RTK Blog: How Chelsea’s triumph is Arsenal’s downfall

A warning…

Don’t read this blog if you think that Arsene Wenger walks on water, and don’t read this blog if you lack independent thought and support the club because that is how it is and how it will always be, and especially do not waste ten precious minutes of your life if you think that writing a negative blog about the club means that RTK does not love Arsenal. Writing this blog hurts as I love the club almost more than life itself. But here goes, hold on cos it’s about to get bumpy and believe me, this brief analysis is painful if you are truly a sincere and real Arsenal fan.

“There’s only one team in London” was an anthem proudly sang by Gooners, Alas no more. “Sh*t Club no History” was sung as an insult which Chav fans had to endure, but no longer. Chelsea, by becoming the first London Club to win the Champion’s league, will have exploded several myths and in so doing exposed the smoke and mirrors that have fooled many Arsenal fans.


Myth 1. – Ex – players regret leaving Arsenal


This used to be true in the old days, but now why not ask Kolo Toure, Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy and Patrick Vieira if they regret joining Manchester City? Obscene wages aside, winning the Premier League means that you are the best team in the league, end of…

Ask Cashley Cole and the one that got away, Juan Mata, if they would rather be at Arsenal than Chelsea? It’s like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas. Even my great Fabregas left Arsenal and won silverware at his new home. These are very harsh lessons that will not been lost upon the likes of Jack Wilshere and Wojiech Szczesny.


Myth 2 – Arsenal is a well run club…


Had we finished fourth this season then we would now be facing the Europa League. I had mixed feeling when Chelsea won. Yes I was happy to see the scum relegated to the Thursday Sunday bandwagon. However then it dawned upon me that we can only survive with Champions League football. Remove this and Arsenal will be like the Emperor’s new clothes.

Why? Well an exit from the top four would result in vastly reduced revenues, this combined with an over inflated annual wage bill would mean that we might just end up infringing the UEFA fair play rules by not living within our means. We would easily exceed the wages to turnover calculation that is the vaunted criteria for a well run club.

It cannot be good to have our fortune based mainly upon the revenues from Champion’s League football. Our commercial revenues are a joke and add these observations to the reading of the accounts that sees the highest paid CEO in the Premier League last season with bonus to match continue to get rewarded for corporate stagnation then is it him or me who is taking the piss? Stan Kroenke must be deliriously happy with his Chairman who makes Mr Bean look serious. The solution? Get some world class players alongside van Persie and prune the over paid also-rans in the current squad. Message to Arsene Wenger… Stop paying big bucks for mediocrity.


Myth 3 – We must keep the faith


We won the league… in Manchester, at White Hart Lane, on Merseyside, at Highbury! The difference between those times and now. We had several WORLD CLASS players in our squad. Since the Invincibles, Arsene has contrived to lose many great world class players. Some say that Arsene Wenger has the knack of selling on players and replacing them with gems. Up to now, no one has replaced our ex genius play maker Fabregas, and it seems soon that Robin van Persie will move on because why should such a talent stay at a club without ambition? If Robin van Persie goes, it will not be for money, it will be because he will have seen the decline of the quality of the playing squad. Imagine having been on the training ground with the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Fabregas and Vieira, then looking forward to the prospect of depending upon Squillaci, Benayoun and Mertesacker.


Myth 4 – being a successful club is not just about winning trophies


Players want to have a CV to die for. Winning the championship and winning cups means bragging rights and a sense of purpose. Clubs that win trophies regularly attract the best talent, youth and established. Eden Hazard will soon be arriving in the premiership but it will not be at the Emirates, because one thing that you can guarantee is that whilst Stan Kroenke, Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger are at the helm of the good ship Arsenal, we will be drifting aimlessly until we hit the rocks and get holed below the water line. It will take our exit from the Champions League for the most powerful people in the club to wake up and see sense.

By then it will be too late. By then, two-thirds of die hard Gooners will have voted with their feet, and the Pride of London will have shifted to Stamford Bridge. This is how I predict that Chelsea’s triumph will be Arsenal’s downfall. So that’s it for me, I shall give it one more season before ditching my two season tickets into the bin. Or sooner if Wenger’s contract is renewed after losing van Persie. This is the new Arsenal way, take absolutely no notice of your fans, and avoid meeting the smaller shareholders. It makes you want to weep…

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