If Money Could Buy Class Then Abramovich Could Buy Wenger

Sounds ridiculous, not so?, i just thought a while when the news broke that the special one had been given the sack in a special way. Never mind that this happened after arsenal humbled Sevilla, just coming on the aftermath of a humiliating draw between Chelsea and Rosneberg and ofcourse dont forgot; that last sumptous quote of the eggs and the Omlette from the special one. I could not avoid thinking Arsen Wenger’s team had a hand in Morinho’s sacking. Just before the match against Sevilla i had a discussion with friends and i gave them an emphatic word the “The special one will not last this season”, Well if i am not a prophet, then i must be the son of one. What suprised me was how soon this prophecy had come to pass.

I have always believed that the special one was operating on borrowed time from the day he stepped into Ranieri’s shoes and after watching his first couple of matches. Ranieri despite his success with the club (albeit in harder times than the special one found it) was sacked because the Russian Oligach wanted to see football made in highbury transported to Stamford bridge, he just wanted the delight of the game reproduced at Stamford bridge. The early signs showed that Morinho was not going to achieve that, never the less his shrewed tactics which enabled him win the trophies in the first and second season bought him time. Unfortunately things were bound to fall a part when Morinho forgot what brought him to stamford bridge was not just the premier, Curling and FA cup trophies becasue Ranieri was certainly going to deliver some of these, what brought him was the desire by Abromovich to see the beatiful football brought to the bridge and to conquer Europe.

This lapse of memory made the special one believe that he had established an untouchable or cult status at the bridge and began to have the odacity to challenge the Oligach over his own money, huuu talk about bitting the hand that feeds you. He also created more enemies than fans for chelsea, i was an admirer of chelsea whenever arsenal was not playig chelsea, in real sense they were not a rival to arsenal just like fulham are not rivals to arsenal in London. It is the spurs we know to be our arch…. He not only dragged the club to sensiless battles by his uncooth conduct against officials and mind games against fellow managers, but also dwindled the fan base for chelsea as was epitomised by attendance at home against Rosenberg. He introduced some boring and ugly staff into the premier, while many small clubs seemed to fall for these tactics, many seem to realize these tactics are unsustaible in business terms.

My Revenge On Ben Foster

The response to the departure of the special sums it all, nearly all premier managers took their time to comment until almost a day later which is unusual whenever a manager is given the boot. Benitez was very blunt in his response, Fargie i must say was sarcastic when he talked about missing to sip his wine with Mor. Wenger was polished as usual when handlling such matters. That Mor shook the hands of player except Chev and Terry was even very telling. While he claims to love the club, this act was calculated to drive a wedge deep inside the squad, not that i worry about it, but it tells of the man.

Anyway I will forever miss Mor. not for his football but for his uncivilised and backstreet approach to matters infront of cameras, I always wonder what the guy does behind cameras.

I realy think the Arsenal kids in mature heads are the nemesis of the special one, the match against Sevilla was the last straw. Abramovich could stand it any more when youngster costing a handful of pounds play such scintillating and winning footbal.  What do you folks think????

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