FTK Rant: Transfer Linked? STFU!!!

My blood pressure is continuing to rise as I review the way that Arsenal fans are being treated over the on, off Barcelona transfer of Cesc Fabregas. Same shite rumour different day it appears to be as Hill-Wood says the player is not for sale, then Barcelona confirm talks with Arsenal over the player but have not put in a formal bid. My take on this is that the club are so petrified about the backlash from fans like Vic Crescit, myself and others in not renewing our season tickets, the club, nay Arsene Wenger is scouring the planet for transfers that will distract us from the reality that we have given away our most valuable commodity to the Catalans. I wonder when will we see pictures of Arsene Wenger on the steps of the Emirates appealing for supporters to trust him?
If he is eventually transferred to Barca then nothing below a £50 million fee will make me feel that Arsenal Football have not sold it’s supporters down the river. Almost each day that passes my love affair with Arsenal Football Club is diminishing because of these activities. I feel frustrated and angry, we deserve better! ok we have had over 200 appearances from our world class playmaker, but when Cesc was made Captain, I blogged that this signalled the final throw of the die and Fabregas would be gone shortly. It fed my feeling that this was a typical move by Wenger prior to selling the player, like Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira before him. I suppose if Robin van Persie is made captain of the Arsenal, we can kiss goodbye to him in two seasons time too.
Anyway what also pisses me off greatly is the new feature “Transfer Linked” on the official site. Now I ignored my original feeling that this was a cynical hypocritical grabbing of Internet traffic share, that served no purpose what so ever, but how can the Club claim that it dislikes idle transfer talk, yet it is seen to encourage it by this feature? I wonder if this feature could be seen as the club unofficially being involved in tapping up??? Seriously, the fact that the photos and names of players who are contracted to other clubs are being published on the site is open to misunderstanding in my book. The club should stick to doing things “The Arsenal Way”  Giving the oxygen of publicity to tabloid rumours is like suggesting Jack the Ripper was an NHS Surgeon. ENOUGH ALREADY!
Ok let me make it clear, Arsenal Football Club needs to gets its act together and stop giving me the impression that its remit is pandering to the feeding frenzy of tabloid hungry plastics, this smacks of using pathetic  marketing ideas which seem to be born of spotty 17 yr old pin stripe suited oikes with more oil in their hair than currently washing up off the Louisiana coast line. I suppose the conversations went something like this…  “Hey we need to increase our internet traffic…Ok publish some tabloid crap, it always gets the most clicks…” The Club should be planning its ascent to the pinnacle of the Premiership, in activities on and OFF the field. We should be planning commercial ventures to extend our brand to South America, the Far East and America, pre-season overseas tours would help for a start. Buying a decent keeper, keeping Fabregas and bringing in world class replacements for Song and Gallas would sort out our on field problems. So you know what you can do with your Transfer Linked items Arse com? STFU!!!

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