Kroenke's strategy must include Arsene Wenger surely?

What a week we have had! You have to admire Arsene Wenger even more when one sees what the club is up against this transfer window. The big spenders are jostling for their position in order to secure the best names available. Manchester United’s owners cannot hide their glee at having secured enough cash to pay off a sizeable amount of the overdraft of interest that continues to build. I very much doubt that Manchester United will commit more than 40 million to buying their replacements. The attraction of the Premier League was diminished as soon as the UK Government taxed the rich to the point of it being a big disincentive, which when added to the weather, means that the comfort zone of the top stars is very much narrower. Samuel Eto’o appears to be the next “big” name ready to snub the opportunity of vast riches in lieu of the non Champion League placed Manchester City, are doing a “Chelsea” in this transfer window.
Just to show that they have learned well from Abromovich they have even moved onto his turf, which has really upset the South Londoners. I am amused by the howls of hypocritical anguish as they face the prospect of losing John “Mr Chelsea” Terry. This is reported to have led Ancelotti and Abromovich to feverishly sit down and hammer out a deal that will prevent Terry’s head from being turned. A situation not unlike that of our own Fabregas, the difference being the deal to keep Fabs here was done last year.So if players are truly mercenary and we accept that it is rare nowadays to have a player play for a club because of the declared undying love for that club, how has Arsene Wenger managed to keep this bulk of our team together with only modest funds at his disposal? It is true that the the love can develop, as voiced by Robin van Persie this week, but his love appears to have been conditional on new players being brought in. A challenge of immense proportions because that would mean that Arsene Wenger would have to accept that his judgement of the younger players was not exactly flawed, but perhaps premature.
This is why precisely Arsene Wenger tries to educate his players. The heritage, the “Arsenal Way” and of course playing football “the Beautiful way” the only means to create real loyalty towards a club and its manager, when the lure of untold riches is that much easier to grasp.However with the size of our wage bill, it is clear that Wenger has also had to buy a little loyalty. It is also clear that the young players are well advised, perhaps they are only staying until they have established themselves in the market place, whereupon they can expect that big move to another club. Even the Academy players can look forward to a good living in the Championship.
The evidence of there being an inflated wage structure at Arsenal comes when they go out on loan, and the fact that they are so highly paid, most Championship teams cannot afford their wages. So if Arsene has had to spend alot to obtain the loyalty of the youth players, what hope has he got to secure the loyalty of established “big” name players? Arsene cannot afford to match the Chelsea, Real Madrid and now Manchester City wages, and if that is the primary motivation for a player, don’t expect them to come to the Emirates. Arsene’s most prized currency is the respect that players have in him.
The fact that many players are improved as a direct consequence of being coached by him. this experience is worth more than thousands of pounds per week. It is the investment in their futures that will enable them to make that big move in the future. to secure International playing recognition. The kind of CV that ensures a high salary for the rest of their careers. You can rest assured that any established player who chooses to come to the Arsenal will give of their best. The only question that remains, is are they good enough for Arsenal? One good example of this was the signing of Mikael Silvestre. He is in the twilight of his career, but when he plays, he gives the best that he has on offer. Even when playing in the reserves. A true professional. The main problem for Arsenal, was that his best years were given to Alex Ferguson, but the opportunity to pass on a little of that experience on the training ground will have been worth the investment in Wenger’s mind.
What will be intriguing this season, is how the other members of the “top four” will fare having lost some of their best players, without real replacements. Only Liverpool and Arsenal appear thus far to have been able to hold onto their best players, if John Terry does leave Chelsea, then the playing field will not have become level in strict terms, but it will certainly have become slanted at an angle towards the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool. If Arsene Wenger can use his small budget to really repair the flaws down the spine of our team that have been evident since the departure of Flamini, then at last Arsenal can again become realistic title contenders.
The deals to secure the long term contracts of the likes of Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere are absolutely crucial in this regard. I expect them to make a step up in class and ability this coming season. The news of Carlos Vela’s injury is a little downer on the proceedings, and the continuing speculation over Adebayor is less than helpful, but in the face of the task facing Arsene Wenger, Arsenal fans will finally realise this season how lucky they are to have him at the club. I am convinced that there are good times ahead, perhaps a trophy even. This season will be Wenger’s last one before the speculation of the next contract reaches a crescendo. I cannot see Arsene Wenger staying at the club beyond 2011 unless something changes to reduce the stress and frustrations of the financial constraints that he has had to work within.Which makes the recent share acquisitions by Stanley Kroenke all the more interesting.
If I were a major shareholder at Arsenal Football Club, then I would be faced with two options, sell and get out whilst the going is good, or find a means of providing more funds to keep Arsene Wenger at the club for another three years. Danny Fiszman is already established in the former category in my opinion, with Kroenke in the latter. Which makes the buying strategy of Stanley Kroenke all the more logical. I would expect him to takeover the club to protect his already considerable investments. His only goal is to drive down the share price, so that the inflated ten thousand per share paid by Usmanov for the majority of his shares is reduced to the eight thousand or so that Kroenke’s regular trading has established. This is the strategy of a real businessman, as compared with the short sighted cash grab of Usmanov.
Stanley Kroenke has gone about his goal with style, and not alot of publicity. His quiet ways were already known, as I have pointed out in many of my blogs about this man, he likes to own things. I just wonder also if he has already negotiated a deal with Arsene Wenger to keep him at the club once Kroenke becomes the owner. Here then are the parallels with the John Terry scenario. When this is the final deal for a player, and knowing that Real Madrid are keen on sweeping up the Champions League, wouldn’t you think about the money first? this is the motivation for John Terry, to make his future even more financially secure. Arsene Wenger turned down Real Madrid and I cannot see him joining them after his current contract expires. But if Stanley Kroenke intends to provide him with the transfer funds and a hefty final contract, what better way to cement the Wenger legacy than to bring the Champions League to Arsenal Football Club against all the odds from teams who have effectively bought that trophy. Even Arsene Wenger might relish the thought of finally bringing back the sense of “true” champions status t o the Champions League. By playing a&nbs p;brand of football worthy of the title. He would also have the chance to finally create and secure the Arsenal dynasty of which Arsene spoke of in 2004, which only got derailed by the arrival one Roman Abromovich at Stamford Bridge.

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