How did this team finish 3rd?

24 hours later and it still doesn’t make any sense. This team, without Fabregas, Nasri and Wilshere, with the worst start to a season in living memory, without fullbacks for much of the winter period, with the most goals conceded from ridiculous individual errors in the league, has somehow finished in a higher position and with more points than the team that challenged for the title for much of the previous campaign.


I’m one of his biggest critics, and would still argue he is not necessarily the man to take us forward, but enormous credit must go to Arsene Wenger for producing something of a miracle this year. Okay, it’s pretty modest in comparison to some of his other work and indeed other great tales of football folklore, but a miracle nonetheless. Football is a results business and, as close as it was in the end, over the course of the season we got more points than Spurs, won more games and scored more goals. They say the table doesn’t lie, and if that’s true then we are where we deserve to be.

However, while the table may not lie, it doesn’t always tell the whole truth. For instance, while we were only one league position behind Manchester United in 2nd, we were actually closer in points to Fulham in 9th place. The fact that we were only one point ahead of Spurs meant that on the last day of the season we were depending on one game to decide whether we finished 3rd, 4th or even 5th. In the end, it was two goalkeeping howlers from Marton Fulop that helped us get the win we needed.

Now, of course, I don’t mean to say that yesterday’s game alone got us 3rd place – we will now obviously look back to big wins at Stamford Bridge, Anfield, Goodison and our mauling of Spurs at a crucial time and say that these were the games that truly made the difference. But it’s weird to think that without Fulop’s help yesterday we might have been looking back regretfully at defeats at Blackburn, Fulham, Swansea or, more recently, the shockingly poor results at home to Wigan and Norwich and pointing out how stupidly we dropped points on so many occasions this season.

What I mean to say is, while celebrating 3rd place, automatic Champions League qualification and yet another St Totteringham’s Day was a lot of fun yesterday, we have to remember how close it was to going very differently.

Chelsea and Spurs implode

For instance, could we seriously have predicted Chelsea would have such a bad season? Sixth in the league is their lowest finish since 2002, and a lot of that is down to the bizarre AVB saga that dominated more than half the season. Whether you choose to believe he simply did a bad job or was forced out by senior players at Chelsea, it was certainly a big surprise and, one would imagine, a one-off. Di Matteo has made them into a solid team again and they could still win the Champions League. If he does, they will surely be a force again next season. In fact, another thing the league table won’t show is that for many of the last few games, Chelsea did not field their best side, and so dropped even more points. If they hadn’t made the Champions League final, their push for 4th would have been more important and they might well have done it. We’ll never know.

And could we really have predicted Spurs’ downfall? If John Terry hadn’t allegedly racially abused Anton Ferdinand, Capello would probably still be England manager and the distraction of the England job wouldn’t have crept into Harry’s head and derailed Spurs’ season. It does seem strange to say that something like that can have such a big effect on a team’s on-field performances, but we’ve seen it before. And once it causes one bad result, it can cause more as the confidence goes. Just as the table last season shows Chelsea and Man City above us and not that we were United’s only real challengers that year, this season’s table does not show that for half the season or more, Spurs were looking like title challengers while we never did at any point.

As happy as I am to finish 3rd after what has been a crazy season, the overwhelming feeling is a sense of relief – that we well and truly got away with it this year. Spurs have really improved and if they finish above us next year, we can’t say we didn’t see it coming. If Chelsea lose the Champions League final, Spurs will presumably qualify for the tournament next season and that will help them keep their best players and attract more. I’m glad we’ve signed Podolski, but more work will need to be done to ensure we can hold off Spurs and a rejuvenated Chelsea next season.

Start of City domination?

Now, a word of congratulations to Manchester City for winning the title yesterday. As much as I hate to see Chel$ki 2.0 buy themselves success, it’s nice that it came at the expense of Manchester United, their horrible manager, cheating players, and their referees.

