No blog from me yesterday as your super-soaraway was under re-construction so a special bonus blog today. The second prize is, of course, two bonus blogs from moi.
Monday night’s FA Cup replay turned out to be a stroll in the park. Whatever get up
and go the Bluebirds had had at Ninian Park had got up and left at some stage in the journey from Wales to London down the M4. I really did expect them to make much more of a fight of it than they did. Unfortunately an element of the Cardiff support decided it was its duty to live up to their dismal reputation. For the record I have to say that those that I encountered in my regular pub were a credit to themselves and their club. A big, loud London raspberry to those bell-ends amongst the Cardiff support who made such complete tits of themselves on the Tube, and on Holloway Road and Blackstock Road. Those in my pub are welcome back anytime. If I never see the plums with attitude again it’ll be too soon.
My work brings me into regular contact with officers of the Cardiff City Supporters’ Club and the newly formed Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust. They’re top people working hard to get a fair deal for those Cardiff fans who know how to behave. One of them sent me a text after the match congratulating us on our win and apologising for the zits. Not your fault mate. Your efforts on behalf of the Ninian Park faithful deserve better than the 20 watt bulbs who caused the grief. Soul Crew, my arse. Arsehole Crew more like.
The actions of a few knob-heads couldn’t spoil what was a great night for Eduardo. What an absolutely top bloke. Going over to fitness coach Tony Colbert after he’d slotted his second from the penalty spot was class. Pure class.  I so, so hope you go on to prolonged glory in your stay with us mate, I really do. That’s the good news from Eastern Europe,  from Croatia via Eduardo’s native Brazil.
The bad news, at least from my point of view, from Eastern Europe is Alisher Usmanov and his company Red & White Holdings which he owns with London financier Farhad Moshiri, is  now the biggest single Arsenal shareholder with 15,555 or a quarter of the 62,217 issued Arsenal Holdings shares. I’ll repeat my personal view – my preferred shareholding for Gospodin Usmanov would be nil. In fact I’d be much happier if I’d never heard of him. It beggars belief that Arsenal remains of interest to him with the problems in Russian industry. I bet his workers in Russia are absolutely thrilled with the money he’s poured into buying up Arsenal shares. Thrilled to bits I’d imagine. They’re no doubt raising glasses and toasting him as they contemplate pay cuts, rising prices and the dole. Oh yes.
I never want my club to be owned by one person. Too much of a risk. Even with a model owner like Randy Learner who’s done an excellent job at Aston Villa. Not to take away from Learner’s contribution for one minute, but Vlad The Impailer would have been a popular choice at Villa Park after the Deadly Doug Ellis Decades. Just look at the comedy sketch that Chelsea has become under Roman Abramovich and you’ll see my point I think.
I believe Red & White’s new status means that Usmanov is now obliged to come clean about his vision for Arsenal. And no more warm words please. I’m fed up with them. I think lots of others are too. The current board has got to raise its game as well. I know that the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust is on the case. More power to their elbows.
I can also report that the new FA chief executive Ian Watmore is a Gooner.  Those seekers after truth at the Daily Mail report that FA chairman Lord David Treisman is too. Another example of why I wouldn’t trust the Daily Mail if it reported that the sky is blue and grass is green. Treisman, who in other respects is a man worth listening to I think, is a…’ve guessed it……Spurs fan. We all have our crosses to bear. Treisman’s is Spurs. The Daily Mail’s is difficulty in reporting the actualité with something remotely approaching accuracy.
That’s all for today my fellow Gooners.
Keep the faith!