Kroenke or Usmanov: Should Koenke sell out?

Following the Misery in Milan and the Shocker in Sunderland there have been calls either for the managers head, the boards collective head or for the team to be ruthlessly pruned and expensively strengthened.  It has to be said that these last two events are perhaps only the latest in a succession of poor results that have seen the club knocked out of the Carling Cup, the FA Cup and almost certainly the Champions League, although we have got into fourth position in the Premiership, a position we hold over Chelsea who are on the same number of games, points and goal difference.

The club’s financial position has been well documented and picked over ad nauseum of late.  Restrictions imposed by the pay structure and limited transfer budget have apparently prevented  the manager from making the significant signings most of us are calling for.  One other limiting factor is the number of players on the books who seem to be surplus to requirements but are not attracting any interest from other clubs.  Without the income from sales and the concomitant reduction in the wage bill the kitty is further reduced.

There have been a few hints, of late, that Wenger is ready for a wholesale clearout and that the club may be willing to break it’s self imposed wage ceiling in order to both keep it’s most valuable players and attract some high class talent.

 Stan net worth $3.2 billion

 The one thing that does seem clear is that the owner, Silent Stan Kroenke, is either unwilling or unable to inject funds into the club, one reason for this could be that he had to spend more than expected to purchase his majority shareholding.  If this is the case it is odd that he would allow the value of his holding to fall alongside the clubs status.

It is intriguing to note that Alisher Usmanov has been active in the share market, during the past week, having bought two small parcels of Arsenal stock, one of ten shares at £15,000 each and one of seven shares at £15,750 each.  It is understood that he is still in the market but reluctant to pay more than £14,000 per share.

Alisher net worth $17.7 billion

Usmanov’s current holding is now getting close to the thirty percent that would entitle him to see important financial data which would prove vital if he were to consider making a takeover bid for the club.  Could it be that the Uzbek billionaire is making ready to challenge Kroenke over the club’s ownership?  He certainly has the financial clout to do so and  clear the outstanding debts as well as pump in some much needed cash.

It is intriguing to note that the manager of Stevenage, Gary Smith, was previously a scout at Arsenal before moving to Silent Stan’s Major League Soccer side, Colorado Rapids as head coach, in his two seasons there he won the MLS title the club’s only trophy in it’s history so far.

Despite his success, Smith says that he only met the owner once or twice and never had any meaningful contact with him.  He also said that Kroenke is the same with all his sports franchises, he appoints a Chief Executive Officer  and the CEO runs all aspects of the club.  It was due to a falling out with the CEO that Smith left the club and took over at Stevenage.  So from that it seems Ivan Gazidis is the man to blame for the financial restrictions, on Wenger, and maybe should at least take a share of the blame for the teams current tribulations.

Stan Kroenke will make his regular monthly visit to London this week in order to attend the regular monthly board meeting.  Despite popular belief Kroenke has yet to miss a single board meeting since he became the majority share holder last April.

Kroenke is expected to reaffirm  support for  his somewhat beleaguered manager and will be announcing profits in the region of £55 million for the past year, all of which will be available for Wenger to overhaul or augment the squad over the summer.

The Arsenal Supporters Trust (AST) is to hold a meeting tonight at which as many as a hundred small share holders will discuss the teams uneven form and to make pans for an end of season survey on Wenger’s performance.

So, do you think Kroenke, $3.2 Billion, should sell out to Usmanov, £17.7 billion?  Or should Usmanov give up his fight for ownership?  Should Gazidis be forced to undo the purse strings? Or should Wenger accept responsibility and suffer the consequences?   Is the wage ceiling reasonable or should players get what they and their agents can screw out of the club?

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  1. it was in milan not madrid!

  2. I just want one of them to pull out £100 Million and tell Wenger to go buy 5 top notch players. Whoever does that obviously gives a shit about the football side of the club and not just the business.

  3. I think that usmanov should keep his shares at around 30% and wait for signs of kroenke losing interest. Kroenke seems to only treat us like a business and seems reluctant to put extra money in.. unlike usmanov. I hope kroenke gets bored soon and decides to make a profit on arsenal via usmanov and then decides to stick with the US market

  4. Get Usnanov in asap! Fuck off Stan!

    • The other option is you can always go and support Chelsea.

