How to create your own entertainment at the Emirates with Katy Hill

A little Sunday football from the Brentwood League was the highlight of this extremely boring weekend. There was a great game somewhere in the badlands of Grays between Uphorn Park and Hutton, as the handful of spectators witnessed some classy finishing along with a rather dragging performance from the ref (who can only be described as a bit of a hippo). There was also a game at the Emirates.
I puff my cheeks when I write that, because the fans inside the stadium had to amuse themselves as the players couldn’t be bothered since their season had already ended. If Katy Hill were there she might have organised a quick presentation on how to create your own entertainment. She wasn’t, so shouting abuse at Craig Bellemy to see who could get a personal reaction first was the bet my cousin had set, and this was only to kill time until the entrance of Adebayor.
Things in the league aren’t finished yet, although it’s getting to that that point to think back on the best games from this season. One quick look on YouTube at the home game against Spurs and it becomes obvious, that when Robin van Persie and Cesc Fabregas weren’t playing, it was as if somebody had cut the wires to Arsenal’s engine. The tank kept rolling over, but it was never going to be fifth gear without them.
RVP and Fabregas’ goals that day were followed by the celebrations of two mad men, obsessed by visions of winning everything. It wouldn’t surprise me if at home the pair had huge posters of the 2004 winning team with all the faces cut out and replaced with the current squad. Next to it I suspect there is a dart board with Alex Ferguson’s head in the middle.
What makes players like Cesc and RVP great, is their attitude to always want more, to never be happy with what they sit upon. It was a far cry from the display yesterday when the players who started refrained from any sort of exertion that might build up a sweat in the Saturday sunshine. The return of Adebayor and revenge for defeat earlier in the season clearly didn’t register in firing the team up.
Chatting in the pub before kick-off with a Man City fan we didn’t agree on to much, but did accept that it was a game set up for goals. Arsenal had nothing to play for except see out third position. Spurs had lost earlier and there was a chance for City to beak for fourth spot with an away win. My idea that every player in red would be looking to get on the score sheet before the season finished was laughable.
RVP can be excused, but for the rest of the team it was disappointing to see them waiting for the league simply to end. I expected fancy flicks, running with the ball, skills that are usually left behind on the training pitch, and a show of freedom given Arsenal’s fixed league position. To give the fans something in the last big match-up of the season wasn’t important, so it was with bitterness that I handed over £3.50 for a pizza slice at half-time.
In the second half, the rage born of a frustrating season came out of the fans when Adebayor began warming up, entered the game and then stood by the post with his silly haircut as Shay Given got treatment for an injured shoulder. No doubt his comical look was there to wind the fans up even more, and it worked. To think the man felt so sorry for himself getting paid millions in his switch to City, while his home country remains one of the poorest in the world made me glad he no longer wore red.
Hard work makes champions, not riches. Unless you’re from the upper class and family wealth is your good fortune, then nothing in this world will come for free without hard work. Being a professional football player probably means you’ve combined hard work with talent and so congratulations to the Arsenal players who entertain us.
Thrashing Spurs was one of many highlights this season. A great comeback against Liverpool at Anfield and a further three points at home, Fabregas’ 15 minute cameo against Villa, the comeback against Bolton and putting six goals past Blackburn and Everton at the beginning of the season can be talked about among others. All required hard work, but to be champions even more toil and labour is needed.
Watching Carlos Tevez slog away was a good example for Arsenal to take into next season – and this was him on an off day. I can’t imagine the impact all his running, twisting and turning must have on his body, but for somebody like the Argentine it’s a small price to pay for success, and alongside Leo Messi that’s exactly what he might be seeing at the World Cup.
For the Arsenal fans, I guess it’s just good to have an international tournament to look forward to this summer. It comes at a good period for all Gooner fans whose country will be represetned at the WC, that there might actually be something to actually shout about in June. And so with the lifeless game against City and a classic summer stirring, Arsenal’s season seems to be finished. When all that fails I’ll begin dreaming about a season with a fully fit Cesc and RVP. For now though I’ll dream of a 1990’s Katy Hill pottering around the Blue Peter garden in a pair of tight fitting dungarees. Those were the good old days!

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