Many are now worried that after this first league title, City will go on to dominate and spend beyond anyone’s control. This, of course, was the worry when Chelsea first started buying their trophies, but it didn’t really work out for them. At the end of the day, you can only field eleven players at once, and while buying players certainly helps you win games, it also helps to have continuity and a squad that gels well. It was a close-run thing this year and there have been teams with far less in the way of resources such as Newcastle, Everton, Swansea and Norwich who have done incredibly well and produced some surprising results. I think we’d be kidding ourselves if we put Arsenal’s lack of silverware purely down to money; teams who have spent much less than us boast better defensive records than we do and that has to be the absolute priority this summer. We conceded 49 league goals this season, more than a team like Sunderland in 13th place, and the most since the 94/95 season.

Steve Bould effect

With the defenders and goalkeeper we have, we should be doing better. We could perhaps do with a bit more strength in depth as our luck with injuries is always awful, but in general they just need better coaching. Many thanks to the legendary Pat Rice for his services to the club, but I think a shake-up is needed and I’m glad it will be Steve Bould being promoted to Wenger’s assistant. Bould played under George Graham and was part of our best ever back four; he should be able to bring something a bit different to the way our players are drilled.

It’s hard to know how much influence he will be allowed to have, but football is more about coaching than it is about players. I always point to the back four that got us to the Champions League final and set a new record for clean sheets in the competition. If you look at the players in that backline you couldn’t possibly say they are better than our current first choice defence, but the influence of Martin Keown coaching them that season meant that they were, for a long time, unbreakable. Eboue never played that well again and ended up being a laughing stock, ditto Senderos, and Flamini had never played left-back before and never did since. If Bould can come in and do a similar job, then there’s no reason a back four of Sagna, Vermaelen/Mertesacker, Koscielny and Gibbs/Santos can’t go some way to replicating that.

Will 3rd place be enough to keep Robin van Persie? That is the other crucial question that will determine how our next season goes. We might not know for a while, but 3rd place won’t have done us any harm in that respect.

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  1. I wouldn’t call Sir Alex, a horrible manager. He is a master tactician, he knows how to win. Above all he believes in one thing – “no player is bigger than the club”. He as immense pride and honor and he has earned it. We are waiting for van persie to sign the deal, what we should be saying is van persie sign or we will sell you and use the 40/50 mill to get another striker or 2. Same should have been for cesc and nasri. How can these individuals hold the club for ransom. SAF has never taken crap from any player, he demands 100 percent focus and discipline from his players, and they do it. Manchester united is what it is because of SAF. When the word goes out in the transfer market that SAF is looking for strikers, every big name in this world, their agents call him up. Man united is the biggest name in football and it is all because of him. I would urge the writer to stop using derogatory terms for a man of pure class and brilliance. I admire AW, only he can manage a top 4 with the standard of our Arsenal sides. But we all know that he has his issues with releasing players – selling deadweight. Only those who want to play for the club should be at the club, if bendter has stated otherwise, then the boss shouldn’t let him wear the arsenal jersey again. sell him for whatever comes. same goes for denilson and vela. 

    • Clear off and follow Manure if you hold him in such high regard, the man is a bully and has use his bullying ways to get what he wants. Rooney held the club to ransom and got what he wanted, so your theory about red nose is flawed, he took the crap from Rooney and accepted this was a player who had to stay. I t was the dictator’s fault he took the crap from the turncoats, he gave in to Nasri and Cesc because he didn’t have the balls to put the players in their place. We need a fresh manager with fresh ideas as long as the dictator is in power we will win nothing, his idea of a trophy is the converted 4th spot so the board can still rake in the cash, charge the highest prices in the PL, pay deadwood players high wages and have no idea about defensive duties. He has lost his touch

      • Rightly Said, Last year everyone was worried about NO trophies for 6 years in a row, This year there were no talks about ANY kind of trophy, it was about survival and catching up. There is a slump in mentality of club but not its Fans.
        Wenger can hide behind excuses of homegrown players, Injuries, long fixture list, but to compete for Champions league, Premier League, FA cup Quantity as well as Quality of players is required which we disappointingly lack right now.
        Rules for Homegrown players, Injuries, Long fixtures lists are applicable on every team that is competing on top level. Hope we change the way we think, it will get reflected in the way we play. Come Gunners you guys gotta be achievers, no more catching up next year.

