Ftk thought for the day: At last Arsene kicks butt!

Well this is a first. I am writing a short blog from my blackberry in a hospital bed. Ftk has been on the receiving end of the medical profession, and at least their knifes were well sharp. I wont bore u with the details, but I am recovering well and hope to be back in evidence in around a week so I’ll do what I can for now. Having managed to see the game yesterday, I can really say that this was a game of two halves!
I really  think that Almunia has reached the end of his Arsenal career, His mistakes yesterday made us look so vunerable at the back. His judgement was poor, and now Fabianski looks like the only sensible option. Unfortunately for him, we cannot afford to encourage our opponents to feel that our last line of defence is dodgy. We Gooners have been dreading that this kind of sloppy performance would arrive at some point this season. In fairness to Almunia, at least he continued and didn’t do a “Sol Campbell” and give up mid game.
That said, Arsene Wenger got it right at last. How many times have I called for the players themselves to show more pride this season? I was despairing after what can only be described as a farcical first half. We were never looking as though we wanted to grasp the nettle and ram home our advantage after the way that our rivals stumbled. “Not fit to wear the shirt” is exactly what I was screaming at my tv screen as I resigned myself to the prospect of yet another humiliation.
Yet the second half we showed more desire and despite wanting to ignore this observation, I sense that if Liverpool had wanted to, they could have caused us more embarrassment. Yet spare a thought for the scousers, how humiliated must they have felt, no decent strike on goal for the entire second first half. All I can say is to echo the concerns, they looked to be in melt down.
I am not belittling our second half performance, but you must confess that the task was made more easy by a wretched display  of a nervous if not really  inept Liverpool  side. But what the Gunners managed to prove yesterday was that  even Wengerball has the ability to shut the game down, yet as uncharacteristic as it seemed to see us abandon our attacking instincts and run down the clock, it was precisely what was needed. We need to now ram home the point and capture the nine points on offer over the next few fixtures.
So with Arsene at last kicking butt, I can only surmise that the best is yet to come. Some of the players finally got a reality which was long overdue, they are paid enough after all and they are lucky that their inconsistent performances cannot result in them losing their places. Finally the thing that really pleased me yesterday, was the improved crossing of Bacary Sagna. I was very impressed that he has now managed to stop the high balloooning balls that even Peter Crouch would have needed a step ladder for.
Arsene must buy in the January window at least, if we are to press home our superior technical skills and target the premiership title. If Arsene during the summer can buy players of the quality of Arshavin and Vermaelen to reinforce the key necessary positions, then I for one can see the long overdue dynasty  arriving. Forget about trophies being the goal. The real prize is to develop the kind of ruthless efficiency which was on display for small periods of the game. Only then will the legacy of Wengerball be secure, and with consistent play will come regular victories against all comers, which will in due course brinf the so much needed titles and make us the number one team  for season after season to come.

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