FTK’s thought for the day: Better to be sincere rather than a hypocrite

All of the papers are calling Arsene Wenger a bad loser because of his refusal to shake hands with Mark Hughes after the 3-nil defeat of the young Guns at Eastlands. Well in a sense they are right to point out that after exchanging hostilities in a game, one should gracefully shake hands to protect the spirit of sportsmanship.
I mean when I recall playing rugby in my youth, I remember seeing large forwards sharing gallons of beer together after each of them were punching each other on the filed of play in a manner that would make Mike Tyson look like a saint. Ice Hockey players regularly use violent confrontations in games and at the end still greet each other as they leave the ice. But I would argue that despite these bloody confrontations, there is the mutual respect for one another than allows them to forget the heat of the clashes during play.
It is that respect that enables true sportsmanship to surface. Now picture Mark Hughes, who broke the League rules by leaving his technical area to pass a ball to his players, not only passing the ball but pushing the player some five yards further forward to gain a small advantage in the ensuing throw in. There followed remonstrations from Arsene Wenger which was met by a torrent of foul mouthed abuse from Mark Hughes. See the clip and you can easily lip read Hughes’s responses.
His actions were disrespectful towards a manager who merits better than this. Hughes himself is a hypocrite. It was he who berated Cesc Fabregas for reflecting how someone with his Barcelona history could organize his players to play such hostile and negative football at Blackburn Rovers. Hughes demanded respect. Well what Arsene Wenger did last night in refusing a handshake looks bad, but after what he had had to endure and his strength of feeling, I will defend him, for in his moments of disgust with the way that he was spoken to by Mark Hughes, it is better to be sincere rather than a hypocrite.

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