  2. @Stcbob, I m an Arsenal fan and completetly agree with ur opinion about SAF disciplinary level. However it shld’nt be strange to you; MAN UTD has an edge when it comes to officiating in EPL. If u don’t know dis then ur bias.

  3. Arsenal is not a team that by now should be fighting for a fourth or third place in the English Premier League.  It is a team worth trophies and history has it. since Wenger introduced his system of playing young players, what have they really awarded him with? I think this is the time that now Wenger needs to wake up. He should add some more experienced players. Let him know that we are tired of him. we now need trophies.

  4. Wenger had made hard work for himself by adding players desperate to wear the red n white but not fit for purpose. Yes we do have a few gems, but the bulk of waste we cannot move on is hindering the progress of the club.

  5. I am over the moon  we have finished 3rd  after all the doom and gloomers on here wanting our beloved Arsene to leave.. We have to remember that next year our young players will mature and be stronger.
    In Arsene we trust xx

    • they still wont turn into Aguero though, or Yaya Toure, and City will invest heavily, not sign Arteta or Ryan Nelsen, Luis Saha they will sign Edin Hazard, and world class footballers..accept the young kids are going nowhere above 3rd anytime put in an unbelievable run and still finished 19 points adrift..miles off the pace, we both are !

      • and the chances of RVP having another season like that is slim, so take his goals down to 23 and you will struggle even more next term.

        • Sorry horrible little man Bigsy, your wrong, RVP is staying because he loves us and he respects Arsene too much! 

          • you fucking idiot nasri, clichy, toure did ? RVP only owes you because he was injured for his entire career at arsenal barring this season..even cesc went to a grand prix rather than saying goodbye ! you lot mean nothing to them !

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 15/05/2012 at 17:56 |


          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 15/05/2012 at 18:00 |


          • arsenalbob | 15/05/2012 at 18:06 |

            Got a picture of bigsy in your left hand freak?

          • ha ha ha ha..!

          • shhhh sweaty, get back on your scottish heroin..

          • arsenalbob | 17/05/2012 at 09:49 |

            sweaty? New Cross, born & bred you farmer.

    • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 15/05/2012 at 09:49 |


    • John_in_Norfolk | 15/05/2012 at 10:16 |

      Well said Jenny, Ignore the Arsene Haters and the doom and gloom merchants most of them know nothing about football, they are merely Johnny-come-lately plastic fans who can see nothing beyond their own “must have it all” mentality with no notion of how to pay for it.  Like  governments all over the world they have only one solution to every problem BORROW!. 

      Keep the Faith, Jenny.

  6. Mate, u hit the nail on the head with ur article. Arsenal, once branded the invincibles were at one point in 18th place in the Premiership. How much longer can we tolerate being in awe of other clubs? A new radical approach needs to taken coz we were the jammiest Premiership club last season. Also, when it counts the most; against Man U or Barcelona, we play with fear. That’s why Chelsea are in the Champions League final instead of us. The question must then be, is it time Wenger left? Was it his poor decision making in failing to take avertive action when Nasri & Fabregas leaving/left what cost us trophies? What lame excuses will he come up with next season? Will Arsenal & the Premiership title become destined to be like Liverpool and the Premiership title? Will we begin next season focused on Spurs, Newcastle & Chelsea instead of the Manchester clubs?

    • no the reason you are not in the champ lge final and chelsea are is they play football like Gary Smith at Stevenage Borough, they bore the bollocks off of people and make no attempt to attack they are quite happy to force teams down the middle and play narrow, Arsenal and Spurs can’t do that and never will, they demand football played properly..Arsenal are now sadly in a group of clubs along with Spurs and Liverpool who are way off of the pace, Podolski is great, but if RVP goes it’s pointless, you won’t sign Hazard, you may get Hoilett or dempsey, but city and united will sign Bale , Modric, Walker..and leave you further behind, united may get  one of them or opt for a Sneider, but you aint at the dining table anymore when your hazards, and schweinsteigers are up for grabs..3rd at best each season now

      • look at it sensibly, why would RVP stay ? he has been fiercely loyal, but he has seen the back end of the invincibles and watched his club slip further and further behind each season, each year wenger says next year we will plug the gap and through no fault of his own, players have left in their droves chasing glory, apart from fabregas (going to his home town club) he has watched them win titles, playing for Madrid, picking up top dollar and all the time he has been injured and going nowhere…why wouldn’t the best striker (imo) in world football right now want to earn top top money and win titles at his age now, it’s his last career move he deserves big big bucks and trophies…same can be said for Bale and Modric although they are slightly younger and will still get their day in the sunshine elsewhere.

