Why Olivier Giroud Should Be Kept

As we all know by now, French strikers aren’t just being linked with moves to the Emirates but away too. Yesterday it was made apparent that West Ham are looking to sign the main man ‘Oli G’ as I like to call him, or if you’d like to be more formal, it’s Olivier Giroud they want.
Since Sky Sports have made it clear that the Hammers are interested in our number 12 I’ve seen mixed reactions from Arsenal fans, but personally I feel that he should be kept, even if another striker is brought in. Yes, he might not be the striker that wins you the league on his own but I think what he does bring to the team can be overlooked at times.
Giroud has split opinions with Arsenal fans since he arrived at the club, mostly because it took him quite a while to get off the mark, but in his five seasons with us, he’s scored 98 goals in 227 games in all competitions, which isn’t too bad if you ask me.
Turning 31 in September, it’s probably more likely that Giroud would be used as a ‘super sub’ if he stays next season. Yes, he may not like that, which could see him leave, but I’d like to focus on the positives for if he does. If last season showed us anything it’s that this role suits Oli quite well as he bagged 16 goals in all competitions averaging a goal every 99 minutes in the Premier League (playing 1194 minutes – 29 games), his best ratio since joining. His next best goals/game ratio came when he played his next least amount of minutes in 2014/15 when he averaged a goal every 133 minutes from 1867 minutes (27 games).
It may not seem impressive to Arsenal fans still waiting for those Thierry Henry and Robin van Persie replacements but it’s by no means a bad record and if we bring in a more prolific starting striker, Giroud could be a very useful plan B. One of the biggest criticisms of Giroud is that he doesn’t do enough when he’s up front, but if he’s sold just to bring in a pacey, more mobile option up top from minute one, to stretch and put pressure on the opposition defence, Arsenal could also lose a different dimension to their attack.
As we all know you can’t just play one way for every 90 minutes of all 38 league games to win the league and this will be no different next season. If we want any chance of challenge we’ll need to be able to mix it up at times and Giroud is just the guy to do that.
When games start to become slow and irritating Oli offers some things other than goals, like no one else in the squad does like him. He offers a target. He’s our only real target man and that could help us a lot when needed. With his size and great first touch, he offers an option to escape pressure as he can hold up the ball well and allow the quicker players in the team to get forward before he knocks it off to one of them just like he did in EURO 2016 to assist Antione Griezmann against Ireland.
Giroud’s all-round target man play is very sound and needs to be used in the right way if we’re to keep him next season as his aerial threat, movement in the box and great link up play can all contribute to very important goals. With Giroud not looking like the typical Arsenal striker these aspects of his play are often forgotten about as his style doesn’t see him heavily involved over a full 90 minutes, but playing alongside or as understudy to a more typically Arsenal striker this could lead to great success.
So in conclusion, even if we sign a new blockbuster striker, that may not fix everything going forward, as we’d lose an attacking figure who still has a lot to offer. And hopefully, he can get his 100th Arsenal goal!

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