Presenting the results of the Arsenalinsider readers survey

Hi insiders after six weeks in the making we can present below the results of the 2008 Arsenalinsider survey. Firstly many thanks to all 25,000 of you who took the time to enter our survey. The information you have given us will help Arsenalinsider to be even bigger and better for the 2009/10 season here in blog land.
As you know everyone who entered into the survey had a chance to win a Arshavin Arsenal shirt thanks to Subside Sports and the winner is listed at the end of this post.
I have picked some of the information from the survey for you insiders to ponder over below:
What is your age?
between 16 and 20:   27.38% of readers
between 20 and 30:   35.71% of readers
between 30 and 40:   21.43% of readers
between 40 and 50:   7.74% of readers
over 50:                       7.74% of readers

Are you male or female?
male:           96.23% of readers
female:        3.77% of readers

Top 5 Countries Insiders come from: 
1) United Kingdom
2) USA
3) Nigeria
4) Australia
5) Asia

How long have you used Arsenalinsider?
less than 1 month:                            20.61% of readers
between 1 month and 6 months:    20.61% of readers
between 6 months and 1 year:        20.61% of readers
more than 1 year:                              38.18% of readers

Overall how satisfied are you with Arsenalinsider?
not satisfied:              1.22% of readers
satisfied:                     56.10% of readers
very satisfied:            42.68% of readers

What do you like most about Arsenalinsider? (a selection of answers)
“The news is very current and relates the Arsenal issues from the fans and the management’s point of view.The information is very objective and it helps create an informed picture of what’s going on at the Arsenal camp.”
“The quality of the articles written on the site. i also like the site structure and layout, and how easy it is to navigate.”
“The exclusive news stories. Like when you announced Arshavin was still at the emirates ground, despite all the other websites saying he’d flown home as talks broke down.”
“The frequent updates – the TGIF series and FTK’s share and business updates. It’s ahead of the mainstream media.”
“I really like the Ask the Oppo bit. It’s not often you get to read the views of opposition fans on anything to do with Arsenal without a good deal of vitriol and a few sly remarks about Arsene.”
“It is one of the most reliabe websites ive ever had the pleasure of visiting. This website puts games into a different perspective. Its a great website for anyone visit. The creators are a class apart from some of the other websites which sound like idiots just wanting an excuse to rip on the team.”
“Arsenal Insider is one of the better blogs about Arsenal and always reports stories in an interesting way, and covers most salient topics with a proper journalistic approach unlike some illiterate and irritating opinionated blogs.”
What do you like least about Arsenalinsider? (a selection of answers)
“Sometimes in the forums some peoples opinions are not needed, we need to remain positive at all times.”
“sometimes a little too pro Arsene as opposed to pro Arsenal”
“no media like wallpapers and screensavers”
“all the advertising on the site makes it look cheap”
“I think the homepage layout could be arranged so there is a hierarchy of information. It kind of all jumps out at me and I don’t know where to look first. It’s not so obvious when you first get on the site.”
“slow in publishing some match reports”
“Some of the comments by fans are a tad too harsh and knee-jerk at times, we as Arsenal fans should always show support and faith in the team. There’s no joy in watching football if there’s so much negativity around.”
“There is no email services for fans like … or .com”
There you have it!!! Some food for thought for us contributors… And now the moment everyone in insider land has been waiting for the winner of the Arshavin shirt. Drum roll please……….
Congratulations to:  Luke Buckley you will receive a email from us confirming the delivery address so we can send you the shirt – well done.

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