        • Another nice attempt to wind up Arsenal fans. If RVP goes, so what. If you know anything about football, he is injury prone ( your words on this site), he has only had 1 full season in the 8 he has been at the club. Before last January, Arsenal fans wanted rid of him. If he wants to stay, he will. Dont try and make it into a big deal. And dont compare him to Bale and Modric. What are their goals and assists? They are lower than Walcott and Song.

          • yeah you havent even understood my point, it is yet another player who wants a better deal and is holding you to ransom, are you a big club or what ? get off the pot and pay the best striker in europe right now his are arsenal aren’t you ? big time outfit !  pay big time wages then sunshine !

          • Mashman147 | 15/05/2012 at 13:29 |

            Cant be arsed replying anymore. You are clueless.

          • good fuck off !

      • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 15/05/2012 at 09:45 |


        • John_in_Norfolk | 15/05/2012 at 10:23 |

          Get into the real world Dan, Spuds couldn’t afford to pay Adebayor’s wages, how do you expect them to meet Hazard’s demands on top of his transfer fee and a couple of million as a signing on fee plus a nice little back-hander to his agent.  You’ve seen your limit, Saha and Nelsen. 

          Spuds are not even shopping in Poundland, they’re queuing outside the Oxfam shop.

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 15/05/2012 at 10:53 |


          • John_in_Norfolk | 15/05/2012 at 12:09 |

            You’re not even in the Champions League Dan, You are relying on Chelsea losing to Bayern in the final, even then you will have to pre-qualify and where did that get you last time?

            Thursday night Channel 5!  HA HA HA.

          • apalling knowledge on the game !, you surely have to give me some credit I comment on Arsenal because my knowledge is superior to yours, we qualified by beating young boys all be it very fortunately, where you get a failed champ lge qualifier from is beyond me…we made the quarter finals on our first attempt beating AC Milan along the way..not raped fucked and humiliated in the san siro by them we beat they discussed on talksport last night , Arsenal fans have ruined football by only qualifying for the champ lge, football is about winning trophies and the day a team puts money over cups is truly sad, sooner win a ;league cup than brag about finishing 3 rd and make no attempt to win a trophy..7 years of nothing but pleased as punch because you can wave a banner and shout the la la la the champeeeeons…yeah thats the long and short of it, you celebrate playing greeks and cypriots until your continual crash out in feb more than winning a title, cups..shame on all things afc !

          • arsenalbob | 16/05/2012 at 09:55 |

            See what I mean JIN, they are not only deluded about how successful they are, they also think they know more about the game. How up their own arse is that?

          • sadly though JIN the same applies to you lot now though mate,  80k a week RVP ? you are willing to put it up to £130k ?  try doubling it to £260 k are miles away from the top payers too..Rooney is on £200 k a week.

          • arsenalbob | 15/05/2012 at 17:32 |

            Difference is, we’ve won doubles on our budget. Why are you on here anyway, surely is more suitable for the crap you are spewing up with your rent boy Dan.

          • no you won doubles when france were good and your french manager nicked them all, very very lucky indeed, in a nutshell he built his first success on a rock back 4 like anyone else would have done, he then got 65% of a french world cup winning team which being french wasn’t hard, the more that joined the more wanted to follow suit, and since then when he has to find talent he hasn’t been able to and has been exposed as a mertsacker buyer, who wouldn’t know a keeper if he ejaculated up his ringer, and you have to say that Flamini, Fabregas, Nasri, Toure, Clichy, and maybe RVP all recognise this fact, brilliance can never be taken away from you it was special, but he was french what it mattered..

