Is Arsene Being Sneaky?

This, as you see, is a very short post.
But it has to be said.
I can’t believe what I am hearing regarding Gilberto finding out he had been stripped of the captaincy on the internet at when he got
home after he had been at the training ground with Arsene during the day.
OK so I am being a bit overdramatic with the word ‘stripped’ seeing as the new permanent successor to TH14 as captain had not been officially announced, but you know what I mean.
If it is true then I just can’t work Arsene out at all.
I have made my feelings clear with regard to Gallas being made captain ahead of both Gilberto and Kolo, but had naturally assumed that Arsene had talked it through with the guys involved and everyone was happy. But, as I wrote in my ‘An amazing decision’ blogpost the other day, I hoped the players didn’t feel as shitty as I did about the decision, but it now would appear that perhaps at least one does.
What on earth is going on?
Perhaps le Boss is thinking that our long serving Brazilian will be leaving us soon? If the latest trend of our (post Tony Adams) captains is continued, then it may well be the case. Is that why he has given Gallas the armband one wonders? Very sneaky Arsene, very sneaky.
Why is supporting this club a constant rollercoaster of emotions – one minute as high as a kite, and the next the depths of depression. Or the other way round – just like yesterday.
Perhaps it’s just me.
I think I take the game far too seriously.
I think I’ll go down the pub and get hammered.

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