FTK rant: Who do you want to win?

OK, this is Friday and there’s no TGIF as this is International Week. The prospect of seeing Theo destroy the Bulgarians this evening is a mouth watering prospect. The reason for the short rant today is that frankly everything has been said on this site by my contributors Eldo 71 and Vic Crescit. Arsenalinsider has NEVER been afraid to nail it’s colours to the mast. We are firmly supportive of Arsene Wenger, when we criticise the Club, players and the greatest Arsenal manager to walk this planet bar none, we feel that this criticism is CONSTRUCTIVE and the consensus of the many Gooners that we meet and talk with everyday. These views are opinions, musing, debating points, they are NOT statements of fact. Ever since I came to edit this blog I have found that the family of Gooners is wide ranging in it’s views but essentially we are ALL on the same side. Some blogs strike a chord with many, and some can be found almost disloyal by some fans. This is the way of the world. It is in the eye of the beholder.
YET…. One thing cannot, I repeat CANNOT be allowed to happen this season, and that is when opponent teams play the Arsenal home or away, we must support the team as put on the field by Arsene Wenger. ABSOLUTELY. No moaning, no booing, no deep sighs of frustration. Why? Well we are ALL disappointed about the failure to land an experienced goalkeeper. This happens. OK for Manuel Almunia it will have been very unsettling. But in the final analysis, unless the next incumbent is going to be an improvement, then Arsene was right not to buy anyone for the sake of buying. Please note, I am not saying that Arsene’s behaviour over this transfer is without criticism, the expectation levels should not have been allowed to reach such heights. However until we have ALL of the facts, we can only deal with hearsay. No-one should condemn a manager based on tittle tattle and hearsay. Did Schwarzer fail a medical with the Arsenal? Who the hell knows?? and if he did, why should we pay £4million??? Did Mark Hughes put a block on the deal through disliking Wenger? Who the hell knows??? The facts are Mark Schwarzer remains a Fulham player so DEAL WITH IT.
You want Buffon? Landreau? Given? Well it isn’t going to happen, why? Cos the flippin transfer window is CLOSED… get it? CLOSED so lets move on! Stop whingeing and support ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB. I recall the moaning made over several seasons about Alex Song. I recall some Gooners saying this player was absolutely useless. He went out on loan to Charlton and grafted. It was only when he was finally able to play without moans and boos from his so called home fans that he blossomed.  Would you give him away now? Forget Flamini, I’d rather have Song. What about the history of booing of Eboue? I sit in the West Stand shouting “I like Eboue Eboue, I like Eboue Eboue, I Like Eboue Eboue, I LIKE….. E-BoUEEEEE!” (to the refrain of I like to move it, it from as Wiki tells us

I Like to Move It” is a 1994 music track performed by Reel 2 Real (Erick Morillo), featuring ragga vocals by Trinidad and Tobago rapper The Mad Stuntman (Mark Quashie). The song appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1994, peaking at #89, reached #5 on the UK Singles Chart, and was a #8 hit on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. The song is featured prominently in the Madagascar film series.

Now Alexandre Song and Emmanuel Eboue are strong personalities, they have risen Phoenix like from the ashes of derision heaped upon them by some of their so called loyal fans. Both of them were players chosen by our manager to serve our club, despite the critics. In good time we then could see what Arsene Wenger himself sees on the training pitch. Thank goodness that it is Arsene Wenger who has to make the final decision, who has delivered this club over a decade of regular Champions League football a fact often ignored by the minority of spoilt Gooners. So what if the personality of Manuela Almunia is not so strong? Confidence is everything and if your own support is against you, then that confidence will disappear faster than a rat down a drainpipe. I would like to make some suggestions. Before you, yes I mean YOU, start to moan and sigh when Manuel comes for a cross and gets fouled or mistimes a catch. THINK…
Give the guy a break cos shite happens… Ok perhaps you really are not an Arsenal supporter then, because the logic of dissing your own keeper is to want the oppos to score no? If we reduce our own Spanish Keeper to a pile of weeping paella then we are absolutely stuffed. Lets back the player LOUDLY and fully. Lets give him the confidence boost that he so badly desires. Let him convince us all that now He can make the number one position his own this season and NEXT, by assertive performances. Remember every keeper will makes mistakes, but this season is critical for us. Champions League and Premiership trophies at stake. So I ask you again,
I want The Arsenal to win, everytime….ok?
I rather suspect that you do too. So lets move on and SUPPORT THE GUNNERS.
And of course SUPPORT ARSENE WENGER, together we will succeed.
Nuff said!
Thank you all of our loyal readers who have by their regular contacts with the site, and positive feedback made us one of the top Arsenal  web blogs out here in cyberspace! Keep it ARSENALINSIDER!

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