          • *when

          • arsenalbob | 16/05/2012 at 09:36 |

            You fucking deluded wanker. Don’t you realise that all London fans piss themselves laughing at that kind of reasoning, not just Arsenal? Toots are more disliked than anybody else because they pretend they’ve got a history when they haven’t. Toots are arrogant, I had a right laugh when you lost to Blackburn in the league cup. The over confident build up was Hilarious.

          • toots are disliked because we are the number 1 firm in the land..

        • Dan they will go but whilst we stay a point behind the massive mighty arsenal who clearly can buy anyone they want with such a huge budget on our little poundland pot, you have to question what a soppy bag of spunk arsene is dont you ! ha ha


          • arsenalbob | 15/05/2012 at 17:29 |

             You couple of perverts

      • Ur missing the point. It’s not great or expensive players alone that win titles. Look at Shevchenko, Torres, Carroll, Suarez, Veron. All these players could once win u league titles, but no more. Also how come playing down the middle could not stop Arsenal beating Chelsea 5-3 at the Bridge? A lot needs to be done though to win the title for us.

  7. Why have we forgotten that we are without Sagna for the start of the
    season, As has been in the past it may exten till January, so for Half
    of the season we are without any Right Back.
    Jenkinson is good at Crossing but vulnerable while defending.
    Interesting is that Villarreal has gone down in La Liga. Cristian Zapata
    is a player who was hot on Wenger’s list a couple of years back. He is
    Two footed, Right Back – Left Back – Center Back – DEfensive Midfield in
    some cases.

    Though questions will be raised on his defensing attributes as his
    team has been relegated but still he is a worthy option with a decent
    history and did help his team qualify for champions league last season.

    Other Than Podolski, Cristian Zapata and his fellow Keeper Diego
    Lopez are the only players we need to sign up also they won’t cost any
    fortune. (hoping some kind of relegation clause in their contracts). and
    they are experienced as well as young. What you guys think about this
    Villarreal Pair?

  8. I see the ill wind has blown in a shitload of AAA, anti-Wenger cretins who don’t have the foggiest about real Football management but rely on their legendary FFManager ¨skills¨ to rant about Wenger and the shit players they are convinced populate our Arsenal.
    You lot haven’t a hope in hell of getting AW to move and you haven’t the slightest constructive suggestions to offer other than fire Aw and trade the shite at AFC. Typical AAA morons.

  9. Wenger deserves enormous credit but the reason this Arsenal team finished 3rd is simple, it is the worst premier league I have ever seen, there was a time when you could go from top to bottom of our top league and mention strikers from Rush at Liverpool, to Dean Saunders getting relegated with Derby, every club had a decent forward, are we really saying Grant Holt is class ? where are the chris suttons ? Cottees ? Collymores ? Shearers ? Beardsleys ? Quinns ? Gabbiadinis ? Atkinsons ? Yorkes ? Chapmans ? decent goalscorers for middle of the road clubs, there are flashes of brilliance from a couple of the Wigan boys, and Cisse and Ba at Newcastle, Sessegnon does a bit now and then, but basically out of the top 5 I don’t think apart from Suarez there is a striker who scores goals and looks good enough to worry anyone..RVP stepped up and done the business without him you would have been in shit street, we spread our goals around a bit with Defoe scoring from the bench at will, but this league is absolute shite 5th downwards…perhaps Dempsey springs to mind..but it aint like the old days where everyone from Liverpool to Derby County had a decent in a nutshell you were not really tested none of the top 5 were..if Koscielny cant keep Heskey quiet he may as well retire, same for Ngog, Doyle, and Morrison

    • Worst EPL ever, and 6th is in the CL final? square that up. How many of those players were full blown internationals, and not playing for either Liverpool & Blackburn in their prime?

      • what a stupid response, now turn that the other way, the new champions and last years went out in embarrassment,  Chelsea play a style in Europe that is effective that no other team on these shores play..exactly my point about the internationals, they all scored goals though ! so glad you agree football has declined in a big way !

