This week has been pretty amazing for passionate Arsenal fans like you and me.
Niklas Bendtner misses 6 gold plated opportunities against Burnley at the Emirates.
Sky Sports News and every Arsenal hating pundit brands him a fool, a waste of energy. Christmas DVD’s are being made of the clips, with titles like “Six Bendy Boobs” or ” 6 things you can’t do with a Bendtner”, get the drift?
Now I recall my earlier blogs slating Bendtner. I refused to write one condemning him after the Burnley game as the fact that he was in the danger area was good enough. The conversion of chances into goals would come later. Better a striker’s instinct now than none at all.
But believe me, it was hard sitting on my hands saying nothing…
After Aaron Ramsey, the last thing this Arsenal team needs right now is a slating from those who purport to support our great club. We actually have a real chance to win the title.  I decided that my words could have been used to damage the morale of the team further, so sometimes you have to remain silent. Not cowardice, just loyalty…
Fast forward to Champions league we beat Porto 5-nil,
Niklas Bendtner scoring a hatrick?
Headlines? Zero to hero… Even the Sun tabloid piece of shite apologises to him openly (tongue in cheek of course)
Work that one out. That evening  I actually said to a companion before the game,
“ I am very nervous, because if Bendtner misses crucial opportunities and we lose the match, then the anti Wenger sentiment might begin to grow on me.”  I added
“ but you know what? I wouldn’t put it past Bendtner to go and score  a hatrick… and if he does , then my belief in Arsene Wenger will have been reinforced bBecause that’s why I trust in him.”
He did (score a hatrick) and it was… (my belief reinforced)
Perhaps what was worse was the fact that I heard the odds for Bendy to score a hatrick that night were 40:1
Had I not had a wobble in my faith and believed in Wenger absolutely then  my reasoning would have seen me place a fiver on my hunch, and I would have been £200 richer. I have wasted a fiver on far worst things let me tell you. I still think that Bendtner will never be World Class based upon his lack of composure in front of goal, but you know what? I don’t care because the guy is a Gooner. He tries hard for the team. He gets into good positions. He now has the foundations of becoming a good striker. Who knows maybe even better.
Perhaps I need to believe more…

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