No to Double D......

While basking in the afterglow of another great Arse victory and the knowledge that the team are really pulling together nicely I began to reflect on the Chelski game I watched with great amusement this afternoon.
I have a habit of keeping an eye on the main competition and on reflection I really would like to re-iterate that I think Arsenal are in with a shot this season. However that’s not what this post is about……. When the second Villa goal went in (have to pause to say it again, Ashley Young is a real talent) and after the celebrations started to slow down, the camera cut to Roman Abramovich swiftly exiting the stadium looking decidedly miffed and I thought to myself how horrible it must be to be a Chelski supporter knowing that he could decide to ditch the club, fire Mourinho, force the club to buy another clunker like Sheva or pretty much to anything he wanted, at any time purely on a whim.
Chelsea is a toy to him. I then got thinking about ManUre and the Scousers and their American owners, not to mention all the other clubs that have been bought recently, and the fact that their owners just view those clubs as another one of their many investments, one which they’ll drop like a hot bottle if it under performs for any length of time as all clubs do from time to time, and I thought to myself how horrible it would be to be a supporter of one of those clubs. Then I started reading more about the Kronke approach through Double D that led to his exile, and then to the more recent approach of Tango man with a Russian billionaire – and quite frankly I got alarmed and had a vision of me being just like a supporter of Liverpool, Man Utd or Chelsea, facing the world knowing my club had sold its soul.
Why is this happening in the UK? One of the things I love about the Arsenal is that the club’s always done things their way and not just followed the herd. At the moment there is no more shining example of this philosophy then Arsene Wenger, who shuns buying great players for big money and chooses instead to build great players from raw talent. He built the Invincibles and has now built a team (I like calling them the transformers for the amount of positions so many can play) that is completely different, but with the same raw Arsenal attributes. This is a legacy to be proud of, it allows all of us Gooners to hold our heads high down the pub in the knowledge that anyone with enough cash can build a decent team, to to build a great team from raw ingredients? THAT’S just phucking beautiful.
This is the difference between a Pot Noodle and a great sandwich, a cook and a chef a Jag X-Type and an E-Type. Anyone with enough cash can go to a 3 Michelin star restaurant and buy dinner, but to be able to make it every day from the raw ingredients with your own hands?…… There is a big, big difference. So this my friends is what we’re being faced with; Arsenal becoming another victim of the current trend of clubs being bought for reasons other then love of the game – and I for one am disgusted.
I found an interesting article (in the guardian of all places) on how the Spanish cope with this (you’d NEVER see Barca or Real sold) that I think says it all. The fact is that clubs are unprotected in the UK and so until someone pulls their finger out of their Arsehole it’s down to us, you and I, to try and save the club we love so dearly. Obviously unless you’ve got a couple of Billion quid stuffed into your mattress you, like I, can’t do anything to change this situation in real terms short of assassinating Aliser Ushmanov (the KGB probably tried some time ago) and/or locking Double D in his tanning booth with the power on full.
All we can do is try and make our voices heard and the best way I could think of doing this was to set up a petition for the attention of the Arsenal board. I think it’s important to at let them know how we feel, so I set one up. You can sign it if you feel like I do, or decide not if you’d prefer the club to be like Chelski, that’s your choice. I know how I feel about the matter. I won’t ask anyone to forward this to your friends or anything, because if you’re like me you’ll do that anyway. What I will ask is that Gooners everywhere do everything you can to let it be known that we like Arsenal the way it is.

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