Kolo says that we are a selling club.. so what?

Kolo Toure told the BBC that Arsenal have sold their leaders
Listen Kolo so tell me something we didn’t know.

“When you look at Arsenal you see all the great players have left and are now in the past,”
“Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Ray Parlour have gone. We lost too many leaders at Arsenal.”

Well said Kolo, far from being bitter or disloyal, he has said it as it is.
Where I will disagreee with him is when he went on to say…

My Revenge On Ben Foster

“The best teams are at the top only because they have the best players and to get those players you have to spend a lot of money, You can’t be successful in football without money. This is the football business.”

Arsenal have been near the top without having spend millions and millions.
Kolo had also said the following

“Players like Henry, Vieira and Parlour that brought success to Arsenal and I believed it was right at this stage of my career to also move on,” 
“When we were winning the league the spirit was fantastic, we were like a band of brothers.”

The article go on to list the players from the Invincibles who have also left the club Robert Pires, Ashley Cole, Gilberto Silva and Sol Campbell. the principle memebers of that campaign with their cost before and after is listed below. Other players such as Jose Antonio Reyes who joined in the January transfer window and Fabregas and Clichy played in some of the games but essentially the Invincibles team is generally acknowledged to be

Henry – 10.5 mill sold for 16 mill
Vieira – Wenger’s first signing 3.5 mill sold for 18 mill
Ray Parlour – Trainee sold for 1.5 mill
Robert Pires – 6 mill – free agent
Ashley Cole – Trainee sold for 5 mill
Gilberto Silva – 4.5 mill sold for 1 mill
Sol Campbell – Free – left as free agent
Freddie Ljundberg – 3 mill left for 2 mill
Lauren 7  mill – left for 500,000 
Martin Keown – 2 mill left as free agent
Dennis Bergkamp – 7.5 mill -retired
Jens Lehmann – undisclosed left as free agent

This side went 38 games unbeaten, it was not the cost of the players that counted, it was the team spirit as Toure acknowledges in his interview. he said

“When we were winning the league the spirit was fantastic, we were like a band of brothers.”

Surely this is the key to the next Arsenal success, the return to a band of brothers who will give their hearts for the shirt and each other. Arsene Wenger has this challenge as he makes new moves to replace the others likely to be sold. Senderos (linked with Everton to replace Lescott?) and Eboue (linked with Fiorentina) If he brings in players of the calibre of Arshavin whose wonderful brace of goals rescued the Gunners in the Emirates Cup yesterday against Athletico Madrid, will you really complain?
The reason why Arsene knows, and we have to trust him, is that he is thoughtful about getting the best team together that will produce the results that we all yearn for. Even with me being a critic of retaining Rosicky after his 20 months on the sidelines, I was forced to eat my words after his bravura performance yesterday. if he can stay fit, then i will only be too happy to eat humble pie and welcome his new contract. So be patient and let the team of scouts find the next two or three transfer who will turn around our fortunes. Players who will fit into our current team and provide the necessary skill, experience and of course they must possess the team mentality.

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