aren’t doing well this season.

    Just one more thing about Hiddink: he’d NEVER worked in England before, ever. New managers need time to get used to the PL. Yet in a few months he saved Chelsea’s season and got them the FA cup, and came damned close to beating Barca to the CL final.

    That’s in his FIRST season in England!

  214. OMG this will be the first post that Im not reading all the comments.

    + 200 ?? Thats crazy!.. congratulations FTK.

    And my vote goes for: Laurent Blanc.

    I think is more remarkable what he did in his first years as manager than Guardiola.

    Pep had 8 players from Rikjaard and he just fixed the things a little bit and spending a lot of money. But Blanc created a very good young team that ended with the Lyon monopoly, playing good and going to the next rund of the champions beating Juve and Bayern.

    1- Blanc
    2- Deschamps
    3- Bilic – van Basten
    (any of them having Bergkamp as assistant)

  215. And where we would get the 50 mills per year on new signings that Murinho needs to be seccessful??

  216. My dream would be Dennis and Keown. Let’s not forget the Keown was helping to coach a back four that had Swiss Phil, Eboue and an out of position Flamini to a record number of consecutive clean sheets in the Champions League. Both Red and White to the core, both would command a vast amount of respect, both truely understand what The Arsenal stands for, Dennis was the catalyst for the Arsenal of the last decade or so, Keown has feet in both the Graham and the Wenger eras, Dennis was a product of Ajax system, and while he is sublimely talented, I believe he also worked at it and could explain how he did things (unlike Henry, who was for more mecurial and instinctive)only the very small(!)issue of flying to resolve. Although, lets hope it does not come to it just yet. While I believe Wenger is not infallible, and maybe Pat needs to move onto another role (so we can have an assistant who would challenge Arsene a little more), he is the best man for the job at present…

  217. if it takes the board as long to name the new manager as it did to name ivan,we will be manager less for about three seasons,maybe we could all take turns.

  218. I think either Steve Bould or Dennis Dergkamp would be great replacements for Wnger, with keown assisting on the defensive side like many people said.
    I do not think the answer lies outside of the club, because these people have not developed the loyalty and dedication to the arsenal way, and at the age many of them are and the amount of clubs they have already been at, they will not be a long term solution.

  219. There is only one man for the job and thats Boro Primoric
    hes worked under wenger and does alot behind the scenes relatively un noticed. We could keep the same staff and scouting network with Wenger eventually going upstairs.

  220. To succeed Wenger, a combination …

    Tony Soprano: to work on muscle

    Don Draper from Mad Men: to work on creativity

    The Man With No Name from The Dollars Trilogy: to work on finishing

    And if that can’t be arranged then stick the fack with Wenger !!


    FTK your comments total reminded me of Ian Bell’s double century. Well done

  221. Thanks, FTK.

    In the meantime, Arsene and Ivan could make a call and visit to a very special individual (imo) in Milan, and recruit him over as our defensive coach for the senior team.

    He is not “The Special One” Jose Mourinho.

    That special individual, as a defender, won the World Player of the Year Award in 1994. He played till 40 yrs old and respected by many footballers. He is none other than the legendary Paolo Maldini.

    (I believe Vermaelen is building his defensive game in the mould of Maldini and shall become the younger version of the legend himself)

  222. [quote name=M.E.]Thanks, FTK.

    In the meantime, Arsene and Ivan could make a call and visit to a very special individual (imo) in Milan, and recruit him over as our defensive coach for the senior team.

    He is not “The Special One” Jose Mourinho.

    That special individual, as a defender, won the World Player of the Year Award in 1994. He played till 40 yrs old and respected by many footballers. He is none other than the legendary Paolo Maldini.

    (I believe Vermaelen is building his defensive game in the mould of Maldini and shall become the younger version of the legend himself)[/quote]
    In this video, featuring Maldini, I need every Arsenal player to hear the lines between 1.10 and 2.11 before going against Chelsea.

  223. I could have done as well as Hiddink with the squad he inherited. Come to think of it, even james, the Championship Manager genius could have managed them well.

