Over Confidence At Liverpool And Spurs?

Everytime I speak to a Spurs or Liverpool fan lately its always the same. Liverpool WILL win the league and Spurs WILL finish above Arsenal. Any arguments against those statements are immediately rubbished.
It always makes me chuckle a little. I remember last August when West Ham announced the signing of Tevez and Mascerano. Sky Sports News interviewed a few of the fans and one guy said something along the lines of them being up there and being better than Arsenal.
I thought of course you are. Everyone is better than Arsenal!!! This really doesnt bother me as much as it makes me happy. I love it when other fans and idiot pundits have such high expectations and  everyone writes off crisis club Arsenal.
As far as I can see, we’ve been written off by everyone; pundits, rival fans and even some of our own fans and I love it. This means there is no pressure!!! This means we get an extra kick out of winning things.
I personally have no expectations this year; I just want to go and enjoy the games. Anything more is a bonus.

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