Playground Incident at White Hart Lane

Yesterday evening, I was picking up my baby nephew, Manuel, from the kindergarten nearby my house, when I saw him standing before the kindergarten Principal and he was reprimanded for slapping another kid (by the name of Luke) over a toy. I was totally puzzled but I know I should stand by him no matter what happens.
I’ve apologized to the Principal and decided to seek the truth from my nephew on this incident. Here are what he has to say:
Me: Boy, why do you have to resort to violence? You know it’s not right to slap your classmate!
Manuel:  The teacher is not good today! I know I have to control myself, but I couldn’t let him have the toy. I just wanted to play.
Me: Still that does not give you the right to slap someone, does it?
Manuel: I slap him because Luke pushed me first, in front of the teacher. But the teacher did not say anything instead. I did not say anything bad but he did pushed me first…..
Manuel, you are part of our family and I know I should support you as much as our fellow family members. But slapping Luke right in front of the teacher, especially after you are already in his bad book, doesn’t make things better. I know you are supposed to be a kid, but apparently Arsene expects a kid with maturity. At 19, Walcott has portrayed maturity beyond his age. So why can’t you do the same especially when you are already 23?
I don’t know for how much longer is Arsene gonna baby-sit this kid? Our team is supposed to be young in age but should portray the maturity, hunger and passion in their mental state. I am seeing nothing of the sort at the moment.
Even Van Persie has managed to learn from his previous sending off in the ill-tempered home game against Wigan some time back. He is now grown of age, much more composed, matured and dependable; currently carrying the whole squad on his shoulders.
As what Abraham Lincoln has mentioned:
“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubts.”
So what now, Eboue? You not only lashed out at Luka Modric and you managed to speak out to the press to remove all doubts. Looks like we die-hard gooners have confirmed, “You are indeed a Fool”! In spite of the confidence, belief and faith in our own players, I must concede that I am fast running out of patience with this circus performance from this clown.
Dear Arsene, after his sterling performance at White Hart Lane, Eboue now deserves a better circus than the Emirates!

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