Josh says we should keep Eboue and as for Adebayor, who knows?

With all a bit more quiet on the Arsenal front, I thought I would keep this week’s post a bit more general, with a look at several bits of news that have caught my eye.
Eboue and Felipe Melo
When Fiorentina declared that they were in talks to sell Felipe Melo to Arsenal with Emmanuel Eboue going the other way, I was a bit shocked by my reaction.  The first thing I thought to myself was “no deal”.  Earlier on this season, I, and many others, would have jumped at the chance to sell Eboue in the hope of bringing in someone with steel.  Now however I believe that Eboue is the wrong man to be exchanged.
Many of you will remember Ray Parlour; he could play all across midfield, gave his all for the side even if he was not the best footballer and brought a buzz to the squad.  This type of player is important to any squad because personalities help create the right blend.  One hears many quotes in which Arsenal is described as a “family”.  People like Eboue help to bring fun to the squad as well as an ability to fill in all over the park.
Eboue has shown he can play at right back, but has now shown the ability to cover at left back if necessary.  He also improved immensely at right midfield as his timing of runs, dribbling and shooting all got much better.  He put his head down after torrid abuse, during a time when I would not have blamed him for walking out on the so called ‘fans’.
Eboue has suddenly become a fans favourite in a similar way to Parlour.  Early on in the season I would not have thought twice about letting him leave but suddenly I am starting to see his worth.  The players love him, Wenger trusts him and he is very versatile.  Manchester United have players like O’Shea and Park, who although they are not as gifted as the likes of Rooney, Giggs and Ferdinand, they give 100% and help create a balance that is needed.
I understand that many people want a midfield enforcer but I believe that Eboue should not be sacrificed to obtain such a player.  We have the likes of Silvestre, Senderos and Diaby that all appear to be very much on the fringes now; they do not provide what Eboue does to the general day to day of the club.  Gazidis must work his magic to involve them in any deal, but not Eboue.
Is the Adebayor saga going to rumble on?
Many believed Adebayor was on his way out of Arsenal this summer; many are now disappointed.  As things go, Wenger thinks he is staying.  However, the murmurs this summer are reminiscent of last summer. Do Milan want him?  Does he want to go?  It seems we may be in for a long summer again unless Wenger lays down the law.
We have a full pre season this summer and it cannot be wasted by a player whose head is slightly turned.  Adebayor can get back to his best if he just works hard but I am worried his transfer saga could drag into August when what we need is everything sorted by the Emirates Cup at the very latest.  Wenger admitted that Adebayor’s antics cost us early on in the season and we simply cannot afford the same.
If he is going, go…we need to get his replacement.  However, I do NOT want Chamakh.  We need a striker who is ready to slot straight into our side.  Chamakh has a season best goal tally of 14.  This is similar to Ade when he first came but we do not have the time to wait 2 years which was the time Ade needed to improve.  Bendtner is further ahead than Chamakh and although I would trust Wenger to make him a quality player with a few years, the crunch time is right now and we need a proven European goalscorer if Ade is to go.
Formation Versatility
When Arsene Wenger mentioned that he would adapt his formation to each specific line-up, it got me thinking about different permutations and the benefits of this.  I understand his point that an added central midfield player may be needed to accommodate Theo Walcott in the side.  Against Chelsea I was shocked by his inability to track back successfully and his instincts are to play much further forward.  This would lead more to a 4-2-3-1 formation, or even a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 depending on personnel.
If Wenger goes with a defensive midfield player alongside Cesc, Arshavin on one wing and Nasri/Rosicky on the other, we are more likely to see a natural 4-4-2.  The midfield I just mentioned provides more experience and knowhow to allow Wenger to select two strikers.  Naturally Arshavin could play up front making it more of a 4-4-1-1 formation.
What I like about Wenger’s comments is that it will make Arsenal less predictable.  We have an array of forward players right now, with the likes of Adebayor, Van Persie, Arshavin, Eduardo, Rosicky, Nasri, Walcott, and Vela.  This gives Wenger lots of different options, therefore meaning he can rotate both players and the system used to accommodate them.  Too often Arsenal are caught out with only having Plan A.  Wenger’s ideas may well give us an added edge to help us turn draws into victories. Top 50 Arsenal Goals – voting gone nuts!
I have been following the results of the top 50 Arsenal goals as voted for by the fans, and I am a bit puzzled.  Robert Pires’ long distance lob over Antii Niemi did not make the top 20; neither did his audacious chip over Schmeichel.  Adebayor’s goal of the season from last year also failed to make the final 20.  Anders Limpar’s brilliant long distance effort only made position 38.  I have not seen many more goals that show vision, precision and cheekiness.
I understand that the fans voted for this but I am worried that people have gone too much for the event rather than the goal itself.  I expect to see Michael Thomas’s goal in the top 10 which I kind of understand but this brings up the debate, are we looking at the best technique rather than the moment, or both?  I know the moment adds to the goal but this takes away some of the skill involved and Dennis Bergkamp’s chip vs Leverkusen for example was only in the 40s, yet it was sublime.
I guess I am personally unsure over what I think we should be looking at in this judgement.  I hope that the top 10 encapsulate the brilliance of the player and the sheer skill involved in the goal alone.

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