Josh says: Be Positive!

This week I have read all sorts but the most shocking things I’ve read fans saying are:
Sell Cesc – he doesn’t fit into the system and has shown he cannot win anything with his performances over the last few weeks
Sell RVP – he doesn’t fit into the system and is not all that good.
Sell Almunia – we can do better
People have been too quick to judge and are overreacting majorly.  Selling half the squad will NOT help.  We lost half our midfield last summer and that’s why we struggled this season.  Last season, the team had an understanding that went through the whole team.  That meant we were able to grind out results last season and the group was more united than even before.  Wenger knew he had to achieve this to win anything.
When Chelsea dominated, Ferguson got a team which took 2-3 years to develop and is now dominant in both England and Europe.  The Premier League has become far more difficult now and offers far fresher challenges.  A manager needs a set of players that can rotate week in week out but all have an understanding between them.  It is why the likes of Park and Fletcher excel.  Wenger wanted to do this and last season I still believe we would have won the league had Eduardo not had his leg broken.
Then, the worst thing happened against this plan. Last summer too many left because too many were impatient to see what Wenger was doing.  Diarra left after 6 months and is now playing for a club that is in turmoil.  It is unsure whether he will be in Madrid’s side next season.  Had he waited he would now be first team material at Arsenal.  Flamini ran off to pastures new; whether it was for money or a true love of Milan I don’t really care.  However, had he stayed he would be first choice at Arsenal because he had a perfect relationship with those on the pitch.  Hleb left also but he has been disappointing at Barca.  He was the same as Flamini.
Again, selling is not the answer and building a team is the best way to achieve success in the current climate.  A group who have been together through highs and lows will only get better and will learn together.   This season could help shape these guys as a group and all that is needed is some fine tuning.
Cesc is one of the few players who can not only spot a difficult pass, but execute it through the eye of a needle.  He can turn a game on its head with just one pass.  I have noticed also that he has not performed since the Villarreal match in Spain.  However, he has been injured for half of the season and the thought of selling him is just ludicrous.
As for Manuel, I do not see how people can really want him to be sold.  Almunia has come on leaps and bounds this season.  He has put his head down and improved the parts of his game which needed to be worked on.  All keepers make errors, just look at Cech, Reina and Van Der Saar this year.  Almunia has been just as consistent, if not more so than those 3.  His performance at Old Trafford this season is the best keeping performance I’ve seen in a while.  Yet people pick fault because they just remember his early career at Arsenal.  They seem to forbid the guy putting his past behind him.  It was the same with Song and Bendtner but they are now finally receiving the favour they deserve.
We must keep the likes of RVP, who wants to win.  In RVP’s case, people are looking for problems that aren’t there.  Pundits have commented on what RVP’s done this season, i think that without his performances in December and January (every goal scored or made by him) we would still be worrying over 4th place and probably wouldn’t have got it.
The guy can produce something out of nothing and has immense skill. When deployed in his best position (not the lone striker’s role) he can be lethal. Also, he fits with the 4-2-3-1 formation. He can play all across the 3 behind the main striker, just like Arshavin and Nasri. For me, that means he fits perfectly into our system.  People say he doesn’t move the ball quickly enough and slows our play down.  Our game has changed since the Invincibles but people still consider these when they think of how we are meant to play. Times change and so has the way we play.  RVP is just fine!
Wenger has addressed the areas that need strengthening as looks to tweak the squad.  Selling half a dozen players and bringing in players to replace them will mean another 6 months of putting a team together and another trophy-less season.  This team has improved but is a step off the top 3.  Things are in place that give me confidence for next season though:
–          Arshavin: Has taken the PL by storm this year and can only get better.
–          Rosicky’s return: we’ve missed this guy hugely.  Brings directness to our attack and can pick a pass and has a demon shot.
–          Nasri: people forget that it is his first season in England and has had to play nearly every game.  He’s battled admirably and will be better next season with one year of experience behind him.
–          Gallas: since he lost the captaincy he has been immense and his injury cost us massively
–          Full Backs: Clichy’s injury means he will have the whole summer to get fresh.  The guy was burnt out in my opinion and can now get back to his best.  With our defensive problems being addressed he and Sagna can work on their crossing and drive on next season.
–          Eduardo: the best finisher in the League.  We saw it before he got injured and he is the man that will help our team the most.  In tight games he will put chances away if we only get one or two.
Wenger has a squad to build on and some players will go.  Silvestre is rumoured to be on his way to PSG which I will not be sad about. It seems Adebayor is digging his own grave.  After his interview with Football Focus, I think Wenger removed him from the squad that travelled to Manchester, if only to protect him.  Ade may have gone too far and Wenger might have to cash in now.  To be honest, if he thinks he’s been trying hard and is faultless, he is clueless, is insulting the fans, and can go.
There is too much negativity around.  Last summer we lost ¾ of our midfield and could not get in the defensive cover we needed.  Next season, I believe this will be addressed and we can push on.  Let’s just get behind Wenger; he has built two massively successful teams and although this project has been interrupted a little, if he can keep things together this summer, next season could be fruitful for us.
ps. Don’t forget to sign the petition on the site to let Arsene Wenger know we care!

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