        • Sutton and Shearer, didn’t you watch them in the CL 1996? Collymore, Quinn, Atkinson, Chapman, GABBIADINI? You’ll be telling us that David Pleat was a top European manager next.

          • the point i am making you stupid twat is that all clubs had decent forwards who were not international players !!!!!..even people like Brian Deane would bag a load, I am saying that the game is weaker in terms of forwards..wakey wakey you thick as pig shit cunt

          • arsenalbob | 16/05/2012 at 09:28 |

            More pish from the gobshite.

          • pish  ? you scottish cunt ! ..

    • spot on Bigsy, have had the same converstaion with spurs,utd,city and chelsea fans.
      the EPL is not up to much at the moment and i dont see it improving too much.
      i spoke with spurs mates and pointed out they have got to be happy finishing above chelsea and liverpool in the CL spots, they were still gutted about finishing below us but spurs will still be ok, chelsea wont win the CL in munich

  10. We have
    taken a step in the right direction with the purchase of Lukas Podolski. That
    to me is a great signing but as many of you have said the deadwood that we
    continue to harbour at the
    club, both those that have remained throughout the season and those that were
    loaned out is certainly a cause for concern. We have far too many average
    players who are then coupled with frustrating players in the frame of Walcott,
    Ramsey, Gervinho and Arshavin. Even Alex
    Song this season has joined this annoying list of players. He has completely
    let himself runaway with the idea that he has more responsibility as a
    playmaker than a holding midfielder. How he has been able to get away with this
    for that last 15 games or so, and when particularly considering our defensive
    frailties is a question that should be laid at Wenger’s door. Song is one of a growing list of Arsenal players, past and present that now
    play’s a certain way which does not benefit the team but nevertheless, will stay
    that way game in, game out without any apparent pressure from his manager. One has to
    ask whether Wenger does actually talk to his players. This also reflects the
    things that we continue to get wrong defensively season after season. How long
    will it take to cut out these repetitive antics? Furthermore, it is fast
    becoming a trend after each season that we wait anxiously to see whether one of
    our best players would opt for pastures new with the core motive often being the
    higher probability of winning trophies. Adebayor, Fabregas, Nasri and now Van Persie. Overall,
    I can’t help think that while a growing number of fans are really starting to
    lose faith in Wenger, the same can be said about his current crop of players
    who no longer appear to hang onto his every word and believe in what he is

  11. for the record the England managers job had nothing to do with Redknapp and our downfall, Redknapp done the same thing last season at Feb onwards..he overplays the same players week in week out and runs them into the floor, rather than manage disgruntled players like Corluka and Pav, Bentley and Caulker he sends them out on loan and brings in grateful old men happy to sit on the bench, our average age has been effected by friedel, parker, nelsen, gallas, saha, etc, the same as when he was at pompey he signed james, campbell, kanu, merson, sheringham, and left them in the shit and bankrupt when they tried to sign new players…we have the funds to cover it but don’t put it down to rumours and England jobs..the man is a cu*t and yes I have been saying it all season as most of you know !

    • Your just covering your arse Bigsy, deep down inside your sobbing just like all the other yids the way you blew it bigtime ha ha ha!  you come on here to try and wind us up just to make you feel better, no chance yid!

    • John_in_Norfolk | 15/05/2012 at 10:38 |

      Poor Old ‘Arry’s in for another slating.

      He is, and always has been, a short term manager.  He signs a few older, experienced players in the hope that they will get his club promoted, or at least not relegated.  If he succeeds then he pisses off and leaves the club in the lurch as well as in debt.  He then tries it at another club, and does the same there.  At Spuds he has been amazingly lucky to have a few good players, but look at his recent purchases, Saha and Nelsen!

      Levy was down the Synagogue every Friday night praying that the FA would come calling with a nice fat compensation cheque.  He knows he has to get rid of the deluded old fool, but the fans love him almost as much as the football hacks do.

      There can’t be many clubs willing to take him on now.

  12. Lets take 3rd place for now but trust me next year we need to win something or otherwise Wengers job will be up for grabs!

