RTK RANT : Gooners and Gunners must Unite under Fire


Love ARSENAL… Hate SKY  this is my new mantra as many of you will be aware following my earlier rant. Now today the papers are full of “Crisis at The Emirates” If Gunners fail CL challenge Arsene Wenger will be on borrowed time. John Cross of the Mirror had better apologise for his article on 18th August 2011 where he trumpeted arrogantly “It’s the Arsenal fans who are turning on Wenger, not the media” well using the evidence of my own eyes today, I don’t see Gooners working for the tabloid rubbish that they issue as “copy”. Some of the tabloid columnists have an inflated view of their contribution to Football affairs in much the same way as we bloggers do. The difference is that we do it for love, you lot get paid an obscene amount of money to cause trouble. Why? Trouble sells newspapers. So my message, BOYCOTT THE MIRROR too. I mean, John Cross is supposed to be Gunner friendly, even rumoured to support the club, but you would think so when he tweeted to Arsenal

“AFC boss Wenger has just denied making those ‘we’re not a big club if we sell Cesc and Nasri.’ Er, yes you did, Arsene. I was there”

This was at the Pre – Udinese press conference where he said in reply to allegations that he said that selling Cesc and Nasri would mean Arsenal are not a big club. Arsene replied

“I didn’t say that, it wasn’t printed like that, I would like to know when I said that”

So Arsene Wenger is being taken to task by John Cross and the implied suggestion that Arsene Wenger’s denial that he said that losing Fabregas and Nasri would mean that Arsenal is not a big club. So as all good journalists should do, let us search the archives for the evidence shall we?

The interview before Newcastle was massive and Arsene Wenger was under pressure at this press conference as He made his famous “I expect no one to leave” statement. This was a typical “politician-like” reply in that he neither confirmed or denied the press speculation. What he actually said and this is my transcript from actual footage of the interview which can be found on Arsenalplayer which was…

“He does not expect either player to leave the club. He added that there was no news and he could not say if it will never happen and he could not say if it will happen, he wanted to concentrate on players who can help the club rather than those who would not be helping the club by their departure.”

Arsene was then asked further if he was concerned if Nasri was tapped up and AW replied

“Are you concerned?”

He was then asked later that  “if they (Fabregas & Nasri) go, will that mean that Arsenal are no longer a big club?

Arsene Wenger replied precisely:

“That is a short cut that is difficult to accept, Manchester United let Ronaldo go, do you think that they are not a big club?”

Arsene Wenger then went on to plead for the press conference to focus on the game against Newcastle United, and remained under pressure from the accompanying journalists who searched for the killer quote. They continue to try and get information and disrespected Arsene Wenger’s wishes not to make comments about possible transfer negotiations. He reminded that all of this was based upon speculation and

“society could die because of speculation”

Now Mr Cross I wouldn’t be accusing Arsene Wenger of being economical with the truth so publicly as implied in your tweet, without checking the sources. ArsenalPlayer might be a good place to start before bad mouthing our great manager. I jolly hope that Arsene Wenger sues you for implying that he was mendacious. For in my opinion that is how it was reported and your tweet was quoted in the media, so you have defamed Well Mr Cross if you can actually stop salivating about increasing the Mirror Circulation with this Arsenal in crisis feeding frenzy, let’s hope that I will be the one celebrating the demise of your paper when Telephone Hacking/Piers Morgan allegations get well and truly aired in the coming enquiry. Payback is a bitch eh?

So my call is for Gooners to put aside our differences and get behind the Club and the Team today. Please do not go bad mouthing Arsenal or the players at this crucial juncture, understand that the media have only one agenda and that is to make money from Arsenal’s misfortune. Many so called Arsenal friends are turning on us in our hour of need. Yes we have problems, yes we have let two major players go, but to claim that we are finished is ridiculous.

SHOW SOME BACKBONE and support this club!

We can continue our internal fraternal disagreements later, but BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER



Nuff said…

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