      • GoonBag, I sympathise with you mate. The fans on here, most of the mugs who pop along every now and then, talk such embarrassing drivel. Spend £100 million. Do what Chelsea are doing. I wonder if any of the fans here actually go to games. And the blog writing muppets on here are looking for hits so they will join the negative bandwagon. Ashame RTK does not write anymore as he is an Arsenal fan and tries to be positive. Evryone would think we are in the same position as Rangers the way they talk.

        Basically we need to move on about 5 players, get in 3 or 4 and get Jack and Santos back from injury. That is how far we are from challenging.

        What a shit position to be in.

  5. Usmanov is a businesman as well so if he took over I wouldn’t expect him to pump in £100m. It would probably be a like for like swap

    The saving grace for Usmanov is he was positive for a bonds issue to raise money and he owns two directors boxes which he has converted into a single large box. He also attends the games, unlike Stan who probably doesn’t even know what football is

    • usmanov is a big arsenal fan.
      it will be the same as abramovic at chealse

      he will pay debts and spend alot of money on players.
      something we really need.

    • the Negative for Usmanov  is that he spent time in Jail for Rape, which was overturned,  and if anyone can explain how you can make a Billion almost overnight from a mature industry leagally would be a start.

      It’s like a peodo offering kids candy,  at present you lot are eating them up.   You no what happens next.   Bend over…..

    • usmanov actually suggested that the board raise 100m specifically for player transfers……he can change the club..!!

    • Like in any politics,  those not in power will make promise after promise what they would do if in power….

      When they get in power is another thing.  It’s about popularity…

  6. He should sell up as I would be more impressed if he never missed a match! Wow he never misses work what a guy. He should sell up to people who care for the club, plase sign this petition to get rid of Kroenke

  7. I’m sure  the Arsenal board and Gazidis, told Stan about Arsenal’s self sustaining model, profits from new stadium, CL, etc, and that he would not have to spend a penny. Now for them to turn around and say the model is not working and the club will have to spend more money then they have…he’s going to say NO.
    Secondly, he is never going to sell. He hasn’t done it before. Its not what he does. He’s in it for the long haul. He got Arsenal on the cheap. The club has still to reach its full marketing potential. Plus Arsenal being an international team can only improve his sport portfolio.

    Besides, if Wenger was given 100million pounds to improve the squad would it make a huge difference? I mean would it improve our defense? No. That’s down to coaching. Would the extra money change our predictable style of play? No. That’s down to coaching.

    There is so much wrong with this team (only ONE goal scorer), mentally weak, bad coaching habits, etc Money alone is not going to solve the problem.

  8. Gazidis should be sacked straight away. BRING BACK DAVID DEIN FFS . Stan can Fuck off ,this club has history & tradition and althought the latter is going down the pan a bit lively , enough is enough. I’d rather have Usmanov than Kronke, at least he’s actually into football and goes to the games. I bet Kronke couldn’t even name an 11. Gazidis is just one of Stans puppets with Arsenes nuts in his grip… Wtf Fuck does he know about dealing with footballers ego’s ? He’s a number cruncher .Dein is a lifelong Arsenal fan, he knows how to smooze and how to polish an ego and he closes the deal. We’ve missed out on so many players due to tightfisted bumbling its embarrassing. We’re The Arsenal ffs .. stop showing us up you American Wankers and Fuck off… Stick to baseball

  9. Fans should unite and delay buying season tickets.   Also boo Djourou off the park.
    Wenger should apologise or go.
    Just sit down and list all the players that made Arsenes success possible and then  compare it with the overpaid rubbish now  that is supposed to be good enough to represent  Arsenal ! 
    Over 80 players and hardly one would compare at any level with the past ! 
    Even if the Board are totally inefficient surely they could curb their Manager from lying and insulting their fans
    In 1996 Mr Wenger said ” A Manager is judged by the quality of the players he recruits”      Chamakh,Bentner,Diaby,Almunia,Sqillaci,Djourou,Ramsey,Walcott

    What .

    • booing a player is pathetic.    What exactly has Djouro done to warrant such abuse? 