    • John_in_Norfolk | 15/05/2012 at 11:11 |

      Do you really think the board are going to sack Wenger?  Do you believe that they would get rid of the man who creates top entertaining teams that fill the Emirates for every home game, without spending the millions upon millions that teams like Chelsea, Man. City, and united do.

      Get Real!

      • Arsenal are a bigger club than Chelsea or Man city they are both one mans toy
        if Wenger  does not win a trophy next season he has got to go.

        • omg what a moronic comment. Ever heard the name ‘Stan Kronke’ ? lol

          Typical THICK Arsenal fan.

          • arsenal are a bigger club than both love. 4th biggest club financially in the world. when the current stadium contracts,shirt contracts elapse and are renegotiated we will be even stronger financially. With or without Kronke/usmanov money

  13. RVP had a fantastic season, but where was he last year? and the year before? Certainly, we should keep him, but lets also remember he has spent a good 3 years out of the team due to injury. He is not a robust player and frankly I have no idea how he managed to get through this season without an injury.

    All you dickheads who want rid of Arsene Wenger, please try to imagine WHO you would replace him with. Ok, I understand its hugely annoying that David Gill’s response to defeat is, “we have the money to spend and we’ll spend it” while Wenger urges yet more caution BUT unless there is a manger like out there who is willing to bend to the rules of the board, Arsene is our best bet. 

    And please, no one mention Pep G. If ever there was a manager who resolutely stuck to his footballing philosophy regardless of the opponents, its him.

    Overall I’m thrilled with 3rd and am now in need of a cup of tea and a nice lie down for a few weeks. 

  14. People forget that Jack Wilshere, Abou were injured the all season. Again, when you look at Man United, they won many games just out of luck and office, look at games against QPR, Chelsea 3-3 and many more. They were not a great team and if anything if they don’t buy we can give them a run for their money. Let us see who Man City will replace Yaya Toure when he gets injured. This season we couldn’t contest the run, just because between November and February we did not have our full backs, point a team with such a record and I know, we are a weak team.

  15. I’m and ex-Arsenal fan who now supports Manchester City.

    All I want to say is that Van Persie should get the hell out of Arsenal FC. What the hell is he wasting his God given talent on this pathetic Arsenal team. Van Persie should be winning medals and instead he’s stuck with a bunch of losers.

    Does Van Persie want to be playing football with ugly runts like Benayoun or does he want to be playing football with princes like Aguero, Nasri, Toure, Kompany etc etc???


    • If Man City buy anymore Arsenal players, they will be Arsenal!

    • what a statement jordana i bet you have never been to see city play you tosser used to support arsenal get a life thank god u dont support them now i would hate to be associated with a tube like yourself u moron gooners till i die

    • Arsenal till I die | 16/05/2012 at 22:46 |

      Jordana you stupid cunt you left the mighty arsenal because city won the league you glory hunter wanker what if the scum won the league would you support them get a life fucking cunt you make me sick

  16. Bigsy, why don’t you go on to an totts site and admit that you think Arsenal are much mightier club with loads more success?

    • isn’t it fucking obvious ? I have no issues with admitting it, how do you compare a club with your titles with ours, that’s the problem with people like you, you are too shallow to recognise when a club has something better than you have, you will argue all day that arteta is better than Modric, where as I will just admit when your player is better, thats why I don’t take what you say seriously..your knowledge is fucking wank pal ! and you are blinkered, idiot fan who makes himself look a cunt being blinkered, football is about debate, now fuck off and dribble in your arsenal bib you mong

      • You’re the wanker who comes on here tossing himself off, thinking we give a shit. Piss off back to your hertfordshire village you lightweight. What you say never adds up, that’s why you won’t go on a toot site or even an Arsenal site with more than 6 bloggers. I won’t argue all day that Arteta is better than modric, but I will argue that the toots are less successful than half the current EPL. Arsenal are much more successful than toots and you’ve never seen them win a league. That bothers you lot and so it will always be on our agenda. If you don’t like it, top yourself. By the way tosser, nibble nibble.

  17. bigsy – this is what you should be mouthing off about: – what’s the matter, don’t they listen to you?

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