Ftk Blog:Where a thumb might replace Robin’s ankle

This blog is following in the vein of Arsenalinsider bringing you news that you don’t get on other Arsenal blogs. today I shall give you an insight into Robin van Persie’s ankle injury that has our iconic striker sidelined for five months. The ankle joint is very commonly injured in many sports. The most common being basketball, followed by football and then users of trampolines. The injury is often due to the forceful movement of the side of the ankle underneath the main leg or what is called an “inversion” injury. There are four main ligaments in the ankle that can be affected in these common injuries. Arsenal football club have in a statement revealed that three of these four ligaments have been ruptured.
Arsenal Football Club have consulted one of the worlds leading experts on ankle injuries, a Surgeon called Dr C N van Dijk who is from the University of the Netherlands. Google research of this specialist reveals that he has extensive experience in dealing with the diagnosis, surgery and after care of many types of ankle injury. He is at pains to point out in the papers I have just read that early diagnosis is crucial to the reduction of long term complications from the injuries. It makes the blood run cold to try and imagine what harm the rather pointless exercise of horse placenta treatment might have done in delaying treatment for our multimillion pound asset?
The Arsenal striker had his ankle put in plaster yesterday [Friday] and will be operated on by one of the world’s most renowned ankle specialists very soon. Van Persie is expected to be out for another four months.
During his time with the Dutch national team, and shortly after the tackle by Giorgio Chiellini in Pescara, doctors diagnosed that Van Persie had only a tear in one of the ligaments in his right ankle. He would be out for six weeks.
The healing of that kind of injury could be speeded up, according to his Dutch team-mate Orlando Engelaar and Van Persie’s former team mate at PSV Eindhoven, Danko Lazovic, if he would use the skills of Mariana Kovacevic.
The player could not know the damage in his right ankle was more severe. “If I had known at the time what I know now, I would have been operated [on] immediately,’’ Van Persie says in his home in Rotterdam, where he sits with his leg up and his ankle in plaster. “We have all been steered in the wrong direction.’’
However the Dutch international does not regret his visit to Kovacevic.
He is now out for five months. The ankle surgery is likely to be the Brostrom Gould –procedure with delightful terms like “pants over vest” method of stitching tissues together. According to a reference book entitled “Practical Orthopaedic sports medicine and Arthroscopy” page 870, Robin van Persie will have to follow this kind of regime.
Non weight bearing on the ankle for at least two weeks followed by 4 weeks of a special knee walker boot (what ever that is), then the patient will have gentle physio and various other techniques used until they can start to walk and do gentle exercise after 10 weeks, full activity should follow only after another 2 weeks.
I am presuming that he must undergo another two months of fitness training and additional physiotherapy. In order that his ankle can be considered strong effort for top flight football, for the five month target being reported. the thing that worries me, is that he will get fit enough to play for Holland in the World Cup only to be crocked again and be unavailable for the 2010/11 season. Such is the November curse of Arsenal Football Club.
Meanwhile Arsenal fans will have to hope that Arsene Wenger can purchase a top class striker in the January transfer window, and manage to do this without the selling club imposing a hefty premium because of Arsenal’s immediate needs. Can we recruit from within? Jay Simpson has scored 7 goals in his 13 appearances whilst at Queens Park Rangers, Jay is the kind of no nonsense striker that Arsenal need right now. I rate him as likely to become a better striker than Niklas Bendtner. Eduardo is a very experienced striker with International goals behind him, and this could be a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate his worth to the club. Carlos Vela remains the unknown quantity alongside the possible promotion of Theo Walcott. I like Carlos and his finishing is awesome, but can he reproduce that form week in week out in the Premiership? Whether we like it or not, now is the time to hope that Arsene Wenger knows his players well enough to have gambled on not replacing Adebayor.
Currently the rumour mill links us with Ruud van Nistelrooy of Real Madrid who is said to favour Liverpool over the Gunners. Which would get Arsene out of that rather prickly response that Gooners would give to the ex manc diver horsefaced Dutchman. But Ruud van Horseface could have done us a favour in snubbing us for Liverpool, because it makes it more likely that we will go in for the Tolouse striker André-Pierre Gignac. We have been tracking him forever it seems. The videos on You Tube show him to be a right footed quick and powerful striker with good dead ball striking and excellent heading ability. Watch the 21 of the 24 goals that this amazing striker scored last season. Note his trade mark goal celebration which involves him sucking his thumb!
Whilst videos make players look good, the movement and the way that Gignac strikes the ball so cleanly makes him likely to be just what we need. In August Gignac signed a one year extension to his contract keeping there until 2013. So we will have to pay somewhere in the region of £18 million pounds after having had Toulouse turn down our alleged £13 million bid in the Summer. So could we have only four weeks to wait for a replacement? Only Arsene knows if he will do the deal. Gignac is of French Algerian origin, aged 23 years, he is 1m 87 (6ft 1) and weighs 84kg. His nine appearances for France have yielded 4 goals already. His team Toulouse lie third in group J of the Europa league with 4 points and seem likely not to make the next stage of the competition in the spring, thus leaving the Frenchman with a good excuse to step up to the Champions League hopefully using the special exception clause under 18.18 of the Champions league regulations dealing with player transfers that prevents them being cup tied.
One player from the above quota of three who has played UEFA club competition matches for another competing club in the current season may exceptionally be registered, provided that the player has not been fielded:
in the same competition for another club; or for another club that is currently in the same competition.   Furthermore, if the player’s new club is playing in the UEFA Europa League, his former club must not have played in the UEFA Europa League at any point in the current season.
So lets replace Robin’s ankle with a thumb!

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