Is The Ox already better than Theo?

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

After a disappointing start to this calender year, Arsenal were finally able to secure their first Premier League win of 2012, picking up 3 vital points against Blackburn Rovers in a 7-1 demolition at The Emirates.

Once again, Robin van Persie showed just how important he is to this Arsenal side – scoring three and making two others – during a numbingly-cold afternoon in North London.

Although I’m not taking anything away from our captain, he wasn’t the only one who was able to grab the headlines. Despite van Persie’s hat-trick, the man who everyone’s now looking out for is our 18-year-old winger from Hampshire.

Along with our Dutch skipper, it was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who was the star of the match, giving our side exactly what we’ve been missing for the majority of the season.

Every time I watch The Ox, I can’t help but think that he’s about to do something spectacular. Now I’m definitely not one who wants to pressurize young talent – especially someone who’s still only 18 – but it’s a situation that’s hard to avoid when they’re playing so well.

The most refreshing thing about The Ox is that clearly, he has a footballing brain. He knows what to do and he knows when to do it. Certainly, he’s one of the most exciting talents in the world right now. Arsene’s done it again, eh?

Apart from the signing of Theo Walcott in 2006, as well as the rise of Cesc Fabregas, and more recently Jack Wilshere, I can’t re-call being this excited about a young Arsenal talent.

Game by game, week by week, it’s going to be an absolute delight to watch Alex play. But whilst also having big names alongside him as direct competition, how often will we see him play?

Fortunately for Theo, given the current circumstances, his place in the first team is far from under threat. With Gervinho still away at the African Cup of Nations, Walcott’s only real competition is Andrei Arshavin. And as much as it pains me to say it, I don’t think anyone expects the little Russian to give Theo any significant problems right now.

When Gervinho returns, it’s going to be interesting, in regards to Wenger’s team selection. Should he stick with Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain on the wings, or does Gervinho deserve an immediate return to the starting line-up? And if the Ivorian does return straight away, which one of our English wingers should be dropped?

At this moment in time – and I’m sorry to say this to you Theo – but we simply can’t afford to drop Oxlade-Chamberlain right now. Even with his age and lack of experience in mind, he’s the best winger we have at the moment.

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  1. Yes the Ox is exciting but so is Coquelin who I thought was fantastic again on saturday. We must find a way of including him more often -was its
    Coquelin’s passing and alertness that made Theo play better?

  2. How about playing Gervinho and Walcott on the wings and Ox in Ramsey’s slot? 

  3.  The thing is, we don’t have to choose. There is plenty of opportunity for all of them to play. Look at Man City. It is hard to say who their first team is – they regularly leave players like Aguero on the bench. That’s the whole point of the squad – you can keep it fresh and, to be fair, City do that pretty well. We haven’t been able to do that because, as soon as we loose a couple of first-team players, the standard drops significantly.

  4. YES !!

  5. Moronic article.

  6. I’d take a Ray Parlour return over Walcott.

  7. Mike Harvey represents what I call the new school fan…Probably isnt even from Islington…An spends daddy’s hard earned wages by sitting at the corporate section eating his £7 sandwiches and red wine…Sorry Theo?? Who the fuck are you?!? If your a fan and I mean a true fan why dont you look for the positives- your no better then the media- trying to compare the 2…..The positives are Walcott, The Ox and RVP are playing together NOW and are doing reasonably well and could potentially be the most exciting front 3 the Premiership has ever seen….Think of the positives- not slating your own player….what a dick…..Touche a moronic article indeed

    • and mate you represent the type of obnoxious fan I hate, give him a break, he is twenty, you with your holier than thou bullshit should try looking in the mirror.. You seem to have a problem with his following Arsenal. two words mate, ‘Grow up’  

  8. Let us stop playing the bad parenting role: showing n showering favors on one above the other.

    Want to destroy a player? Help him to develop an EGO over his peers!

    Want to destroy a team? Keep playing one against the other!

    Remember your childhood days – everyone learns at different stages. There was always those ahead or behind each of us. Some of the world’s greatest achieves were slow starters. Here is the secret – they learn!

    Next to offering a word of encouragement, is to say nothing at all!

  9. Oxo is miles better already, technically, Strength, composure, explosive power, awareness, in the air, how can anyone say any different ?

  10. van Persie appreciates Theo and as much as I think TW14 lacks a finish on some occasions he can add another dimension when strong characters such as Oxo, Sagna and Coquelin combine.

    • The last two games have proven to me that Theo can have a big influence when the team play to his strengths.  By that I mean playing quick passes, behind the full-backs, that he can run onto.  It is significant that Ramsey has been absent for those two games, it is his penchant for sideways passes that slow the game down thus allowing the opposition’s defenders to crowd him out.

      It is not my intention to denigrate the young Welshman but both Arteta and Rosicky are adept at playing balls in front of Walcott and not to his feet when he is stationary and hemmed in on the touchline.

      The news that Frimpong has suffered another cruciate ligament injury does not bode well although, it is not the same knee as last time.  I can only wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

      • Yes, I fear your right on Ramsey, hopefully he will be shown his errors and correct accordingly.

        That’s bad news for young Frimpong just when he was getting the experience necessary.

  11. Munezero Jackson | 08/02/2012 at 12:37 |

    At moment,  j can say Ox is far better than any other player in arsenal except RVP.
       But we need to give him time at least one season to let him prove for us that he had matured.
      Thanks to you all arsenal fans

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