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Well it’s that time again and to be honest I am determined to try and get TGIF out on a Friday in good time sometime soon, but pressure of work at the moment is limiting my style. Rather than write a load of tosh and waste your time and not deliver a high quality TGIF, I will today write a blog for debate

Arsenal Plc results

You probably will have seen the figures by now.

The main talking point is the rise in Arsenal’s wage bill to 124m the fourth highest in the Premier League. If you haven’t heard my explanation of why this need fixing, go back and read last week’s TGIF. Over paying ordinary squad players is flawed, so Arsene Wenger’s egalitarian wages structure is strangling the club, and is precisely why the self sustaining model is such a strait jacket. For the likes of Arteta to have to take a wage cut to play for the Arsenal, is exactly why we shall in the future lose all of our decent players to our richer rivals. You couldn’t make it up…

The commercial income was 46m and new sponsorship deals seem to be more of the same. I am not a fan of NIKE and I am confident that we will again get hooked into the same old sameold, which will benefit Nike more than us. But it is still miles away from Man United’s 103m.  Player trading showed a loss this year which will be rectified next year by the departure of Cesc and Na$ri.

Teflon Ivan said

 “Our primary objective, as we take the Club forward, will always be success on the field. To give the Club the best opportunity to achieve this, we must drive a virtuous circle of increased revenue, increased investment in the team and a larger engaged fan base and we must do this in a way which is self-sustaining and protects the long-term future of the Club”.

Well if we do not make the top four this year Ivan, I shall personally remind you of these words. For you self sustaining model means milk the cash cow that is joe public. Poor unsuspecting fans. No more ticket rises on the way then, just costlier merchandising and food I’ve no doubt.

Ivan Gazidis came to the club and was appointed, at that time concerns were raised that he was Stan Kroenke’s man, two years on I cannot find any evidence that those fears and concerns were inappropriate, I am slowly losing confidence in Gazidis, and I feel very strongly that he cannot serve two masters. His first master must be the Football Club, not the business interests of Stan Kroenke. He will hide behind the self sustaining model as evidence of his primary priority of maintaining the club, but as Tim Payton tweeted “Bank accounts can’t keep clean sheets or score goals”

This is precisely why Ivan Gazidis is leading the club in the wrong direction, by zealously refusing to correct the wage structure, Arsenal will continue to slide until it then becomes painfully obvious that they got it wrong. Arsenal will be the most profitable, well managed club outside of the Champions League, with diminishing hopes of return until the youth mature to deliver the results. We will continue with the status quo, and continue to forge relationships with existing sponsors instead of creating a competitive marketing environment. Competition in off the field commercial activities is absolutely vital, and not putting pressure on NIKE to deliver much more, by way of cash, is just part of the American influence at the club which will ensure that Arsenal continuing emphasis will be the balance sheet first and the trophy cabinet second.

Silent Stan Speaks

OK, I have to say this This is the most disappointing utterance  to date from our “owner”

SK said

“Remember, five months ago, we were in a position to win everything. Everybody doesn’t need to panic. I have a lot of confidence Arsenal can compete, stay very competitive and hopefully win championships.

but SK Remember back then we had Fabregas and Nasri and were considered weak. We have not replaced our experienced world class players and look set to lose RvP. The future is very much downwards, with no Champions league football next year unless we buy well in January. In 10 years we, the fans will still be supporting Arsenal, our club, no matter far we fall, will he still be the owner of Arsenal after saying…

” I wouldn’t want to be involved if I thought we would struggle.”

As an “Arsenal fan” SK this is a very poor statement… Other Gooners should read this and weep…

The phrase shifting the deckchairs around on the Titanic comes to mind. If the doctrine is more of the same, then in the short term it will mean less success on the field. Hardcore Gooners will vote with their feet, and if we drop out of the top four, don’t expect full stadium attendances next season. Yet it didn’t have to be this way. The AGM should be fun at least. So in closing, watch this video which has been featured on Gunnerblog. I  am a fan of Eminem, so I enjoyed it immensely.

