One Up, Two Down

All in all we are not in a bad position after the first two games of the new campaign. Like most of our rivals we have dropped a couple of points but its a shame we couldn’t have taken advantage of the fact that Manure have stuttered badly and that Chelski and the Pool have already dropped points.
Obviously the aforementioned scousers can be more satisfied with their start, having had a difficult away game at Villa and an even tougher game at home to a full strength Chelski. They were also robbed of all three points by a piece of utter idiotic refereeing from that prize numpty Rob Styles. How can a professional referee get a decision so wrong from so close to the incident?
Back to our battle up at Ewood, and what about mad Jens then? You may know I am not the greatest fan of our German stopper. Yes he has made some remarkable saves over the years, and was a vital member of the invincibles, but I just dont think you can ever be totally relaxed with him in goal. He is too temperamental. If he is not flapping at crosses, he is complaining to the referee about players treading on his toes. If he is not falling over like hes been pole-axed, hes pushing opposition players to the ground. It is surely only a matter of time before he adds to his one red card.
Ok, so all keepers make howlers, but two games on succession is a bit much. One goal up and feeling fine then whollop! – Gallas limps off (one central defender down) and then in the second half Dunn shoots, Jens is day-dreaming about Basils new haircut, and whollop! – the ball goes straight through his hands. Two points down. Arsenes decision to loan out Djourou is already looking as daft as we all thought at the time, with the loss of our illustrious captain for a few weeks. I think you can more or less guarantee that we will pick up more injuries in defence before the New Year (when I assume Johann will return) which means we will almost certainly be in the position of having to play a makeshift central partnership at some stage. I will go as far as to say (in my own humble opinion) that if Arsene doesn’t buy at least one more player before the end of the month, we are likely to finish only fourth at best.
Injuries to key players will simply take their toll. Actually after two or three games, I’ve seen nothing to change my predictions from after day one of the season Sunderland to go down (obviously along with Derby), the Pool to finish at least top three (possibly top two), and Martin Jol to get the sack. Its International week now, so we have to keep fingers crossed that everyone comes through unscathed  and if RvP plays for Holland on Wednesday – please don’t let him kick Swiss Tony. Next opponents at the Emirates are the league leaders so we will need to be up for that one. A clean sheet would be nice – so who will be in goal then?

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