GOONERTUBE IS HERE! Visitors to our site will have noticed the that Arsenal Insider has launched a new media service, called GoonerTube. As the name implies it will be a multimedia based site, and the aim is to allow Gooners the world over to share their visual experiences. We will cater for audiovisual files in any format, all you have to do is get your mobile phone, webcam or digital camera/camcorder and start recording your own messages or memorable moments that you would like to share with us all.
OK everyone out there on the net has a podcast, but here at Arsenal Insider we have decided not to produce one, instead Arsenal Insider will be producing a monthly video magazine entitled Insider TV which will have specially recorded features from yours truly and any unsuspecting contributors who are daft enough to put themselves in front of the camera/webcam. Thrill to the humour and wit of our creative contributors. Marvel at the sheer stupidity of FTK as he tries to interview random Gooners outside THOF after the games.
We will hope to bring alive to your desktop, the atmosphere from down the Rocket Complex as Gooners chant their songs, Post Match reports direct from outside the stadiums, posted online within an hour of the end of the game. Got a new idea for a new Arsenal song? Why not record it and send it in. Got a great Arsenal fancy dress? Lets see it!  Want to let the relatives know how you are getting on across the Pond? Why not send them a video message via Goonertube.

Fabregas the King