FTK ‘s TGIF: Impressive but stay focused

Welcome back to Thank Gooner it’s Friday, and better late than never I say. I have returned from a holiday break to a find a club whose transformation is almost as overwhelming as a red and white tidal wave. I have seen nothing that makes me change my view that this squad is stronger than last season. We finished third so logically second or first is a reality. Ok no new keeper, but any bets on Shay Given joining us in the winter transfer window? Who knows? But with me having missed the furore over harsh tackling and the Allardyce dig at Wenger, Arsenal fans must feel very together at the moment. The financial results were covered by Vic Crescit, the demolition of the scum by Eldo71, which leaves me to pick over the bones.
What should we do with fifty-six point eight million pounds? Well having the overall debt reduced down to 135 millions, and with every piece of real estate sold is pure profit. There is a real opportunity to aspire to being a top premier league club that is debt free. Compare that to the three quarters of a billion owed by Manchester United, the farce that is Chelsea owes the Russian a similar amount but somehow with equity conversion appears debt free on the balance sheet. Every trophy won will really have been bought. What of Liverpool? Well if the Royal Bank of Scotland decides on the 15th of October to call in it’s 280 million pound loan, then there is a realistic prospect of someone coming in to buy the club at around 450 million as opposed to 600 million. I really cannot see anyone coming in to waste 200 million just to line the bank’s coffers can you?
So being the only top four club without fear of administration or bankruptcy is an accolade that gooners should be happy about. We have depth in our squad with very excellent prospects coming through. Arsenal Football Club are the future for you England fans out there too. Ok no trophies, but regular Champions league makes up for that in a way. But a word of caution. Stan Kroenke has completed his buy out of the St Louis Rams. He has time to transfer cross ownership franchises in the shape of the Denver Nuggets Basketball team and the Colorado Avalanche hockey team to his son Josh. This has all to be completed by December 2014. These commitments may mean that Stan takes his eye off the Arsenal ball, much to the delight of Alisher Usmanov.
One could argue that it is conceivable that a downside of Arsenal making itself debt free, is that it makes it more attractive to potential takeover. Only time will tell if Usmanov will stay his hand, and one way to perhaps buy off the threat is to consider inviting him to sit on the board. I am against the paying of dividends to these two shareholders, besides they do not need the money. Give them the ego boost of feeling that they have influence in the club, and that may be sufficient. I happen to believe that these results make the club safer as the plurality of ownership is the only way to protect our heritage, and by not having to rely upon an outsiders funds, it should strengthen the Board’s hand in fighting any hostile attempt at takeover. The constituency – the fans will be pivotal in this. No new owner will want to feel disliked or unwanted. They want to feel that fans want their money, and thereby hopefully bribe our acceptance. If we add silverware to these good financial results then Arsene Wenger will reunite the divided hoardes of goners at a stroke.
Fancy the Carling Cup anyone? Nine Premiership sides made their exit, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton, Man Citeh, Blackburn, Fulham, Sunderland, Bolton and of course Tottenscum. That leaves Man Utd and us as the likely winners, assuming that we can get past the aggressive teams of Stoke City and Wolverhampton Wanderers. I was horrified that ref Probert failed to protect Jack Wilshere on Tuesday night and I feel that there is still another leg breaking performance due from these two sides, so lets hope that the draw is kind to us tomorrow. See you at Wembley in February then? No… I am not becoming like Tottenham fans and counting my chickens, if we want this Cup, then I believe that it is there for the taking. Arsene Wenger had to avenge the 5-1 defeat of last season, plus the young players out on loan meant his hand was also forced.
Come on You Gunners or COYG as Eldo 71 likes to say, was ringing true on Tuesday as the team played out the victory before the Arsenal awy support and the remaining stewards and cleaners in Shite hart lane, as the home support seemed to have been beamed up to  Klingon battleship circling near Alpha Centauri star system. Call it what you like, but what a disgraceful lot of supporters they have there. Ok there was criticism of Fabianski, but what was Johan Djourou doing charging out to leave Robbie Keane unmarked. Kamikaze defending of the highest order, which is why the Swiss player may not have a long term future at the club.
Arshavin is getting the marmite treatment too at the moment. You either love him or hate him for his apparent disinterest and some call it laziness. Is he carrying an injury? Is he unfit? Who knows. But when he puts his mind to it, his class is clearly there in abundance, the operative word however being WHEN. Ok we know that he can score four goals in a game, but look at some of the passes he makes. He is a very intelligent footballer His short cameo at the lane on Tuesday night was enough to send the scum’s hope of getting to penalties after extra time spiralling into oblivion.
“We have been in the Champions League Semi-Final and Final during that period and we have always managed to play at the top.”
This was Arsene Wenger’s response to the charge that the lack of winning trophies was down to the stadium move. The fact that Arsenal Football ball have managed to turn in such splendid financial results shortly after a global recession is a cause for celebration surely? Had we played sub standard football, then maybe, but remember GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT. Be patient you long suffering fans, a trophy will soon be here, and I hope that we can be at Wembley for the Champions League final come the end of the season.
This has to go to the manager of the Scum, Arry twitcher Redknapp for accusing Samir Nasri of diving to get a penalty in the Carling Cup fixture. Sour grapes Arry?
Performance of the week has to go to Jack Wilshere, who despite being targeted for some harsh treatment by the scum on Tuesday, showed how to reply. His football is sublime.
I have been critical of Arsenal Football Club Board in the past, but this week it is only fair to give thanks, where thanks is due. In delivering such fine financial results, Arsenal Football Club Board have ensured that our club and heritage can sleep more soundly tonight, with some confidence against the threat of takeovers from rich Business men and musical rap stars (Jay Z take note! we are NOT a toy)

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