Let’s actually support our team next season

So there he goes. After three and a half years with the gunners, Emmanuel Adebayor has left the Emirates and in a bizarre fashion that leaves player and fans equally delighted. But there is something surrounding this issue that to me feels very wrong. Sure, the striker certainly had commitment issues towards the end of his time at the club but was it really necessary for the fans to be so hostile towards him, because all the stick he received last season certainly didn’t help improve his game and I can only hope that I’m not in a minority that feel slightly ashamed at how we’ve literally booed a player off the stage. A player who we liked the season before.
In the last few years (since moving into the Emirates really) there has been a growing negativity within some of the fans at Arsenal which completely baffles me. Why would any fan boo their own player? Last season it was Emmanuel Eboue followed by Adebayor with Nicklas Bendtner having to put up with ironic cheering every now and again as well. At the end of the season it climaxed to even Arsene Wenger, already a legend of the club, having to embrace an unnecessary onslaught from the people who are supposed to be backing his every move. Why have Arsenal fans started doing this and when will it end?
Do we really want it to come to a point where our players feel intimidated to come to their own ground in fear of having an off day? To other players of the club the whole Adebayor issue must look quite terrifying – a player hits bad form, the fans turn on him, he inevitably loses commitment, the fans turn on him even more, he is literally kicked out of the club by the fans. I am not disappointed that we have sold Adebayor for 25 million, I think that’s a great price for him but I am embarrassed by the savage nature of how and why he went.
Home support can be the key to some clubs’ success. Take Celtic for example, in general they have a very average squad yet they also manage to have one of the best home records in the Champions League and have beaten the top teams in the world there in recent years. This is all because their home fans provide an electric atmosphere that really propels the team. Imagine how much Arsenal’s results would improve if we had that sort of atmosphere.
If we want Arsenal FC to progress anytime soon then we need to fully focus on getting behind the team. Fans must stop booing players on the pitch and being so overly critical of the manager. At the end of the day all we can really do to help our team achieve success is to get 100% behind them and let everyone at the club know that they have our full support. That’s what good fans are supposed to do.

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