FTK Blog: When Arsene Wenger leaves who do you want as his replacement?

Only a short blog today because I am still hurting. Not a lot to laugh about and everything to ponder upon. It is moments like this when we must take a deep breath in and recall the great victories of Arsenal. Moments that live in the memory and can lift the spirits. “That” Thierry Henry goal against the Scum at Highbury is particularly pleasing. Also the last minute headed goal by Thierry against Man U in the first season at the Emirates! Absolute quality!
For me, I am so happy to have had the privilege to witness so many such Arsenal events. I must confess that for almost every moment of elation there have also been times of immense despair. Arsene Wenger has brought so much to Arsenal Football Club, and it is an utter disgrace that one so called Arsenal fan blog has started an e-petition for his removal. What I will say that under Arsene Wenger I cannot recall the club ever having been so divided. So is this Arsene’s fault? or selfish impatient fans? This must be the subject of another blog I’m afraid.
In the meantime…
lets’s play fantasy manager shall we?
So…  Imagine the headlines at the end of yet another trophyless season…
Sky Sports News:    Breaking News: “Arsene Wenger has resigned as manager of Arsenal Football Club. Arsene Wenger who arrived as a virtual unknown to the North London Club has decided to call it a day and tendered his resignation effective immediately, this followed angry scenes and scuffles between opposing factions of Arsenal fans outside the Emirates Stadium earlier this week” 
>The Times: “Gooners across the world were devastated upon receiving the news of its greatest ever manager resigning today within hours of yet another insulting demonstration by fans outside The Emirates Stadium.” 
BBC 24 News: “The Football world is in shock today as news reached us that Arsene Wenger has resigned from Arsenal Football Club. Tributes for the North London Club’s greatest ever manager are pouring into the Emirates Stadium, Some distressed Arsenal fans visibly shocked are seen here watching the cheering group of anti Arsene Wenger fans celebrating the success of their season long campaign to unseat the Frenchman.”
So who would you want to takeover from Arsene Wenger?
The criteria…
1.  Must be able to develop a team that can play attractive football whilst regularly finishing in the top four of the Premier League.
2. The candidate must also be able to manage a transfer budget of around 25 million per season, mainly financed by registration sales.
3. The Candidate must be able to obtain the respect of our young stars such as Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott.
4. The Candidate must has a proven pedigree and know what it takes to win league titles and even the Champions League.
The Shortlist?
Let me give you the names of managers that I have heard some Gooners suggesting as suitable replacements for Arsene Wenger…
Pep Guardiola of Barcelona
Jose Mourhino of Inter Milan
Sven Goran Eriksson
Guus Hiddink
Marco van Basten/Dennis Bergkamp
You know what… I was feeling down began I started this blog, now I feel even worse…
I would very much like to hear from the “Wenger out brigade” who exactly they have in mind to replace our greatest ever manager. Someone who does not need one hundred million to buy new players I hope. It is only fair that these flat earthers reveal their hand, so that we can have faith in their judgement. For at the moment I am arguing that there is no natural replacement for Arsene Wenger as we speak who is not already at the helm of a top club. So to the “WoB’s” I say again. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.
So please let the rest of the Gooner World know your choice and please be prepared to defend your reasoning…
I don’t have a choice as I want Arsene Wenger to stay here for another five years to win the Champions League twice and the Premier League three times….lol
Finally just when chance deals you a poor hand in the poker game that is life, then it is only a matter of time before the balance is redressed. How stupid must some anti-Arsenal commentators feel now that the clash of the Titans on Sunday will not now result in an eleven point deficit if we lose to Chelsea.  A young Gooner that I know is running around telling his mates that if Arsenal win on Sunday, then we will be level because he has heard that this game is a six pointer. Oh dear… Well Pete, just for you let me explain.
Yes, Hull drew with Chelsea leaving the South Londoners only 6 points ahead of Arsenal. A victory would leave us only 3 points behind where as a loss would leave us 9 points adrift. The difference between 9 and 3 is 6 hence the phrase that this match is a six pointer.

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