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  1. Stanley has said he will never sell a share and never has sold any share in a sports club that he has invested in… bad times!

  2. RTK is correct in that the salary structure is way out of kilter!  The Emirates match day income cannot cover the wage bill and therefore income 19/6d, bills £1.00d.

    There is no mention or attempt by that reporter to gain some insight into the 2 major shareholdings.

    With the Wal-Mart and Mr A B Usmanov connections, we should really, really be up there and exceeding the Glazers’ advertising haul.

    Any fool can tweet as opinions and comments are free.  The fact is that complacency is overflowing in the halls of The Emirates, just because certain areas are completely sold out.

  3. Spot on RTK, we are a club happy to tread water – have been for the last few years.  I cannot see things changing unless either Wenger or SK grows some minerals and face up to the harsh realities of running a modern day football club.  The hallowed days of the ‘marbled Highbury halls’ are over.  Personally I think they died with Herbert Chapman because, for supposedly ‘big club’, we really have underachieved.  Being a self sustaining club is a fantasticiidea but in the real world it really isn’t going to work.  Now, I’m not suggesting for one minute that we should try to compete with Man City, Chelsea or Man U, but surely we should be able to keep up with Spurs, Liverpool or even Stoke?  Any leader worth his or her salt must be flexible when a chosen path proves to be taking them in the wrong direction.  Apparantly this doesn’t apply to Wenger, the board or Silent Stan.  I cannot see a way out of the mess we’re in at the moment – not with what we’ve got in charge at the moment, anyway.  The team’s a mess, I think they’ll prove that even more tomorrow at the Lane, and the club itself is just as bad.  It’s like some giant cruise ship, sailing the oceans without a rudder, that just keeps going round and round in ever decreasing circles.  I’m dreading tomorrow.  I’ve been to nearlly every derby game since the late seventies but I’ve never felt as apprehensive about the result as I do today. I can really see us getting turned over four or five nill.     

    • A self sustaining model is the only way to survive in “The Real World”,rather than in La La Land as inhabited by Man.City, Chelsea and fans with totally unrealistic expectations.

      Cheer up Joskin, go to the Lane tomorrow and sing your head off as we beat the unspeakable bunch of mediocrities who inhabit that run down, ramshackle slum.

  4. Well said. This ship is sinking and has been for several years. Eventually we will find out what’s really been going on behind the scenes and as always it’s probably nuttier than we can imagine. It’s not all Wengers fault.

    But what is Wengers fault is our losing to lesser teams on a consistent basis. We can make all the excuses in the world about City, Chelsea and man U but we continue in relegation form against teams we should destroy. Wenger couldnt get the team out of the post Carling cup funk we are still in. So whats the use if him?

    It’s clear from Mertseckers comments this week about how he was signed that there was no plan just last minute panic after the Man U disaster. We already know Arteta and Moyes were also surprised to get the call at last minute.It really seems Wenger thought the squad he had was just fine until 8.2, that’s
    how out of it he is.

    We need to clean house of Wenger, Ivan and whoever else has been
    long underperforming. Or we can fall into a death spiral where failure means we can’t attract world class players (see Mata to Chelsea) which means more failure and less revenue.

    This season will be ugly we all know it. Top four? Forget it.

  5. Congrats to Norwich today a newly promoted team with a fraction of our wage bill, international roster and champions league experience who showed today with a spirited performance at old Trafford how truly appalling was Wenger’s handling of our game their and the teams performance under him.

  6. The problem at OT stemmed from the fact we were very unprepared for the new season (reasons we all know only too well) and would have struggled against a lesser team in all probability let alone a well drilled machine that got their business sorted early. Not an excuse by any means just not a good enough reason to dwell on as doom and gloom for the forthcoming season.

    athe self sustaining model will not change, can’t change but clearly needs tweeking as RTK points out on the wage structure, what can change are tactics and whereas AW maintains no change in policy at the club hopefully this exempts tactics. 

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