FTK's point for debate - Why should we fear Man United?"

How many of you would have given their right arm to be in this current position around 3 months ago when we started this run of form? The anti-Wenger brigade has been silenced and key players have returned from injury. There is a buzz about the Club, and seeing the lads cruise into the semi-final of the Champions League gave me a lift.
In fact I would go so far as to steady the nerves of those who were hoping for Porto and now feel the beads of perspiration collecting on their foreheads. The one thing about being a Gooner, is that we never seem to do well as favourites. I have said upon many occasions before that when the going gets tough, then Arsenal get going. I had complained about the absence of the beautiful game, well at the Emirates last night, it returned. The first goal by “Thierry” Walcott was sublime. A wonderfully timed gentle back heel from Fabregas into the run of Walcott, who still had it all to do with the VillaReal Keeper advancing to cover his near post.
Arsenal v Villarreal
What came next was the coming of age of Theo Walcott. In past matches before his shoulder injury, Theo would have struck the ball low and hard or even over the bar. To produce a chip to the far post whilst running at pace was a supreme execution of skills that as a fan of this young player, I had always hoped that we would see on the big stage. I recall reading in an issue of the Gooner a long time ago, some writer suggesting that Theo should be sold, that he had not delivered. Well who ever that columnist is, let him hold his head in contrite apology.
I was hoarse last night, and shame on you fans who didn’t stay to cheer Robert Pires off the pitch! It brought tears to my eyes! Super Rob… We salute you!
So back to the debate, Why should we fear Man United?  I don’t! Indeed I am relishing the prospect of playing Man United and destroying the over hyped media expectation of them winning all of the major trophies this season. The love affair that is Man United and the media is becoming ever more nauseating from my perspective. Take the PFA awards, the number of nominated Man United players is five for the senior position and they have two young player nominees.  But to witness the extent of sycophantic, anal licking, bended knee professionals prostrating themselves upon the altar of the Theatre of Dreams, awaiting each molecule of rancid spittle that emanates from the cherry red mouth of the manager SAF is making my blood boil.
Bring on the Mancs… I say we must not fear them. Fabregas doesn’t, and neither does Arsene Wenger. Lets shove their Biliion pound debt back up where the sun don’t shine and get them into finanicial administration. This team has the benefit of the FA not banning SAF, the referees not sending off Shrek as his foul mouthed obscenties are so blatant on TV, that a three year old using phonics is able to repeat them. Then don’t start me on Croonoldo, the Portuguese wizard, the best player in the world, whose 40 yard shot to beat Porto yesterday is being heralded as the goal of the millennium. To see his pretentious facial expression as a player even dares to interrupt his passing shadow on the pitch makes me want to vomit!
Enough I say! Man United are a good team, but unbeatable? NO. Should we fear them? NO! Over two legs, I feel that with the final game at the Emirates we hold the advantage. We are going to possibly play these superstars four times over the next 6 weeks. Two Champions League ties, ? hopefully an FA Cup final, and a premier league fixture. Lets prove to the FA, and the media that Man United are not the supreme footballing gods that they are held up to be. Theo Walcott will rip Evra and Vijdic apart. Diaby will dance on the testicles of Ferdinand, and Fabregas will ensure that we have the chances to score goals. Ok we have to face Rooney and Ronaldo, but can they face the reality that is the old adversary?
This time it’s personal….

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