      I take it your not a season ticket holder….  so your opinion is worth nothing.   If you are please don’t renew.

      Simple as that.

    • I will buy my season ticket as soon as it is up for renewal. I support the club you moron. Jog on to Spurs mate. You are a twat.

    • It is not Djorous fault that he is shit, he tries to get in the side like everyone else, the idiot picking him is the problem.

  10. Usmanov is a man. And he really cares and loves Arsenal.
    Americans know nothing about true love to football club.
    It’s only sex and money for them.
    And it looks like Kroenke and Gazidis are raping AFC.
    Enough is enough, yankees, go home.

    Usmanov and Dein in.

    • The same man that spent years in prison for crimes such as rape…..   this was overturned with a change of government – but is there smoke without fire….

      This is not a man I want anywhere near Arsenal.   Also ask yourself – who makes Billions from a mature industry?    leagally?

    • Could not have put it better myself!

  11. Stan was invited in to block other potential interest in the club. He has nothing to offer the club apart from maintaining the status quo. Stan ahould be sold Arsenal’s IT broadcasting rights in return for a deal which lets Usmanov in to run the club. Arsenal need to ditch the self sustaining bullshit and develop a world class team to fill a world class stadium- that means paying top dollar for our best players and bringing in new blood

    • Ditch the self sustaining bullshit….   how very clever.    

      Have you seen what is happening to Rangers?  Portsmouth?    was it worth winning the FA Cup for?   to go into administration? 

      Why don’t you practice what you preach,  max out all your credit cards, take out bank loans and blow it – and see what happens….. 

      Some people are seriously not that intelligent.

  12. we need a revluotion ,an uprising online facebook  or tweet, strikes on stan tell he gievs up or he gives wenger a real buget to rebuild the club or we dont by arsenal prodect dont go to arsenal games tell he sells to usmanov or we see new signings not like last summer big  signings

  13. Thanks everybody for commenting. 

    Could Usmanov and Kroenke work together?  Why not invite him to join the board  It might freshen things up a bit.

    For the AST’s financial breakdown try this link…

  14. Kroenke doesnt have the money to help Arsenal compete with Man c and Chelsea. He should go immediately as he brings absolutely nothing to the table and his attempt at addressing the Arsenal fans/shareholders at the AGM was embarrassing.
    Usmanov or a new player will get Arsenal back on track. It may have to be a new player if Stan digs his heels in about Usmanov. Just as important, get rid of the whole board (avg age 73) and bring in some sharp younger guys maybe even with Dein at the helm. Note that things have been regressing since Dein left and Wengers sounding board was no more….
    But Dein isnt the issue here, Kroenke is !

    • What has age got to do with anything?  Look at it slightly differently, each board member (average age 73) has a long lifetime of business experience behind them, they have all been successful in their chosen fields. 

      What guarantee is there that “sharp younger guys” will be an improvement?  Craig Whyte at Glasgow Rangers is an example of what you might get.

      Be afraid, be very afraid!

  15. So basically we should be trusting a man to rebuild the club after he has cleared out all of his old shit that he bought and signed that didn’t work ? NO THANKS ! and as for Gary Smith he only got that job because of his Dad, he was given a trial period, and was not liked at all in the MLS, he has a dreadful reputation with his attitude and others, he was very stubborn and hence why when he was sacked noone wanted him out there, Gary Smith is about the worst example you could have used…his own players hated him, so why should the owner visit him when the 2 above him wanted him out ? who were Kroenkes men? do your homework before writing bollocks

    • Thank you for your input fugazi, I’m not sure why you accuse me of “writing bollocks” as I used Gary Smith’s comments only as an indication of Kroenke’s hands-off approach to managing his sports franchises.  I was in no way either praising or condemning Smith’s approach to coaching or any other aspect of football management although, his “rigid, defensive style of football” as described in the article you quote, may be just the thing so many Arsenal fans have been calling for.  Please don’t take that as suggesting that I think Smith should be the next manager of the Gunners.

  16. I do not give a shxx,who sells out, or whatever, just get martin o ?niel, and give him the money,get the ones we need, then get stuck in,and get back to where we belong. END OF STOREY.

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