Le Professeur Arsene Wenger

Maurice Ravel’s rendition of Miroirs fluttering in the background, a glass of 1998 Château Simone Palette Rouge in one hand with the log fire burning away.
The reflection of Monsieur Arsene Wenger’s reminiscence of the first Premier League title staring back at him through the conflagration of the fire and with each flame you can see the yearning desire for the title for the commencing season.
Wenger has been a catalyst in overachieving for Arsenal, I know there will be a few eyebrows raised from fans who will disagree when seeing this but, when you look at the squad he had at his disposal after moving into the Emirates, you can identify that they were overachieving by qualifying for the Champions League every season.
The reason Arsenal always excelled is because Arsene Wenger brought out the best in those players.
16 trophies in 20 years with the most recent one being this seasons FA Cup with Arsenal only losing one FA Cup match in 23 games over the last four years and the most successful manager in this competition winning it for the seventh time.
No matter what dry spell the club has had, the tide has always brought another wave to the club. Even when they haven’t been at their best they’ve managed to sign players like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. The reason players like this sign for Arsenal isn’t just because of the rich history of the club but because of the reassurance in the manager Wenger. He attracts top quality players and not a lot of managers have this skill. I think what attracts them most is the love, passion, and desire that he has for the club, Wenger is the living embodiment of Arsenal and every decision he makes is made with the intent to succeed.
“I identify myself so much with the club. When you can be where you love to be, that’s easy. It’s difficult because you want to respond to the demands of all the people who love this club.”
I find it difficult to accept that fans can turn against someone who has offered so much of their life to the club. Wenger had the opportunity to manage top teams from all around the world but showed his loyalty and dedication to Arsenal. He is one of the main reasons that the club is in a strong position financially and why players remain at the club.
“I love this club and I am looking forward to the future with optimism and excitement.”
However, there does come a time when winning the FA Cup can only account for so much and the club needs to mount as serious title contenders. The fans, players, and everyone that is involved with Arsenal deserve it and for this to happen there is only one man that knows the club inside and out… Arsene Wenger.
Since winning the FA Cup and signing his two-year contract extension the hunger seems to be reignited, he no longer has to bottle up how difficult the transition period was and has openly said in an interview just how tough it was.
The professor has tweaked and adapted his tactics by playing with three at the back, using the wing backs to be more effective in an attacking situation. Since adopting the 3-4-3 formation Arsenal have had a lot of success and it will be this form that I expect to be carried over to next season.
Nobody is bigger than the club they represent but sometimes you need to make exceptions and overlook hard times that have fallen upon the club. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side and loyalty is extremely difficult to find in football. To all the #Wengerout fans I wouldn’t turn my back on Arsene Wenger just yet.
The French Revolution is about to start and Wenger is your Napoleon!
Time to say Au Revoir to mediocre and let the renaissance begin.

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