Ha, ha...now go tidy the Haringey junk yard, Harold

by CARL ELDRIDGE Allow me to get a few things off my chest as we reflect on the total destruction of the Haringey Pretenders with a highly convincing, highly enjoyable and ultimately an easy-peasy 3-0 win at the home of football yesterday.
First, a quick memo to Robbie Keane who claimed that Harold ‘Steptoe’ Redknapp’s bunch of over-hyped, over-paid under-achievers were an altogether better squad than that of the glorious Gunners. Er, no they’re not,
Second, Steptoe claimed post-match that we didn’t score a good goal in the game and that it was T********’s Sunday pub team defending which gifted the Arsenal the win. Come, come, Harold, who cares about the quality of our goals (incidently all three were brilliant) the fact remains that you didn’t score. And, yes, at best your lot are a Sunday side although I’m not so sure Ledley ‘Stephen Hawking’ King would get in the front eleven.
Third, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, take that now get back yo the N17 junk yard and ponder mid-table mediocrity!
Ok, on to this morning papers and Arsene Wenger talks about his jacket-throwing technique in today’s Mail.
The paper says AW displayed a rare moment of anger in the second half, hurling his jacket to the ground after some sloppy defending, despite the fact his side were three up.
‘I have done it before,’ he claimed, smiling as he reflected on his moment of anger and alluding light-heartedly to the impressive volume of the crowd support, which belied the accusation that Arsenal fans fail to support vocally.
‘I couldn’t communicate because of the noise and I’m not used to that,’ said Wenger.
‘I felt it was important not to concede because, with what has happened recently, one goal can cause a panic.
‘But it has been a fantastic week for the club. We have beaten Liverpool and Tottenham and both the teams we put out have produced convincing performances with the kind of style we like to play at the club.’
As for a title challenge, he added: ‘I said at the start of the season that I think we have a chance. I think we have the quality, the spirit and attitude in the squad to do it.’
Manuel Almunia was superb in goal and the Sunday Mirror today reveals that the keeper has been coping with a family tragedy which has left him devastated.
Almunia has been comforting his wife since his mother-in-law was killed in a car crash in Spain six weeks ago.
Although the 32-year-old showed immense professionalism and stuck rigidly to his training schedule, manager Arsene Wenger decided Almunia should be given time to deal with the tragedy and left him out of the first-team line-up.
Almunia was restored to the side for yesterday’s North London derby after Wenger witnessed at first hand in training how Almunia was back to the form that made him first choice.
In the News of the World, AW reveals that signing players can be like playing poker.
He said: “You can’t be in management as long as I have and not have that dilemma. I can give you a list of big names who I have faced this problem with. It is not always because they are bad guys, it can be because they are sometimes weak guys.
“They go out and they don’t know where to stop. They do not master their life. In London it’s impossible to keep track of a player’s every move. Let’s say you have a guy who drinks. He can drink at home, so how can you control that? He can have parties at home. Twenty years ago, the players went to the pub on a Tuesday and so on but now it’s not so public.
“In ideal conditions no boss would make a mistake. It was always a race against time with opponents who may also want to sign the player. Sometimes you have to go blind and play poker.”
I’ll drink to that, Arsene. Altogether now…’are you T******** in disguise?’

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