Roundup… What do Journos smoke? and the jerk Karl Henry.

Eldo71 is in Barcelona for the big tie, so here is your stand for today, yours truly FTK.
“I believe in my players, they have good mental strength.”
So pronounced Arsene Wenger on the eve of what represents a challenge of amazing proportions today. Dealing with this Barcelona team has not been made easy because of the injury scenarios. But let’s be honest. Had anyone said that we would still be in the tie after that first 30 minutes when we could have conceded four goals, then you have to give credit where it is due to Almunia and our Fabregas. Diaby can only improve and with Nasri in a rich vein of form, you would be silly to write us out of this second leg.
So, no Fabregas, Gallas , Alex Song or any sign of bringing a white rabbit out of the hat in the shape of van Persie who must be close to a return. Barcelona are depleted at the back through the red card of Puyol and the third yellow picked up by Pique. Do we attack from the outset? Theo Walcott is an impact player, but at the Nou Camp, I cannot see us salvaging a two goal deficit in similar circumstances. We need to sow the seeds of doubt into this Barca side by obtaining an early goal. Nicholas Bendtner must take any chance first time tonight. This is the moment to step up to potential greatness and write a new chapter in the annals of the Gunners. Sol Campbell should play and leave Silvestre as our replacement centre back in case Sol breaks down. We need Sol’s experience and authority. I am certain that he will lead the charge and score too just for good measure.
What ever the result tonight, I will be proud of the journey that this much maligned squad has taken us on. From adversity which began with a broken leg of Nasri in pre-season to the additional broken legs of Aaron Ramsey and now Fabregas. The loss of van Persie since November, and the loss of Gallas. Ok other teams have suffered too. Chlesea miss Essien and have no Carvalho, Man United have no Rooney. But each of our rivals have not had three key players out at one time. The Wolves skipper Karl Henry is upset with us apparently, and thinks that we moan and fall over too easily. The player thinks that connecting with the ball whilst the rest of his torso rips through the back of Rosicky’s leg is quite an acceptable tackle. This guy is a jerk! end of… As a consequence Rosicky is only 50% for the tie.  Arsene remarked

“When you look at his calf, you can see the tackle of Henry was not as innocent as it looked. I let people talk,” said Wenger.

Remember Gooners, be loud and proud if you are in Barcelona tonight, the rest of us will save our cheers for when the troops return home…
The Sun
THEO WALCOTT: I’ll run Barca ragged…
Yeah right. I can imagine Theo bragging like this before a big game…(not!) This is typical tabloid hype, but I am not a fan of this rag anyway.
Here’s what he actually said…
“Hopefully I can get at them and produce a problem, we have got to believe that we can get a result”
The Daily Mail
ARSENE WENGER: We are back from the dead and we can shock Barca in the Nou Camp…
How funny are these journalists, now what a great Wenger strategy!  a red and white Zombie attack, biting the faces off Messi and Bojan, it might just work!
We are heavily wounded but we will fight on until there is no breath in our bodies? Just a little too melodramatic for my liking.
The Daily Star
ARSENE WENGER: Its time for resurrection!
Now excuse me and all, but at Eeaster, wasn’t it the son of God that got resurrected? Or are we talking a Phoenix from the ashes that was the first tie at the Emirates? I suppose if we lose, the headlines will talk of burials and funeral pyres… IT’S A GAME OF FOOTBALL FFS!!!  Is this a Zombie thing? or just a preoccupation with death…?
You know what, I am so glad that I don’t have to read this tabloid rubbish every morning! What ever the Journos are smoking to produce these headlines, I DON’T want any of it…
Later guys… MUCH later!

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