Marouane Chamakh and the curious case of pink pants

Marouane Chamakh is pants. Well his keks are pants. Pink pants at that. See, I took a snap. He can’t keep time. And he’s forgetful. But having met the Arsenal striker this week I can report he is an all round good bloke with his feet firmly on the ground. And he is hungry for success with the Arsenal. Very hungry.
Timing? He was two hours late for our interview. Forgetful? He left his passport and boarding card in a duty-free shop in Belgrade airport and only got them back thanks to a fan. Due to an embargo I can’t report his actual quotes verbatim just yet, but I can however give you some background and my impression of the player.
Chamakh grew up, like so many of his pals back in France, supporting the Arsenal. The huge French influence at the club since AW arrived has spawned thousands of hopeful young French kids dreaming of one day playing for the Gunners and emulating stars such as Henry, Pires, Petit, Vieira, Anelka etc etc.
His hair is flash but he is not. He came across as a very level-headed, respectful young man with reasonably high-brow interests away from the game. Questions were met with a period of consideration before he answered thoughtfully. None of his answers were the sound bites that you might expect from many of our game’s top players. “We done well. The next game is the most important.” type of banal shite.
He understands English and speaks the language but preferred to the use of an interpreter. AW insists all of our players use English in and around the training ground.
It is clear that his family and close friends are very important to him and you get the impression they would certainly never allow him to get too big for his boots like the many vulgar Premier League stars whose shambolic and grotesque personal lives have been severely affected by their obscene wages. He is a practicing Muslim as are his family back in Bordeaux. His parents are Moroccan and he chose to represent the north African country rather than play for France.
We (me and five others) spoke to him for 40 minutes and I got the impression he would have happily answered his inquisitors for double that. Folks, we have got a good ‘un here I can tell you. You’ll see a lot more from this interview sooner rather than later. And you’ll be impressed, believe me.
As we parted I urged him to score against Chelsea tomorrow and he flashed me a smile. Let’s hope he does, eh?

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