Irksome Stories Have Begun!

Mere days after the transfer window is closed and already some irksome stories have begun working their unwelcomed way back onto the net. Considering we’re currently on an international break, which star of ours do you think has hit the news regarding his long-winded transfer saga? That’s right – our talismanic midfield playmaker, Mr Fabregas, has once again been ‘reported’ waxing lyrical about that nonexistent move to Barcelona.
Cesc has been quoted as saying: “Barcelona did all they could to sign me but Arsenal told me I had to stay, that there was no way they were going to let me go.”
Call me cynical, but that quote doesn’t reveal any more details about that dull saga of which we didn’t know already. Barcelona did all they could to sign Fabregas? Yes, we know Barça ‘did all they could’, everything except offer us his genuine market value it would seem. Arsenal told Fab’ he had to stay and that they wouldn’t let him go? Yes, that was made obvious by Arsenal’s press-release the day after Barça made their first offer. So, disregarding the fact that Fab’s quote was probably somewhat lost in translation, I’m still wondering how The Mail landed on the headline: “Cesc Fabregas claims Arsenal held onto him against his will as Barcelona made move”.
Really? I can’t find any quotes from Fabregas claiming he was held against his will. Fair enough that everyone seems to have reached their own conclusions about how vehemently Cesc demanded a transfer, but the fact remains, he never made a public comment claiming he wanted out. The Mail seems to have gone a step further than usual by splashing out this new specious headline.
The transfer window is shut. Cesc Fabregas will be at Arsenal for at least another season. Manuel Almunia will be at Arsenal for at least another six months. And as Rafa Benitez might say, ‘these are the facts’, so let’s all deal with them. Let’s try to enjoy Fabregas plying his expert trade at The Grove this year without sparing a thought for what Barcelona might be planning. Let’s hope we see some more of the Manuel that played at home against Barcelona without giving ourselves nosebleeds over the transfer window.
And finally, let’s hope fewer newspapers waste ink on exaggerated, non-story headlines (Okay, that won’t happen…). Having said that, if The Mail hadn’t excreted this useless bit of ‘news’, then what else would I have drawn your attention to on this international-break Sunday? Answers on a postcard.

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