  224. How about a managerial dream team? Why would we have to have one man. we could have 5 and the vote would mean that 3 or more gets the decision:

    The committee would be:

    David Seaman – Goalkeepers
    Tony Adams – Defenders
    Paddy V – Midfielders
    Thierry Henry – Strikers
    Ian Wright – Clown and Entertainer and stress reliever.

    Never been seen in football and maybe would never be seen again if it happened. But let’s give it a shot.

    If the keeper keeps a clean sheet, the other 4 get a bonus in their salary.

    If a defender scores a goal or keeps a clean sheet, the other 4 get a bonus

    If a midfielder scores a goal or gets an assist, the other 4 get a bonus

    If the striker scores, the other 4 get a bonus.

    If someone sleeps with a team mates wife, Ian Wright gets a bonus.

    If you implement this system, it will mean the management team would have to support each other so they get more money. Takes selfishness out of the equation.

  225. A song for Terry to the tune of Eduardo’s song.

    He went to bed with Bridges bird did he, did he,
    His wife left home and went abroad did she, did she,
    She took the kids and wont be back,
    And Terry’s got the England sack,
    Johnny Terry, his mums a shoplifter

  226. Great arguement those are the players I mentioned weren’t they? Nevermind lets reward failure. 80K a week was highly motivational for Adebayor wasn’t it?

  227. glenn helder! OFF-TOPIC, but hahahhahhaha i have fond memories of that guy’s hairdo. hahah funny. he came in and i had such high hopes for him, but i felt he was a letdown.

  228. nah, i think hiddink is one of those managers that is great at pushing a lousy-ass team to greater heights but can’t do the same with a world-class team. p[lus i think he’s more suited to knock-out comps, his tactics are veered to “not losing” so his teams tend to go far in WC and champions league type comps.

  229. i do fear that arsene will leave soon. arsenal fans suck, are impatient, and seemed to have so quickly forget how it was pre-arsene. and don’t bloody tell me george graham won trophies. yeah he did, but it was not much anyway. arsene’s won more, developed arsenal more, and has more principals than that under-the-table-money-grabbing spud lover george graham.

  230. He’s spent almost £180 million and they now have a worse team than when he took over! liverpool are a joke 😆

  231. I think F&O have got rid of dein because they realised how bad his relations were with the board. He now does some job for the FA i think.

  232. TJ, no you couldn’t and neither could James. You’re just flat out wrong. Felipao certainly didn’t do well with the squad he inherited, and he’s a world cup winner. Hiddink is an excellent manager, there’s a good reason Abramovich wanted him and why Chelsea’s players (and Abramovich) all wanted him to stay.

    We beat the same squad of players under Felipao on their home ground. Under Hiddink, they thrashed us on ours. FACT.

  233. So he’s a good manager on the strength of thrashing us on our own ground, in a game that had no meaning?

    Ok, you know best.

  234. LOL thats really great.

  235. hes excellent crisis manager but he has no decent record for a long distance run. hes sprinter not a long-distance runner. he knows how to mobilize but have no idea how to develop. and dont forget he had bad luck with chavs vs barca and psv vs milan…

  236. almost as motivational as the type of support after he signed that contract i suppose

  237. Roy Hodsgon

  238. Pepe Guardiola for me and I believe for other positive football thinking Arsenal fans

  239. The best technical football manager must be the exfootballer ZICO from Brazil who is currentlt coaching a greece.

  240. Laurent blanc would be my first choice,since he is working wonders at Bordeaux,and he has proven managerial pedigree.He’s also French and would be able to continue the legacy of Wenger in that repect.It would be a relatively seamless transition.
    Didier Deschamps would be a close second,having taken Monaco to the Champions League final in his first season of management.However,he is not doing as well with Marseille.
    Slaven Bilic is another attractive option,although he is not proven at club level and lacks experience in general.
    Pellegrini is another candidate,as he will most likely be sacked by Real madrid before the end of the season,and will be available.
    Cesare Prandelli should also be considered,as he has turned Fiorentina into an attractive and promising side.And he is not afraid to splurge in the transfer market.
    The fact remains though there aren’t so many talented managers around,but there are enough to be considered potential replacements for Wenger.
    The managers of Leverkusen(Bruno Labbadia,I think) and Montpellier,who are 2 points off the top of the French league are also worth looking into.

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