FTK rant: Watch out Drogba and Rooney, Gooners are watching you...

Fight fire with fire, the expression goes. I have always argued that there is a basic anti-Arsenal undercurrent running through many of the unobjective media and some Football Administrative bodies. I have to ask myself why? To repeat a section of an earlier blog I refer you to the club statement released in response to Eduardo’s ban.

Arsenal Release a statement
In a tense and tearsely worded statement, Arsenal football club has gone as far as it dares to accuse UEFA of singly out Eduardo for unfair treatment. The particular phrase used is

We have been deeply frustrated by the perfunctory and apparently arbitrary process that Uefa has followed in this instance. We believe it is imperative that Uefa’s explanation for its decision provides clear and comprehensive standards that will be consistently enforced.

To accuse UEFA of a perfunctory and arbitary process is tantamount to labelling the UEFA committee that dished out this punishment a kangaroo court.
I for one am pleased that the Club has chosen to make such a strongly worded statement. I would asked UEFA the following, when retrospective judgements appear to be issued based upon the volume of a media outcry, what kind of message does that send to the tabloid press?
If the tabloid press/media now feel able to influence UEFA officials based upon witch hunts and innuendo, then UEFA stand charged of prostituting it’s hallowed office to the highest bidder. Those responsible for this decision will not only regret having undermined their own referees, but they have created a precedent that will have clear implications in the International court for arbitration of Sport…
This is indeed a sad day for our sport in general and Eduardo in particular.

As for our rivals, certain individuals such as Drogba and Rooney had better tread carefully, equally the failure of the media to highlight further such incidents in the exactly the same way that it treated Arsenal have created a rod for their own backs. By mounting the well known jealous anti-Arsenal bandwagon, you have just ensured that every Arsenal fan will scrutinising your output to ensure that all future such incidents receive this coverage. Failure to do so will energise our cries of foul play and bias…
Will UEFA go back and ban Rooney for his dive against Villareal? or will his mealy mouthed apology in the press make up for this. I do not condone cheating, but to suggest that only Arsenal players cheat is ridiculous. The art of diving came from the European and South American continents. The hand of God, the dives of Ronaldo, almost all of the Italian team, practised experts in the art of simulation. Do the sport a favour and rid it of cheating by all means, but I argue that this is not the way to go about it.
UEFA have lost the plot and have singularly failed to understand the precedent set by this announcement. Yes stamp out simulation for good if you can, but surely now every yellow card given by a referee in response to diving in a UEFA tournament MUST be followed by an automatic two match ban. If yellow cards now carry two match bans, then surely referees must now give RED cards instead of yellow to players they suspect of having deceived the referees.
Here are another couple of examples of the type of incidents that must now carry automatic red cards and two match suspensions.
1. Players confront one another, one makes a movement as to head butt the other, but NO contact is made. The player falls to the ground feigning a head injury when he was not headbutted. Automatic red card for the alleged perpetrator of the offence, and surely the victim must now be banned too.
2. The ball crosses the goal line, but the keeper/defender kicks away the ball and claims to have saved it… Automatic ban UEFA surely?
Who would be a referee now?
UEFA have lobbied against video technology to overrule referring decisions, but by this arbitary and biased judgement, they have ensured that if video footage exists that can prove that a referee was deceived intentionally by a football player, then UEFA are duty bound to overule the official’s decision by the setting of this precedent. The referee may as well not bother filing a report, but just ask UEFA to review the video footage of the game.
The purists have rallied behind UEFA and claimed the supposed moral high ground. STAMP OUT CHEATING! they cry. The problem lies in proving intent, and that my dear deluded friends, video technology can never do!
Our sense of injustice will be heightened by any Arsenal fan witnessing certain well known players of our rivals indulging in their usual tactics. The dragging of Rooney’s left foot in this video of his dive against Arsenal is a clearly a well practised technique. Not that Arsenal players are blameless, Eboue please note… So watch out Drogba and Rooney, Gooners are watching you, we will now set our video recorders to instant rewind to collect our vital ammunition. What has this sport become?
Rant over!

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